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Frequently asked questions

Yes. After a few years, your EV charging points can pay for themselves and then some. It does depend on how many you install, the customers and how many EV stations you have. There are different types of EV stations for every commercial need:

Profit: EV charging stations built to make a profit have a fee for customers. Your business sets the fee to help regain the costs of installation and begin making a profit.

Loss leader: These stations are rare but are suitable for a few business types. These stations are free for the public to use and are simply built to attract customers.

Advertising stations: Some EV charging points come with a built-in screen, so you can sell the advertising space.

You can learn more about this on our guide to electric vehicle charging costs.

If there are no EV charging points close to your business, you may be in the ideal position to install some. But even if your nearest charging point is close, you can still benefit from having your own stations.

Most businesses with off-road parking space can consider EV charging points, especially as petrol and diesel vehicles are being phased out. Your business’ goals, and industry, will decide the type of EV station you should consider installing.

You connect them to your electricity supply. Once they’re installed and ready to go, you can set your usage fee for customers. Shoppers can then plug in their vehicles, leave their vehicle to charge and pay the fee when they’re finished.

Plus, your business can gather data on your EV customers.

You can see how long your EV drivers are staying, their energy usage and the amount of profit you’re making from their stay through an EV smart system. These do cost a little more to install but are worth it for the added data insights.

Any business with off-road parking space can have commercial EV charger installation. Meeting the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme requirements has some extra steps, so it’s worth keeping those in mind and double-checking your eligibility.