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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of van tracking systems and van trackers.

A GPS vehicle tracker is at the core of the van tracking system, transmitting the vehicle’s location. An accelerometer can be an integral or separate part of the system and give you accurate data on the speed and sudden stopping of the van.

Some van tracking devices can connect to the vehicle Control Area Network (CAN) and provide diagnostics and other information about parts of the van.

Tracking devices for vans used for security and theft protection come with their own battery and can be well hidden on the van, making it hard for thieves to find. They send GPS satellite signals, mobile phone triangulation signals, and radio frequency signals. This makes them impossible to block, even underground or using signal jammers.

Yes, the best van trackers come with a van tracking app. The van tracker cost usually includes an online account to manage your data and some of the best include an app as well.

You can use the van tracking app to see insightful reports, valuable data and to use the information to improve your vans’ fuel consumption, routes or your drivers’ behaviour on the roads.

There are no van tracking laws to make van trackers illegal. However, when using tracking devices for vans you should inform your employees the vans are being tracked and get their consent.

Also, the employer must have a legitimate commercial reason for tracking the van.

Van tracker prices can vary based on your tracking needs and the features you choose. Prices increase in proportion to the amount of hardware you have installed and the data volume you are collecting.

Prices also vary depending on the quality of hardware you choose and the number of other services you opt for. For example, if you have vehicle cameras you will pay for them as well.

It’s actually quite difficult to disable a van tracking device. The best van trackers in Ireland will trigger an immediate automatic alert to the car owner or business manager if loss of power occurs. You’ll immediately know the van tracker has been tampered with and you can quickly alert the police if this is the case.

Some tracking devices for vans can also come with another anti-theft asset tracker with its own internal power supply, in addition to the van tracker wired to the battery. This can be hidden anywhere on the van. It’s used by national recovery teams who work with the police to track down stolen vehicles. It transmits two other types of signal, apart from the GPS one, which even work underground.

There are two types of devices you can get for your business, each with their pros and cons. It’s important to know the differences between them and make an informed choice.

Self-install van trackers are the cheaper option. They are simple to install and are powered automatically, without driver involvement. However, they don’t provide driver performance reports. Being that easy to install, they’re also easy to remove.

Hard-wired devices are the better van tracking option. They are installed by professionals, so they cannot be easily removed and tampered with. You get detailed reports based on which you can analyse the driving habits that cause wear and tear, waste fuel and increase the risk of accidents. Hard-wired van trackers are slightly more expensive because they need to be installed by an engineer, but offer increased reliability.