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Why should your business invest in EV charging stations?

Installing EV stations in your workplace gives your business an extra edge. You’ll be ahead of curve on the green trend, unlocking multiple benefits for your business.

  • If you install now, you’ll have funding from the government to help cover installation costs.
  • Add to your staff benefits. Cover the costs of charging an EV at work for better employee retention.
  • Charge your company vehicles at the business rate instead of paying public charges.
  • Help to reduce CO2 emissions to reach your sustainability goals and foster positive relationships with EV customers.

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are the experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

Grant for Workplace EV charging points

Your business could receive up to £14,000 of government funding via the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) to help cover the costs of EV installation. Each business can apply for up to 40 charging points. The grant from the Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) covers up to £350 per socket of purchasing and installation costs.

This grant can go a long way to helping your business cover the costs, but you have to make sure you’re eligible. To start with, you’ll need to find an installation provider. We can help you there.

How do workplace charging points work for employees?

You can highly customise your EV charging stations to fit your business needs, giving employees a discount on the amount they pay or fully covering the cost of EVs for company vehicles. Many installers provide an online account system to track the EV usage of company vehicles connected to your workplace system.

You can set up different rates for customers versus employees. If you’d prefer, you could keep your workplace charging stations completely employees only by making the charging point accessible only with keys or contactless cards.

How can I get workplace EV charging stations installed?

First, you’ll want to know if your workplace parking site is suitable for the Workplace Charging Scheme. If you have off road parking, are a registered business in the UK, and own the parking site (or have permission from your landlord), then you’re off to a great start.

Once you’ve met the criteria, you can start looking for the best installer for your business. Use our easy quote tool to find the best match for your company and start installing your EV charging points.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of EV charging point installation really does depend on the provider, the type of EV stations and how many you’re having installed. If you claim on the Workplace Charging Scheme, you are eligible for a grant of £350 per charging point.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identify Card) are contactless cards that send and receive information via radio signals. You and your employees simply tap the card to the EV charging point’s card reader to start charging. This gives your workplace more control over who can use the EV stations as those without an RFID card will not be able to use them.

There is a wide range of workplace EV charging solutions out on the market. Wall mounted, rapid chargers, slow chargers, etc. What’s best for your business depends on your needs, the number of vehicles and who is going to use them. Our quote comparison tool can help you narrow down the field and find the right installer for you. The provider will then come to your workplace and do a survey to help you get the best EV stations for your company.

Businesses can get stations that can go up to 22 kwh per hour. These rapid charging stations can get your employee’s vehicles up to about 80% battery in around an hour.

Having EV stations mean your fleet or employees no longer have to worry about using public stations or being stranded with no charge. With an online account portal, your business gets extra convenience too so you can remotely manage your charging stations and monitor your usage.