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Key features of van tracking

Get real-time insights into van location, fuel efficiency and driver behaviour
Receive instant alerts about unauthorised use, accidents and breakdowns
Use data to plan efficient journeys and save on fuel and repair costs
Boost your business operations and minimise business interruptions

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How does van tracking work?

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Benefits of van tracking?


Protect your valuable assets with van trackers. Easily recover stolen vans and receive immediate alerts for any suspicious activity.

Prevent unauthorised use

Alerts notify you of any van use outside of working hours. Monitor mileage and ensure company vehicle use is authorised.

Protect your drivers

Integrate dash cams with your van tracking system for additional protection and get solid evidence in case of disputes.

Ensure road safety

Stay compliant with safety checks, locate drivers in emergencies and promote safe driving behaviour with the right van tracking system.

Maintain your vans

Set maintenance reminders and avoid vehicle downtime and costly repairs. Some van trackers even let you see fault codes and CAN data.

Improve performance

Set up your dashboards to access the most relevant data and check if tasks are met. Take quick action to address underperformance.

How iCompario works

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You tell us about your vans, your business and the data you need from your tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A van tracker uses GPS technology to gather and transmit data to a cloud-based software platform using SIM cards. The data includes GPS location, speed and past movements. It can also detect aggressive driving behaviour. This helps fleet managers address issues and train drivers to reduce accidents, wear and tear and fuel waste.

There are two options, each with pros and cons.
1. Self-install van trackers are cheaper and easy to install, but don't provide driver performance reports and can be easily removed.
2. Hard-wired devices are professionally installed, preventing tampering and provide detailed reports for analysing driving habits. They are slightly more expensive but offer increased reliability.

Van tracking systems can start from around £15 a month per van for the most basic subscription and can go up to several hundred pounds for fleets with detailed or indepth tracking needs.

Van tracker costs differ based on what features you choose. . Prices increase in proportion to the amount of hardware you have installed and the data volume you are collecting.

Prices also vary depending on the quality of hardware you choose and the number of other services you opt for. For example, if you have vehicle cameras you will pay for them as well.

It's difficult to disable a van tracker. Also, power loss triggers an alert to the owner or manager, who will likely call the police.

Vans may also have hidden anti-theft trackers with their own power supply, which transmit multiple signals, including underground.

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