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Electric Van Hire in the UK Guide for Businesses

With electric vehicles all the rage, and EVs offering businesses and fleet managers all sorts of benefits, now’s a great time to look into electric van hire in the UK.

But where do you start? Well, right here’s the place to be! We’ve got a full guide to business EV hire pointers and the best models on the market. Let’s get started (and don’t forget, you can compare the market at any time to bag your deal).

A line of electric vans available for hire

Electric van hire made easy—the best EVs on the market

Hiring electric vans will save you money on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance. Plus, it helps you prep for an electric future!

Ready to get stuck into it? Here are some of the best electric van models you can hire for your business. Dive on in for all the stats and tips from us.

Mercedes-Benz eVito

electric van hire: eVito

  • Payload of up to 807 kg.
  • Range of 162 miles.
  • 66kWh-80kWh battery.
  • Industry-leading model.

When you hire a Mercedes, you expect class. And the eVito doesn’t fall short. It’s perfect for urban businesses and sole traders—the eVito is a safe van equipped with the best tech Mercedes has got us used to.

It’s pleasant to drive, helping you smoothly cruise through those narrow city streets.

With a battery capacity of 66 kWh, it takes about six hours to charge. If you’re regularly in a hurry, opt for the L3 model, which can rapidly charge to full battery in 35 minutes at 80 kWh. Pretty impressive!

It’s also got the bonus of being an eVito, so when customers see you delivering in a Mercedes they know you mean good business.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

Electric van hire: eSprinter

  • Offers great cargo volume of 11m3.
  • Payload of 731 kg.
  • 55kWh battery.
  • Range of 81-103 miles.

Mercedes has a cutting-edge range of electric vans to hire. And the eSprinter is one of the best. It can charge in about two hours. Or you can upgrade to rapid charging and reduce this time to 30 minutes!

It’s a great van for businesses and sole traders operating around or within urban areas. Comes with useful safety features like attention assist and crosswind assist.

The eSprinter does have a lower payload than some vans on the market, so if your business has bigger requirements you will want to peek at the other options in the electric van market.

Are you a large vans fleet manager? Are you perhaps a self-employed courier in need of a large van? Are you looking to hop on the electric van trend to boost your business image and save costs? The eSprinter is a world-class option for you.

Ford E-Transit

Electric van hire: E-Transit

  • Spacious interior with lots of storage space.
  • Available as a 3.5 tonne, 3.9 tonne or 4.25 tonne van.
  • Maximum load volume of 15.1 m3.
  • Maximum payload of 1,700+ kg.
  • Range of 100-126 miles.

The Ford E-Transit is a winner, no denying that. Ford vans are legendary and the EV version delivers on all of the manufacturer’s reputation.

It can charge its battery to full in eight hours at a standard charger, or to 80% in 30 minutes if you can use a fast charger. Plus, it provides some great safety features. There’s the:

  • Reverse Brake Assist to detect pedestrians, cyclists and static objects when reversing.
  • 360-degree camera gives the driver a bird’s eye view of the surroundings on the 12-inch touchscreen.
  • It’s a smooth ride no matter which of the three driving modes you choose: Normal, Eco and Slippery.

You can switch between these driving modes to limit power and acceleration to preserve the battery charge or match the road conditions.

And with a huge cargo space, and maximum payload of 1,700+ kg, if you really mean business this is the electric van for you to hire.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

  • Available in L1 (4,959 mm) and L2 (5,309 mm).
  • Two batter sizes: 50kWh or 75 kWh.
  • Maximum range of 143 miles.
  • Payload of 1,226 kg.

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e is another top-notch van on the UK market. You can charge it overnight at a conventional 7.4 kWh charge point or you can charge it to 80% in 30 minutes at a public rapid charger. The maximum charge will get you 143 miles.

Add into that it offers a quiet, comfortable and refined driving experience.

It’s perfect for businesses and sole traders who operate within urban areas and who need a higher payload. Because Vauxhall is renowned for its reliability and you can rely on this van to get the job done.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e keeps the Vivaro’s great core qualities and adds the EV efficiency. Definitely one to consider if you want to look, and deliver, on your full potential.

iCompario tip: The UK government is banning the sale of diesel and petrol vans by 2030

Sure, EVs can save you a bunch of money on maintenance and other costs, but did you know the UK government is banning the sale of diesel and petrol cars? The expectation for these laws is by 2030.

That means it’s important to get your plan of action in place!

You can future-proof your business now by starting the switch towards electric vans. And hiring them lets you tests the waters, save time and money until you make the full shift to EVs.


How electric van contract hire works

Okay, to hire an electric van is super easy. Basically, it’s electric van lease hire. Once you commit to a contract, that’s what you’re doing.

But in case you’re wondering the whole EV hire process, there are three types of hire available for you. And we explain them all below.

1. Flexible contracts

A great option if you’re new to all of this! Test the waters with your first EV on a flexible basis.

You hire one for as long as need to. There are no commitments involved, you just hire away and then off you go. Whether it’s a day or a month, that’s what this option is here for.

2. Long-term contracts

Know you want to commit to an electric van deal? Then hire long-term for anywhere between one-five years.

It guarantees an EV for as long as you need it, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve got a fleet sorted to get the job done.

Is there electric van hire near me?

Yes, there’s electric van hire near you! Across the UK there are providers ready and waiting to take on new customers. Wherever you are, first you can find the deal that matches your business and then get on with electric vehicle hire.

Again, the ideal place to start is by comparing the market. That way you can find deals fast, then sort out where you can hire from soon after.

The importance of electric van hire in London

If you’re a London-based business, or you regularly travel into the city to complete jobs, hire an electric van to get all sorts of advantages.

There are congestion charges for diesel and petrol vehicles in London, which can add pressure onto your fleet’s budget. But London’s ULEZ emissions charges aren’t a problem if you have a fleet of EVs.

That’s right, no emissions charges! With an electric vehicle, you’re totally exempt. And because ULEZ and CAZ (clean air zone) charges are starting to apply to other major cities across the UK, now’s the time to make the shift to EVs to cut out those emissions.

And to keep those charges down, find electric vans for hire and you’ll be knocking pounds off your fleet budget quicker than you can charge your EV.

iCompario tip: Don’t forget your charge cards

Once you’re set up with an electric van or two, don’t forget to splash out for your EV charge cards. These will help you save a bunch of time and money.

These things provide extra charging locations across the UK, which can remove any lingering worries about EV range anxiety.

Make electric van hire work for you

Well, are you ready to hire an EV? Good, you’re in the right place. Compare the UK market with us to find yourself the ideal deal.

It’s as simple as one-two-three with our free comparison tool:

  1. Enter a few business details into our form.
  2. We search the market.
  3. You pick from the recommendations.

That’s it! You can then take it from there with your provider of choice, saving a whole bunch of time and money when it comes to electric vans for hire.

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