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Cheapest fuel cards in the UK

  • Save money on fuel costs at petrol stations near you
  • Earn supermarket loyalty point rewards
  • Avoid high sign-up fees and card charges
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What is a cheap fuel card?

A low-cost fuel card has low or no signup fees and minimal card charges. The best affordable cards have low or no sign-up fees and minimal card charges. The cards offer discounted pump prices to help users save money on fuel costs.

What are the cheapest fuel cards in the UK?

We’ve read through the small print, so you don’t have to and broken down all the details of the best cheapest fuel cards in the UK. These cards offer discounts of up to 10p a litre and have minimal fees to fit even the tightest of budgets.

Fuel Card Fuel discounts Card charges
Fuelgenie cheap fuel card

FuelGenie card

Pay supermarket pump prices and collect supermarket loyalty rewards No annual card charge,£5.00+VAT for paper invoices, replacement card fee
Fleetone fuel cardFleetone Discounts of up to 10 pence per litre Minimum usage, paper invoices, replacement card

Esso National

Pump price discounts at Esso stations Minimum usage, paper invoices, replacement card
Jet card

Jet card

Pay pump prices at JET and receive a discount for AA membership £5.00 + VAT for paper invoices, may charge a fee if the card hasn’t been used in a month

1. FuelGenie: best cheap fuel card

fuelGenie cheap fuel card

  • Get loyalty points at supermarkets
  • Pay supermarket fuel prices
  • Zero annual card fee

Some fuel cards ask their members to spend hundreds of pounds every month filling up their tanks. For fleets and other businesses, that works just fine. For others, the cheapest fuel card is the one that doesn’t hit you with a stick for not being a big spender.

If you don’t spend everything but the kitchen sink on fuel, the fuelGenie card may be what you need. The one caveat being this card is only accepted at supermarkets.

Drivers looking for the cheapest fuel on the market usually go to their local supermarket. Using a cheap fuel card can get you even more bonuses. The fuelGenie card is one of the cheapest around and gets you loyalty reward points every time you refill at your supermarket. There are no additional charges with this card or minimum spending – what you see is what you get.

By using supermarket fuel, you can potentially get 3 pence per litre compared to the average price of fuel. But prices do vary. We still recommend shopping around to get the best prices possible.

Where can I use the fuelGenie card?

Most cheap fuel cards have some unique rules. There’s always a but! The fuelGenie card can only be used at supermarkets. FuelGenie has a network of over 1,350 stations in the UK.

You can use the card at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Using your card, you’ll soon rack up Tesco Clubcard, My Morrisons, and Nectar loyalty points. If you want more variety, consider the Fleetone or the Esso National.

Does the fuelGenie have any card charges?

The fuelGenie is a straightforward card that doesn’t have any annual charge or a replacement fee if you lose it. You do have to pay £5 for a paper invoice, but that’s definitely cheaper than many of its competitors and you get digital downloads so it’s not necessary to pay it.

If you want a fuel card that’s hassle-free and cheap as chips, the fuelGenie is a good choice. Just keep in mind that other cards could get you bigger discounts.

2. Fleetone fuel card: cheapest for LGV fleets

Fleetone cheap fuel card

  • Accepted at 80% of supermarket stations
  • Get discounts at the pump
  • Minimum card charge

Fuel purchases with the Fleetone card from the provider UK Fuels are cheaper than most other options on the market. Fleetone guarantees you savings of up to 10p per litre. Every time you refill, you’ll get a couple of pence off the fuel price shown at the pump.

This cheap fuel card also comes with an online account management system, so you can keep an eye on how much fuel you’re using. That’s nice for any business to know, but fleets will benefit the most from it. Members also get HMRC-approved invoices for fuel costs, so making your VAT reclaims is a lot easier.

Fleetone card charges

The card does charge you if you don’t buy roughly £300* in fuel every month. This is called a minimum usage charge. For many fleets, that amount is easily done. For local businesses and sole traders, other cards may be cheaper.

Like most fuel cards from UK Fuels, you’ll most likely be charged for paper invoices and a small fee if you request a replacement card should yours be lost.

3. Esso National: best pump checker card

Esso national cheap fuel card

  • Choose your pricing options
  • Get some discounts at the pump
  • HMRC-approved invoices

The Esso national card comes from one of the biggest brands in the UK and it’s one of the cheapest fuel cards on the market.

Do you use Esso stations? Their national card is a great choice for you. But if you want discounts at the pump, the Esso National can work for you too.

