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Fuel Cards For Self-Employed & Sole Traders

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Self employed fuel cards

Which is the best fuel card for sole traders?

There are so many options available when it comes to fuel card providers, each offering their own unique set of benefits. Some are more suited to fleets, whilst others are more beneficial for smaller companies. That’s why before making your choice, it’s important to assess which is the best fuel card for sole traders based on what your business needs. To make this easier, we’ve compared all of them to determine which is most suitable for self-employed individuals. See the table below for the findings of our comparison.

BP Plus fuel card for sole trader

BP Plus Fuel Card

Accepted at over 3,400 major fuel stations such as BP, Texaco, Gulf and Esso.

Esso National fuel card for sole trader

Esso National Fuel Card

Comes with HMRC-approved invoices to make VAT reclaims easier. Accepted at 3,400+ stations.

Fleetone fuel card for sole trader

Fleetone Fuel Card

Available for use at more than 4,100 petrol stations across 98% of UK postcodes.

fuel genie fuel card for sole trader

fuelGenie Fuel Card

Fill up at over 1,350 Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco petrol station and earn supermarket loyalty points each time you refill.

Texaco Fastfuel fuel card for sole trader

Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card

Offers commercial prices on diesel as well as petrol. Can be used at over 4,000 stations.

Shell fuel card for self-employed and sole traders

Shell Multi-Network Card

Accepted by over 3,500 major networks such as Shell, Esso, Texaco, Gulf and Gleaner.

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are the experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

Self-Employed Fuel Card Comparison

Self-Employed Fuel Card Comparison

What are the benefits of fuel cards for sole traders and self-employed workers?

What are the benefits of fuel cards for sole traders and self-employed workers

Electric fuel cards for sole traders

Electric fuel cards for sole traders

Compare Fuel Cards for Couriers

Compare Fuel Cards for Couriers

Top fuel card brands

Here’s a selection of the best fuel cards for self-employed professionals, offering you refuelling opportunities at 1,000s of UK stations.

How iCompario works

Navigating the challenges of choosing a fuel card provider in the UK may seem overwhelming, with so many options to consider. But fear not – iCompario can simplify the process for you in three easy steps:

30-second form

Complete our concise 30-second form telling us your business needs, vehicle type, and preferred fuelling locations.

We filter the offers

We then assess all available offers, comparing fuel card services from our extensive database covering 95% of post codes in the UK

Get the perfect fuel card

Then, we send you tailored, obligation-free recommendations based on your requirements.

Sole trader fuel card FAQs

Absolutely. Fuel cards are an excellent choice for sole traders, and many are designed specifically with sole traders and self employed business owners in mind. Complete our 30 second form today to receive personalised recommendations based on your needs.

Yes - fuel cards provide detailed transaction records, making it quick and easy for sole traders to track and manage their expenses. This helps simplify and speed up the process, as well as removing the risk of mistakes, ensuring accurate deductions every time. Find out more in our guide to fuel cards and tax.

Yes - the majority of fuel card companies offer the flexibility to cover not only fuel purchases but also vehicle maintenance costs too.