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The Greatest Benefits of a Fleet Dash Cams in the UK

  • Get a fleet dash cam for undeniable proof for accident claims
  • Safeguard your drivers from crash-for-cash scams
  • Lower insurance costs
Dash cams mounted on cars of a fleet

What are fleet dash cams?

A fleet dash cam is a camera attached inside your fleet vehicles to record what happens on the road and/or inside the cab.

The best dash cams for fleet vehicles are much more advanced than regular consumer dash cameras. They offer useful features like:

  • Remote access.
  • Tamper-resistant.
  • Commercial-grade SD card.
  • Supports additional cameras.
  • Hardwired for professional installation.

Why are fleet dash cams worth it?

You may find fleet vehicle camera systems to be on the more expensive side. But don’t let the price throw you off. The initial cost may seem expensive, but commercial fleet dash cam systems have been proven to reduce overall fleet operating costs through their many benefits. They’d soon pay for themselves and then some.

It depends a lot on which type of dash cam for fleet vehicles you choose, the features it offers and how you exploit all those features for your business’ benefit.

Comparing the market is the best solution to make sure you end up with the right fleet dash cam on your hands. It’s where we’re able to help you best, so start your comparison now.

The main fleet dash cam types

Fleet dash cam solutions are diverse. Fleet vehicle camera systems come in different shapes and sizes and can be simple or more complex. You can choose a fleet dash cam with GPS that can give all kinds of insights or you can choose the most basic commercial fleet dash camera.
These are the three main types you should know about.

1. The forward-facing dash cam for fleet

This one might be the most basic dash cam for fleets you may find. It’s usually placed on the windshield and records the road ahead. In case of an accident, you can check the footage to see exactly what your driver saw.

So, it’s a great choice to protect your drivers and reduce their liability. It can come in handy to prove against scams or false claims, too.

What features should a forward-facing fleet dash cam have?

There are a few features you should take into account when choosing a dash cam to make sure you get the most out of it:

  • 1080p HD resolution and wide-angle lens for high-quality video footage.
  • Internet connection to allow you to download footage remotely, as soon as an incident happened.
  • Insights and alerts, for example a panic button so the driver can alert you immediately something’s happened.

We’ll make it easier for you to choose the best fleet dash cam to serve your business needs. Start a market comparison with us and get your fleet tracking dash cam in minutes.

2. Dual-facing commercial fleet dash cam

These are great little helpers giving you two perspectives in case of an accident. Footage of the road ahead to see what happened and footage of the inside cab to check if the driver wasn’t distracted.

The same features mentioned above for forward-facing cameras are useful for this type of fleet dash cams, too. It’s important to have 1080p HD footage for crystal clear image, to get an internet-connected dash cam and to consider what kind of alerts and insights it offers.

The best benefits of a dual-facing dash cam for fleets

This is how your fleet can benefit from choosing this type of camera:

  • Use the video footage from the dual-facing dash cam to identify drivers with risky behaviour and coach them to safer driving techniques.
  • Prevent bogus claims. Prove it wasn’t your driver’s fault in an accident by showing footage of what happened on the road and in the cab to prove your driver had their eyes on the road.
  • Use dash cameras as leverage to lower your insurance costs.

Dual-facing cams can make ideal car or van dash cams. Are you ready to fit dash cams on your fleet vehicles? Compare the market before buying one to make sure you choose right.

3. Multi-cam systems for your fleet

Multi-cam systems make a great fleet management dash cam. They’re probably the most popular choice with fleet managers for their extensive features and benefits.

If you manage a fleet of trucks, this type of system is definitely the right choice for you. Multi-cam systems are the ideal dash cams for trucks. You get a front-facing camera, a reverse camera and exterior side cameras.

Features and benefits

Here’s the lowdown when it comes to multi-cam systems for fleets:

  • If you run a truck fleet, they help you stay compliant with specific regulations like the Direct Vision Standard (DVS).
  • Cover all possible blind spots around your fleet vehicles with up to eight cameras that independently record at HD video quality.
  • Multi-cam systems can be tailored to your business needs. Need tracking too? They make a great fleet dash cam with GPS.
  • They can be internet connected, so you can retrieve footage as soon as an incident happened.
  • Lower your insurance costs, exonerate drivers and prove false claims with undeniable proof from all angles.
  • Monitor your drivers and set up appropriate training.

Unsure which fleet dash cams are right for you? We’ll sort it out for you. Press the button below, fill in a few details about your business needs to give us a clue of what to look for and you’ll have your results in minutes.

iCompario tip: Get a fleet tracking system with camera integration

Fleet vehicle camera systems provide the most benefits when they’re paired with a cutting-edge fleet tracking system. Fleet management with a dash cam means helping you protect your drivers, lower insurance, avoid false claims and be legally compliant. But paired with vehicle tracking, it can mean so much more. You’ll get a wide range of accurate data, including vehicle location and activity, vehicle diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring and more.

More control over your fleet operations means improved productivity and efficiency for your fleet.

Why you need fleet camera systems

There’s no doubt you should get a fleet dash cam and here’s why:

  • Prevent accidents and reduce claims.
  • Lower insurance premiums and claims costs.
  • Protect drivers against bogus claims.
  • Coach drivers based on footage from the fleet dash cam to increase safety.
  • Get full visibility into events, accidents and other incidents and get the full context.
  • Boost fleet efficiency.

It’s now time to get those commercial fleet dash cams—the right ones for your fleet’s needs. So start your market comparison with us by pressing the button below. You’ll have your recommendations in a few easy steps. It won’t take longer than a minute.

Frequently asked questions

A fleet dash cam is small and discreet. Depending on which type you choose, it can record the road ahead, activity inside the cab or cargo hold, or even a 360° view of your vehicle and the surrounding road.

If you choose a multi-cam system, you can get up to eight dash cams that independently record at HD video quality.

It’s proven dash cams support safer driving. It can help make drivers more aware and improve their performance behind the wheel. That means lower chance of accidents, so lower vehicle downtime.

Plus, it can help you reduce false claims and insurance premiums, saving you money.

If you go for the most basic dash cams, you’d have to download the video footage on a computer to view it. Or, you can playback it on the device itself.

More advanced ones and the best dash cams for fleet vehicles we recommend should be 4G connected. That means you can download footage over the internet and access it as soon as an incident happened.

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