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EO Charging Points in the UK for Businesses

If you need a cutting-edge business EV charger, then EO charging is an ideal choice.

EO offers commercial and workplace charging points that’ll power your entire fleet. Read on for insights into the best units available, or compare now for instant deals.

An EV charging by itself

The types of EO charging points

There are a few types of EO EV chargers available for your business’ electric vehicle needs. You can find these below, where we summarise their various business benefits.

EO Genius 2

The EO Genius 2 is one of the best EV chargers on the market, ideal for any commercial, home or workplace setting.

Its stylish and subtle design makes it a great edition to any environment, where drivers can easily plug in and recharge with a variety of impressive features.

  • Built-in PME: No need for earth rods. No need for extra safety devices. You can safely charge with a minimum of fuss.
  • OCPP-compliant: Easy integration with EO Cloud and any OCPP-compliant software.
  • Dynamic charging: Decide upon site power infrastructure as and when you need it with multiple local and automatic load management features.
  • World-class connection: Keep online with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cat 5 Ethernet. And there’s 4G as an extra.

EO Mini EV charger

The EO Mini EV charger is a compact and safe alternative to larger models, which is beneficial for small businesses or employees needing a smaller device for their home.

Despite its small size, it packs many advanced features. These make charging your EVs cost-effective, fast and accessible for all of your employees:

  • Charging capacity: Solar matching and load management as extras.
  • Online account: Manage energy usage and set charging times.
  • OZEV approved: Applicable to Home Charge Grants for the UK.
  • Power rating: Charge at up to 7.2kWh*.
  • Compact size: The charger is the size of an A5 notebook for maximum efficiency.

*Maximum charge capacity depends on local rules and regulations, the type of EV, the grid connection at your location and the electricity usage of your building. Most homes have single-phase grid connections enabling speeds of 7.4kW. Homes with three-phase connections can charge at speeds of up to 22kW for an additional installation fee.

iCompario tip: Get EV hire to complement your fleet

Want to make the complete transition to electric vehicles? With EV business hire you can move your business towards a fully electric future.

Whether you need electric cars or vans, compare the market to get the best hiring package for your fleet. Choose between long-term and flexible contracts to start moving your fleet towards an EV future.

The types of business charge points

Whether you choose an EO Genius 2 or EO charging Mini Pro, your business has various options for EV charge points.

Commercial charging points

You can install commercial EV charging points for your customers and the public, which can help you can add to your annual revenue.

You can also develop your brand’s image with forward-thinking charge points to show your brand is eco-friendly. And that brings with it a positive public image.

Workplace charging points

Install workplace charging points for your employees. Once at your premises, they can use EO charging with their EVs while they work. An excellent perk for your staff.

This sends out a positive PR message and can help you attract top talent, particularly from younger generations of professionals with an eco-friendly conscience.

Home charging points

By setting up home charging points, your can offer your employees a convenient location to ensure their EVs are fully charged before a new day of work.

An excellent perk for your staff, but also a money-saving benefit for your business. Electricity tariffs are cheaper away from business premises, which will cut down costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we receive a lot of questions, we’ve answered some of the most asked questions about charging points.

What’s an EO charge point?

An EO charge point is an EV charger for electric vehicles. You can install them at your workplace, at employees’ homes or in commercial environments.

Once an EV is plugged into the charger, it’ll rapidly recharge the EV battery.

Charging speeds vary depending on the EO model you buy, but this is one of the best brands on the market and will provide you with cutting-edge speeds.

Is EO EV charging the right choice for your business?

With an EO EV charger your business can benefit from cost-effective, accessible and secure charge points. EO is one of the leading suppliers on the UK market with an excellent reputation, making them ideal for any business.

Crucially, the devices are easy to use once you install them. And the standard, or mini, versions are designed to suit your workforce’s needs.

Is EV charging expensive?

It depends on your provider. When you compare the market, look out for the best deals to suit your business budget.

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