Telematics system for asset and vehicle tracking on mobile

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Telematics system for asset and vehicle tracking on mobile

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Advantages of telematics

Fleet telematics system to monitor performance of fleet vehicles

The advantages of telematics are endless. In short, telematics devices help you work smarter, not harder.

Monitor anything from one vehicle to an entire fleet. Gather accurate data, including vehicle location and activity, vehicle diagnostics, asset tracking, driver behaviour, tachograph data, temperature monitoring, and more.

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Vehicle tracking for effortless fleet management

Vehicle tracking from above pinpoint GPS locations

Vehicle tracking is an essential part of telematics. Increase safety and security for your vehicles and drivers. These trackers can even help to reduce your costs.

  • User-friendly software with live maps and insightful reports
  • Instant alerts on any unauthorised use, speeding, collisions
  • Real-time data on your vehicles’ locations and ETAs so you can make faster decisions

Top-grade telematics systems for complete control over your fleet

Telematics system on desktop screens

Where are your vehicles? Who are your best-performing drivers? Find out all this and more in one easy-to-use system.

  • Data straight from the vehicle for precise fuel monitoring
  • Scheduled driving reports to see improvements
  • Detailed vehicle location and journey history logs
  • Access tachograph data remotely

Vehicle cameras to never be left in the dark

Telematics vehicle dash cam facing outwards

Cameras are a great asset for any business. A camera system can be made up of a group of cameras placed around a vehicle or plant machinery. Fill in your blind spots now.

  • Provide indisputable proof in claims processes
  • Cover blind spots to the side and rear of HGVs to comply with applicable DVS regulations
  • Track driver behaviour with in-cab cameras
  • Monitor payloads and assets when out of work hours

Asset tracking for peace of mind

Asset tracker telematics device on an excavator

Moving or still, assets should be tracked to improve security. Only 5% of stolen plant equipment is ever recovered without asset trackers.

  • Increase the chances of recovering your assets in case of theft by up to 95%
  • Always keep track of the assets you offer for hire
  • Can reduce the insurance costs of your equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telematics begins by putting a tracker into a vehicle or asset. The tracking device then collects data and sends it to you.

What data you receive depends on the provider and system you select.

The data your tracking system collects can include vehicle or asset live GPS location, journey history, driving performance, and more. Your data is usually shown on graphs and reports for efficient management.

This data can be seen anytime on your online account from your desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Some devices can be self-installed. The provider will send instructions and sometimes a video with your new device to help you.

Other trackers such as those for specialised equipment and fleets often require a professional installer.

Using a telematics system can help you save money on insurance, fuel and motor repairs.

Improving driving performance and making management more efficient are just some of the advantages of telematics.

See how installing trackers now could help your business by comparing the market.