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The Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Many UK businesses use the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking every single day. 

Once fitted to your vehicles, GPS devices provide the following benefits:

  • Help to protect your business against fraud
  • Improve security to protect your vehicles
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Give better customer service with more informed communication

We’ve looked at each of these benefits in detail, explained how they’re provided by GPS vehicle tracking devices and detailed how they can help your business.

Help to protect your business against fraud

One of the many benefits of vehicle tracking is that you can link your GPS device to fuel cards and help protect your business against fraud.

Linking your GPS tracker to the fuel cards your company uses means you can cross-reference the stations your cards were used at, and the time of purchase, to the location of your vehicle. Doing this allows you to spot immediately it the card was used when your vehicle was somewhere else. We have heard of a number of companies that discovered, through GPS tracking, that their employees were sometimes using company fuel cards to top up their own cars.

The fraud prevention benefit of linking your GPS device to fuel cards is further enhanced by the fact that the card providers have analytical software that monitors payments and looks out for any unusual transactions. This means your business always has the protection you need to ensure it’s protected against fraud.

Improve security to protect your vehicles

The security benefit of GPS trackers doesn’t stop at combining with fuel cards to spot fraudulent payments.

Just seeing where your drivers are on a map, and getting an estimate of their arrival time based on current traffic conditions, means you don’t have to put them at risk by distracting them with a phone call while they are driving.

You can also designate your vehicles to specific locations and set up alerts to notify you when they move outside this location, or enter into it.

The process of assigning specific areas to track your vehicles is known as geofencing. A geofence is a line drawn on a map in the vehicle tracking software, encircling an area of interest. It acts as a trigger to alert you whenever a vehicle fitted with a GPS tracker leaves the area it’s supposed to be in, or enters it. You can draw geofences around areas such as your depots and customer worksites. If your vehicles leave the areas they’re expected to be in, then you’ll receive a notification, so you can quickly identify if a car or van has potentially been stolen.

If security is your main goal, you can team up a GPS tracker with another asset tracker designed exclusively for security. These items have their own power supply from a battery that lasts 3 to 5 years and pings a server once a day. With their own power supply, they are hidden anywhere in or on the vehicle or any asset, meaning thieves are unlikely to find and remove the tracker. Trackers that come with a search and recovery service are the best and can have very high asset recovery rates which are far in excess of the usual 10% of stolen assets and vehicles that are usually recovered by the police.

Increase productivity and efficiency

There’s no more valuable commodity in any company than the staff you employ and there’s no bigger benefit than being able to maximise their productivity. Vehicle tracking can help you to manage the efficiency levels of your drivers.

Vehicle tracking provides a wide range of information that you can use to monitor how your drivers are working. You can see how many miles they’ve travelled, how long they’re on site for, the length of time their journeys take, and a host of other things about their performance. Getting all this information in real time gives you the data you need to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of your own time that you have to use to achieve it.

You can use all the information you get from your vehicle trackers to spot areas where you can improve the productivity of your staff. For example, you might see that they aren’t taking the best routes between sites. Vehicle tracking software can show traffic jams, which you can warn your drivers about to prevent them getting delayed in traffic. Changing routes could reduce both how long it takes them to get to their destination and the fuel they use to get there, saving your business time and money.

Give better customer service with more informed communication

GPS vehicle tracking is an excellent tool for improving the service you provide to your customers. It does so by allowing your business to communicate quickly and accurately with your customers, so you can let them know exactly when they can expect their orders or your workers to arrive.

You can give your customers more informed communication by using vehicle tracking because the GPS devices provide your business with data that gives you and your fleet managers live updates on where your drivers are.

Live updates are really important if your business is sending goods or services that your customers need to take a job to the next stage or get their operations moving again. For example, your drivers might be delivering cement to a worksite or you could be sending an electrician to a busy office. In these scenarios, your GPS tracker helps you tell your customers exactly when they can restart their construction work or get their office staff back to work.

Vehicle tracking can give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet at all times, making it quick and easy to manage all your drivers. You can deal with breakdowns or accidents immediately and even check the driver dashcam footage or speeding incidents from your mobile phone.

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