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3 important requirements when choosing a Telematics system

Wed, 17 April 2019

For any business reliant on mobile operations to deliver goods or services, telematics is increasingly seen as an essential management tool. But when choosing a telematics system, there are some important considerations you need to make.

Below we’ve identified three things you should consider before you hand over your hard-earned cash…

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1) A telematics system is only as good as the information it provides!

Yes, live view and communication capabilities are important, but the data collected provides the real value. Telematics is a business tool, so look for something that is easy to use but also gives you the data you need to make decisions that will drive your company forward. Modern cloud-based telematics solutions with an easy-to-use browser interface are recommended, so make sure whatever you choose offers a mobile app that you can access anywhere.

2) Pick a supplier that is trusted!

As you may know, there is an ocean of telematics providers out there so be sure to find one with a reliable reputation and good financial backing. The last thing you need is to arrive one morning to discover your trackers are suddenly not operational. Look for a supplier that is part of a large, diverse and well-established company a with a strong presence in the fleet sector.

3) Find a system that lets you integrate with other fleet management products!

It’s important to consider how easily data can be used to enhance other management tools within your business. For example, if you are using fuel cards make sure that you can combine telematics data to get accurate KM/L insight and reconcile fuel purchases. Also, look for a system that can provide data to benefit your business in other ways; such as vehicle safety inspection apps and driver performance monitoring.

Vehicle tracking can give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet at all times, making it quick and easy to manage all your drivers. You can deal with breakdowns or accidents immediately and even check the driver dashcam footage or speeding incidents from your mobile phone.

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