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Dash Cams for Trucks: A Necessity for Your HGVs

  • Stay compliant with legal requirements, like the DVS
  • Gain more control over your HGVs with dash cams for trucks
  • Increase visibility, reduce accidents and lower insurance costs
Dash cam mounted in a truck

Dash cams for trucks are designed to offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety. They’re packed with powerful features to help drivers increase visibility, reduce accidents, lower insurance costs and comply with legal requirements.

Keep reading to discover the most reliable dash cameras to keep you safer on the roads and find out how a dash cam for a truck fleet can help your business. To get the best ones for your trucks, compare the market.

What is a dash cam for trucks and why do you need one?

A dash cam is short for dash cameras and it’s a small onboard camera that continuously records the road ahead or the surroundings around the truck while you’re on the road.

Dash cams for trucks are more than just generally useful and recommended. In some parts, like London, they’re required by law. The so-called three camera dash cam for trucks, or multi-cam system, needs to be DVS compliant. That means the Direct Vision Standard and is essential to know about if you drive a truck within the M25.

This is why you need dash cams for trucks:

  • You get more control over your fleet’s safety.
  • You get powerful features to help you increase visibility and reduce accidents.
  • They can help you lower collision costs.
  • They are undeniable proof to accidents or other incidents.

What is the best dash cam for truck drivers?

There are three types of vehicle camera systems for trucks on the market. We’ll talk about each type and how they benefit you.
Here’s how different types of cameras can be useful for your trucks.

1. Forward-facing dash cams for trucks

Looking for the best dash cam for pickup trucks? Or a great dash cam for lorries? A forward-facing dash cam could be an excellent choice.
This type of camera lets you see what your drivers see. They help you reduce driver liability and protect your drivers better. They can also help you avoid any false claims against your business.

When choosing your forward-facing dash cam, look for the following features:

  • Make sure you get the best possible quality video recordings. Look for a camera with a wide-angle lens and full HD footage.
  • Get a wireless dash cam for trucks. That means internet-connected ones to retrieve video footage while your trucks are still on the move.
  • Consider a dash cam for trucks with a panic button. If pressed, you’d immediately get an alert and recorded video footage of the incident.

Choosing the best dash cam for truck drivers is not easy when the market is packed with choices. But market comparison experts can help you choose right. Just hit the button below to begin.

2. Dual-facing dash cams for trucks

The dual-facing can be an ideal dash cam for a truck fleet. It captures both the road ahead and the interior cab and the driver.
This is why dual-facing cameras might be the right choice for your trucks:

  • The video footage can be extremely useful in training your drivers to safe driving techniques.
  • The footage can prove invaluable in case of an accident. Prevent bogus claims against your business with accurate footage of incidents that prove your drivers were attentive and weren’t at fault.
  • They can help you significantly reduce insurance premiums and claims costs.

It’s important to choose dual-facing dash cams with 1080p HD footage for crystal clear image. Also, make sure you choose a wireless dash cam for trucks so you can access video footage at any time.

If you’re unsure which dash cam for trucks is best for you, we can help you choose. Based on a few details about your business needs, we’ll compare the market and get you the best recommendations.

3. Multi-cam systems: more than just dash cams

Multi-cam systems are the three-camera dash cam for trucks. Meaning you get a front-facing camera, a rear camera and exterior side cameras. Ideal dash cams for fleets of trucks.

This type of system gives you complete visibility. They provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle to help drivers cover all blind spots.
Multi-cam systems make great dash cams for truck fleets for the following reasons:

  • They help you be compliant with legislation, like the Direct Vision Standard (DVS). You get every view angle around the vehicle covered with up to eight cameras that independently record at full HD video quality. Check out the best DVS camera systems for HGVs.
  • Choose internet-connected multi-cam systems to retrieve footage immediately, without the need to wait for the truck to come into the garage.
  • Reducing all potential blind spots, you can reduce accidents and collisions of any kind. Multi-cam systems can also help you in proving non-fault claims and providing driver training to reduce risk.

Did you know you can find tailored multi-cameras made specifically for your company and vehicles? A multi-cam system could be invaluable for your truck fleet managers if you choose the right one.

Make no mistakes and compare the market before deciding. Get started now and you’ll have the best recommendation in minutes, whether you’re looking for front cameras, front and rear cameras or full vehiclecamera systems.

iCompario tip: Combine dash cams with truck tracking for full visibility into your fleet

Combining dash cams with vehicle tracking will give you full control over your entire fleet at your fingertips. Dash cams can help you protect your drivers, lower insurance, avoid false claims and be legally compliant. HGV tracking systems provide a wide range of accurate data, including vehicle location and activity, vehicle diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring, and more. Together they put you in charge of every aspect of your fleet. a wide range of accurate data, including vehicle location and activity, vehicle diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring, and more. Together they put you in charge of every aspect of your fleet.

More control over your operations means improved productivity and efficiency, and increased profits.

Dash cam for trucks best buy: What to consider when choosing?

The offer of dash cams on the market is highly varied. But there are some aspects you can look out for to make the choice easier:

  • How many cameras the multi-cam system includes if you’re going for one of those.
  • Enough storage to suit your needs. Can you use Micro SD cards to boost capacity?
  • Internet connectivity is important when choosing a dash cam for trucks.
  • Video image quality and resolution for crisp clear footage.
  • Alerts, like a panic button to press in case of emergency.
  • Intelligent parking mode, does the camera record while your truck is parked?

Time to fit dash cams on your trucks

Now you know all about the different types of dash cams for trucks and how they serve your business needs. You may understand better why they’re so important for trucks.

So, it’s time to fit your trucks with a camera system and start reaping the benefits. And the best way to choose the right dash cam for your truck fleet is by comparing the market.

Let us help with that. Don’t waste time and patience and hit the button below to quickly find the best system to serve your trucks best.

Frequently asked questions

Extremely useful. Besides, depending on the area where you operate, it can be mandatory. It can serve as great basis to coach your drivers better. It can give vital information and shed light on who was at fault in an accident. It can help you reduce insurance payments.

With the most basic dash cams, you’d have to download the video footage on a computer to view it. Or, if the dash cam has a playback function, you could view it on the device itself.

More advanced dash cams, and the ones we recommend for trucks, can be 4G connected. That means you can download footage over the internet and access it as soon as an incident happened.

Professional-grade dash cams could end up to a good few hundreds GBP. The price will depend a lot on what type of dash cams you need, how many cameras the multi-cam system includes and the features you opt for.

Most dash cams don’t offer a parking mode. Because they’re powered by the vehicle’s electrical system, they only record when the vehicle is on.

But there are some that can be wired straight to the battery. These either provide round-the-clock recording or start recording when they sense movement around the vehicle.

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