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Shell CRT Fuel Card

The fuel card for quality fuel at competitive prices

Shell CRT fuel card

Start saving with Shell CRT

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Key features:

Use your Shell card at over 50% of the UK’s motorway network

Get competitive weekly fixed prices at all Shell stations

Clear, concise billing and HMRC-approved invoices

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are the experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

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We’ll then compare fuel cards across the UK, our database of cards cover 95% of UK fuel stations.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you drive on the motorway? The Shell CRT card is a great choice thanks to its vast UK motorway network. But that’s not all the fuel card offers. Here’s what you get when you use the Shell CRT fuel card:

1. Refill at over 1,000 UK stations

Shell has one of the biggest single brand networks in the UK. Everyone knows a local station and we’re sure you pass by a bunch along your route. Finding a place to refill with your card isn’t a struggle, especially when you’re on the motorway.

2. Buy Fuelsave diesel

You can buy petrol and diesel with your Shell CRT card. But if you want to make your engine last longer, you can also use your fuel card to fill up on Fuelsave. This special blend of fuel is said to enable your fuel economy up to 3% and reduce operating costs.

3. Manage your account online

Do you know how much fuel you and your fleet uses? Keep track of your fuel usage and expenses with the Shell CRT’s online account management system. Wherever you are, you can check your usage and see if you’re on budget.

You can use your Shell CRT fuel card at all UK Shell stations, which covers over 50% of stations on the motorway. With a total of over 1,100 stations available with this fuel card, you’ll never struggle to find a Shell station to refill. Many of the sites are 24-hour, so no matter what timetable you run to, you’re never far from an available fuel station.

  • Small businesses
  • Motorway drivers
  • Sole traders
  • HGVs

The Shell CRT fuel card is a good card for almost all business types. It’s a great one if you’re often along the motorway or already use Shell stations. The Shell CRT fuel card is a solid choice for any type of business, whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of HGVs. The fuel card provides you with fixed weekly pricing, making managing your fuel budget simple and straightforward.

Need a wider network? The Shell multi-network card comes with all the Shell stations, but lets you use your fuel card at all their partner stations too.

All fuels are available with the Shell CRT fuel card, including diesel, petrol, premium fuels and LPG. Plus, you can also purchase AdBlue and lube oil for your vehicles with this card.

UK Fuels Limited provides you with the card, so you get the added benefit of access to the company’s bespoke online account management system. Similar to online banking, this tool gives you a wealth of information at your fingertips; run reports, view transactions and order more cards at the touch of a button.