Out of all the cheapest business fuel cards so far, the Esso National offers some of the most flexible pricing options. You can choose what works best for you. If you want the pump discounts like the fuelGenie, you can choose the pump saver option.

Where to use it

With over 3,400 stations, the Esso National card can be used pretty much everywhere in the UK. Just like the Fleetone, you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to use it.

But if you like supermarket fuel more, then a different card might be best for you. The card is accepted at Esso fuel card stations, BP and Shell.

iCompario tip: choose the pump checker price type

If you want cheap fuel cards, then we recommend getting the pump checker option. This lets you pay lower prices for fuel based on the wholesale oil market.

You get a weekly fixed price report of prices that lets you know how much you’ll be paying that week. That can get you big savings when the market is doing well. Plus, if regular pump prices are cheaper than the wholesale market, then you pay the cheaper price you see at the pump.

4. JET fuel card: cheapest for JET users 

JetCard cheap fuel card

  • Competitive pump prices at JET stations
  • Access to Amazon lockers
  • Discounts on AA membership

JET is one name you might not hear so much in the fuel card world because it’s one of the smaller providers. But they’re one of the best cheap fuel cards if you happen to have a JET station nearby.

If you use a JET petrol station, this fuel card is a great choice. The JET card also has some unique benefits we’ve yet to see major providers offer. You can get up to 35% off if you sign up with the AA using your JET card.

There is no minimum spend required, you don’t have to worry about extra charges. You can also use your JET card to pay for car washes for extra convenience. Interestingly enough, you also get access to the Amazon lockers at some JET locations. You can refill and pick up your latest Amazon buy at the same time.

Where to use cheap JET fuel cards

You can only use the JET card at JET stations. There are around 330 locations in the UK. Sure, you don’t have the big network of Esso or the motorway coverage of Shell. JET is a niche option, but one that does offer your discounts at the pump in addition to its other unique benefits.

How much do fuel cards cost in the UK?

How much a fuel card costs depends on the provider, network, services available and whether you get paper invoices. In general, paper invoices will cost you more. Choose digital downloads instead to save money.

Fuel card costs

There’s a big difference between many of the cheapest business fuel cards available. Some cards may charge you things while others don’t. Some providers offer lower prices than their competitors.

The provider should let you know about any charges during the application process, but they can often be found in the terms and conditions.

Some of the costs to consider are:

  • Annual card fee: the main membership fee you must pay every year. It depends on the provider, but can be around £15-£20
  • Application fees: most applications and credit checks can be handled online. Try to avoid any providers that charge unnecessary application fees.
  • Card replacement: if you lose your card, most fuel card providers will charge you around £5 – £6 to replace it, but it does vary.
  • Paper invoices: generally, most providers will send invoices to download online. If you request paper invoices, the provider may charge you £5 or more.
  • Minimum usage: some cards have a minimum usage fee referring to how much you must spend on fuel every month. If you spend anything below that amount, you may be charged. Not every card has one of these and the usage amount required varies.

Cheap fuel card optional services

Many fuel cards, particularly those from UK Fuels, may include a fuel usage tracker online. Some providers offer the service at a discounted rate or for free for a few months, after which you will have to pay a small subscription fee to use it.

Fleet managers can get a lot of value from this kind of service, while many sole traders don’t require it.

Whatever services your card offers, make sure to check the subscription dates and cancel any optional services you no longer want.

Benefits of the cheapest business fuel cards

Cheap fuel cards can offer your business new ways to save time and money, such as discount pump prices. Most of the time, it’s cheaper to have a fuel card than not. Here’s why.

  • Save money on fuel costs: Most lower-cost fuel cards offer exclusive prices on fuel. How much the discounts depend on the station and card provider but can range from 3 to 10 pence a litre.
  • Buy fuel on credit interest-free: Most businesses buy things on credit at some point. Purchasing fuel on credit allows your business to get a clear invoice of all fuel charges without paper receipts and delay payments for a later date.
  • Easier VAT claims: One of the key benefits of fuel cards is the management tools included. The best of these are the fast HMRC-approved invoices, which can be used to make tax-compliant VAT reclaims. For sole traders and businesses of all sizes, this can save you ample amounts of time collecting receipts from drivers.

How to get cheap fuel cards

Fuel cards don’t have to be expensive or come with extra charges. There are plenty of options out there for businesses looking for cheap fuel cards and affordable fuel prices.

Each card has its own benefits and will fit some businesses better than others. We compare fuel cards, so you can find what works best for your business. Do a comparison now for free quotes.

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