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  • Telematics systems monitor vehicle location, CAN & tachograph data
  • Detailed report systems to keep you in the driver's seat
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Telematics fleet management systems give you all the data you need

Manage your fleet better and easier with a good telematics platform. Get clear report screens with all the data you need to make informed decisions. Top-end telematics systems include features like:

Live location to always know where your vehicles are and keep customers informed
Access CAN data for reliable information and a full view of your vehicles
Temperature alerts and complete monitoring to watch over sensitive cargo
Check on tachograph data remotely to ensure your fleet is following guidelines
Avoid expensive repair costs and breakdowns with accurate vehicle diagnostics

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What to look for in the best telematics systems

Telematics system for fleet used by manager to track vehicles

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Frequently Asked Questions

The system collects data from your tracker. These devices can be installed in vehicles or assets. From there, the system sends you the data and puts it into reports for you.

Using a management system to see the data lets you easily track locations of your assets and monitor driving performance. A detailed system can improve your costs, cut down on poor driving habits, and reduce your time spent on paperwork.

A telematics system lets you track GPS live location, speeding, fuel usage, and much more. It’s a great tool for many drivers but it’s also good for insurance companies.

To get competitively priced comprehensive vehicle insurance, you may want to consider installing an insurance approved tracker.

Vehicle trackers are also called telematics boxes because of the way they look. You can get a telematics box in your vehicle to help you track the vehicle’s location and improve your odds of vehicle recovery if stolen.