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The Powerful Benefits of Dash Cams for Vans

  • Increase safety on the roads and make your drivers more aware
  • Deter thieves and keep your vans secure
  • Lower insurance costs with a van dash cam
Dash cam mounted in a van

Why dash cams for vans?

The best dash cam for vans gives you peace of mind while you’re out and about on the roads. Good and reliable dash cams for business come in many shapes and sizes. They provide more benefits than you think and act like a second pair of eyes on the road.

There’s an increased demand for vehicle cameras in the UK as businesses start to acknowledge their advantages. But how do you know what to look for when you buy one? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. Plus, you can compare the market to find the best dash cams for vans in the UK.

What is a dash cam for vans?

A van dash cam is a camera that’s usually mounted on the van’s windshield and records the road ahead and/or the interior of the cab while you’re driving.

They can be front and rear and help make driving safer. There are also exterior side cameras, mostly used for trucks, but vans could greatly benefit from those too if you want to opt for them.

Dash cams for vans can be highly useful for a business. To make sure you unlock all the benefits, you should compare the market for the best cameras to suit your needs.

The different types of dash cams for vans

Van dash cams come in all shapes and sizes. They’re easy to use and their benefits for business speak for themselves.

These are the main types of dash cams for vans you can choose from.

1. Forward-facing van dash cams

These are the basic types of dash cams that are mounted on the windshield and record the road ahead.

The best dash cams for vans will have a wide angle and provide HD 1080p footage for crystal clear video playback.

You can basically review footage and see exactly what your drivers saw.

These are great choices to reduce driver liability and protect your drivers. They can be of great help to prevent bogus claims against your business.

A market comparison will help you find the best dash cam for vans in the UK. Start by pressing the button below.

2. Dual-facing dash cams for vans

The dual-facing van dash cam is a bit more advanced as it records both the road ahead and the in-cab activity.

Basically, in case of an accident you’ll be able to see what happened on the road and check if the driver was paying attention and not looking at his phone. It’s highly useful to prove false claims showing undeniable evidence the driver was not at fault at all.

The video footage from this type of dash cam can be extremely useful in training your drivers to safe driving techniques.

Are you ready to fit them on your vans? Compare the market before buying one to make sure you choose right.

3. Multi-cam systems for increased safety

Multi-cam systems are usually popular with truck drivers looking for dash cams. That’s especially because trucks are legally required to have them installed in some parts of the UK. London’s Direct Vision Standard (the DVS) regulates this.

But that doesn’t mean multi-cam systems can’t be useful for vans and other commercial vehicles too. In fact, they’re a terrific choice to give you complete visibility around the van and make driving safer. Mirrors have blind spots and these cameras would have you covered. The driver would have eyes all around the van, ensuring he’d always see a cyclist when turning left or a pedestrian when reversing.

Some providers can offer tailored multi-cam systems to suit your needs. You can choose up to eight cameras to be fitted.

The best front and rear dash cam for vans can be found as multi-cam systems. Compare the market to find the best deals for you.

iCompario tip: Consider pairing dash cams with vehicle tracking

Van tracking systems provide a wide range of accurate data about your vans, including van location and activity, vehicle diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring and more. Pair them with dash cams and you’ll have control over every aspect of your fleet vehicles. Increase productivity and efficiency and boost your operations.

What you need to know before choosing a van dash cam

There are certain features you should take into consideration before choosing your van dash cams. So, makes sure you get:

  • High recording quality and 1080p HD resolution for crisp clear dash cam footage.
  • Enough memory for storage.
  • Internet connectivity to be able to download footage remotely as soon as an incident occurred.
  • Parking mode so the dash cams start recoding automatically when sensing movement around the vehicle while parked.
  • Panic button—extremely useful in case of emergency.
  • Night vision so you can record footage at any time of day.
  • An installation service so you can be sure your dash camera is installed correctly.

Why you need to fit a van dash cam

There are quite a few good reasons why you should get a van dash cam. Starting with the fact they can bring you peace of mind, especially if you’re driving a van for work.

1. Dash cams make driving safer

Having van dash cams installed can make drivers more aware of their driving. Especially if you choose to use the video footage in training and coaching sessions.

In short, they can be used to promote safer driving.

2. A dash cam for vans could deter thieves

Vans are dream vehicles for thieves to break into. They are often targeted by thieves who are looking for expensive tools to steal.

A van dash cam can be of great help to deter thieves and increase vehicle security. Many dash cams for vans can record even if the engine is off and your van is parked. Or they are activated by motion and start recording. Most criminals won’t even attempt to break into your vehicle if they see a one mounted. It’s not worth the risk of getting caught.

3. Lower your insurance premiums

A van dash cam can affect your insurance. And that’s a huge plus to consider getting both a front and rear dash cam for your van.

Drivers who have a camera mounted are more likely to drive carefully and insurance companies recognise this. So, some insurance companies may offer a discount for using van dash cams.

Fit your vans with the best dash cams

Dash cams for vans have many benefits but to unlock all of them, you need to choose the right ones to fit your business needs. It may seem simple, but it can get complicated.

At iCompario we are experts at searching the market and finding gem deals for our customers. So, let’s find you the van dash cams you need!

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