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Commercial EV Charging

Commercial EV Charging

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

Types of Commercial EV Charge Point

There are broadly three types of commercial EV charge point – the standard, fast charger and the rapid charger.

Standard Charger

A standard charge point is best suited if you have one or two EVs and provides between 3-7kW of power, charging your electric car in approximately four to eight hours

Fast Chargers

You can take payment at a variety of rates according to time of day and how long you want your customers to stay. If encouraging a longer, 2-3 hour stay you might offer a lower rate to compete with the prices of home charging. By setting a higher tariff at a peak period, customers will be encouraged to stay for less time.

Rapid Chargers

Rapid chargers are often found at motorway service stations, when customers need to recharge quickly, and are often used by larger fleets. With up to 50kW of power, a full charge can be achieved in around 30 to 60 minutes.

Ideal for locations where there is high footfall and low visiting times, your business can take a per-kWh fee that reflects this. Where a fast commercial charge point might compete with home charging in cost to the customer, many rapid charging networks charge considerably more per kWh to encourage faster turnover. This in turn means higher ROI on the charge point.

What are the best commercial EV charging stations?

Here at iCompario we compare a wide range of EV charging stations to suit your requirements. Below you will find what we believe to be the top EV chargers for commercial use.

EO Genius 2 Standard/Fast Charger

EO Genius 2 Standard/Fast Charger

The EO Genius 2 is an efficient and scalable commercial EV charging station. Offering a charging speed of up to 22kW, it is wall mountable and as such is suitable for smaller business premises. Where having three-phase AC is a barrier on cost grounds, it can be set up to offer speeds of 7kW.

 Autel MaxiCharger Compact Rapid Charger

Autel Maxicharger DC Compact

An example of a quality rapid DC EV charging station is the Autel Maxicharger DC Compact. Offering charging speeds of up to 250kW, this can be set up to maximise ROI through higher fees per kWh. In addition, the 21.5” LCD touch screen can be used for advertising (and charger control) as a softer sell.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Firstly, you’ll be sent a remote survey with a few short questions to better understand the site requirements. You may also be sent a certified installer to complete a physical survey of the premises too.
  • You may be asked to upgrade your electrical system with your regional electricity grid operator. This might be for a three-phase AC system for multiple or larger charger units and will be arranged separately after the survey.
  • Once your survey is received, the provider will send out a detailed breakdown of your quote to review. Once the quote is approved, the sale becomes binding and the provider will get in touch to agree on the specific planning details.
  • They’ll schedule an installation date where you can be present and your power can be switched off momentarily. After installing the charge point(s) as per the agreed specifications, the provider will offer a charging demonstration.

Afterwards, you can count on an exceptional support team whenever you may need it.

The commercial EV charging station cost can differ according to a variety of factors including whether you have three-phase AC on your premises already. Remember, you will be getting ROI from the fees you charge customers.

  • If necessary, upgrading from single phase AC to three-phase can have a total cost of between £3,000 and £15,000 - speak to your regional electricity grid operator about this.
  • Where you have the electrical infrastructure in place to simply plug in the chargers, a fast AC charger can have an installed cost of approximately £1,000-£2,000, depending on the site requirements.
  • For a DC rapid charger of up to 50kW, this can be in the £20,000-£40,000 range per unit

Particularly where not all business stakeholders are customers, a commercial workplace charge point can be set up to provide charging services for a mix of employees and customers. Here at iCompario we compare a range of workplace charging solutions including electric charge cards that will allow employees to get preferential rates when charging on the go.