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  • Real-time insights into vehicle location, fuel efficiency and driving behaviour
  • Leverage data to maximise savings on fuel, insurance and maintenance costs
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Vehicle tracking

Why compare vehicle tracking systems?

Why compare vehicle tracking

3 reasons to compare vehicle trackers with iCompario

Save time

Get offers that suit your business needs in just 30 seconds. Apply online in a few easy steps.

Save money

The right vehicle tracker enables you to save money on fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs.

Choose the best

We compare the widest range of products to find the best vehicle trackers for your business needs.

Business vehicle tracking features

Know about your vehicle's whereabouts, driver details and overall performance
Get notifications regarding reckless driving, accidents and any unauthorised use
Use data analytics to cut costs down on fuel, insurance and vehicle repairs
Choose from hassle-free self-install options to minimise business interruption

Vehicle tracking solutions for every vehicle type

How does vehicle tracking work?

How does vehicle tracking work

Benefits of vehicle tracking

From real-time location tracking to time and cost- saving benefits, business vehicle tracking gives you full control and visibility over your fleet.

Why get vehicle tracking

Choosing the right vehicle tracking system

What to look for when choosing a vehicle tracking system

How iCompario works

About your business

You tell us about your vehicles, your business and the information you need from your tracking.

The best offers

We compare your needs with the products available and get quotes on the best matches.

Track your vehicles

Then after a quick check of details, we pass you over to the relevant company to get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies use vehicle tracking systems to monitor the location, movement and status of their vehicles.

This system combines vehicle location technology with specialised software, enabling the collection of data to provide full control over fleet vehicles.

Vehicle trackers include GPS trackers, accelerometers, CAN bus connectors, dash cams and in-vehicle cameras.

These devices are powered by the vehicle battery and communicate with tracking software through SIM cards. Some devices have their own battery for hidden placement and use GPS, mobile phone triangulation and radio frequency signals for theft protection.

Business vehicle tracking systems usually come with an online management portal which includes a tracking app where you can access reports and information.

The app can be installed on any device and give you quick and easy access to relevant data.

Prices vary depending on the hardware, data volume and additional services you choose.

Basic subscriptions start from less than £10 a month per vehicle, while more advanced tracking needs can cost several hundred pounds for a fleet.

Compare the market with iCompario to make sure you land the best deal possible.

Vehicle tracking is legal for businesses as long as the driver is aware.

Many businesses and delivery companies choose to track their vehicles to keep their customers informed about the status of their deliveries and the estimated times of arrivals.

The UK law also allows the use of video and sound recordings if drivers are informed.

For more information on the legality of vehicle tracking, read our guide to GPS tracking laws in the UK.