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The Best Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers For Businesses

It’s not uncommon for insurance providers to get in touch and offer policies that include trackers these days. Maybe you’ve had a phone call or email yourself. But should you actually get a vehicle tracker for your business?

Insurance approved vehicle trackers are better than you’d think for businesses. While most of the spotlight is on possible lower insurance prices, the truth is the other benefits are just as much a big deal.

(Updated Tue, 13 September 2022)

What insurance approved trackers mean for you

Vehicles being tracked while on the road in the city

Some insurance companies will only continue your policy or agree to insure your vehicle if you fit trackers. It’s annoying, but worth it if you like the overall package.

Some providers insist on having a Thatcham-approved tracker. The insurance company usually provides the tracker or installation, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

But basically, Thatcham trackers have been tested to ensure they meet good standards. If your provider wants you to fit a Thatcham approved tracker, it’s a good sign that you’re getting a good quality tracker.

What are the best insurance approved vehicle trackers?

Which tracker is best for you depends on which ones your insurance providers will ask you to install. But these are the top trackers to keep your eyes peeled for.

Kinesis Pro: the tracker for fleets

  • Thatcham (S7) recovery rating
  • Police Approved (Secured by Design)
  • Vast array of features for fleet managers

This insurance approved tracker has one of the best quality stolen vehicle recovery services on the market. It doesn’t get much better than 95% success rate!

The Pro does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s designed for those big fleets who need extra special features like fleet fuel card integration and Driver ID fobs to fully track working hours and fuel costs.

ScorpionTrack S5 VTS: the techy tracker

  • Thatcham (S5) rating
  • Smartphone app
  • Tow away alerts

The S5 VTS is the mid-range tracker from this provider. You get most features businesses want that you’ll actually use, without much nonsense. You’re not left defenceless against vehicle theft either – they have a recovery team on standby 24/7.

The S5 has a couple of unique features that can be good for some businesses. The tracker comes with an app, 4G compatibility for vehicle tracking, and key cloning protection. There aren’t a lot of trackers that offer those features at this price point, although not all businesses will need them.

The tracker costs around £449.00 for initial installation, but that doesn’t include subscription fees. For sole traders or those on a budget, other trackers can offer a good range of features without the big installation price.

But if you want fancy tech and protection built into your insurance approved vehicle tracker, the ScorpionTrack S5 VTS isn’t a bad choice.

Atom: the self-install tracker

  • App for drivers
  • Affordable tracker
  • Good range of features for price

Atom, available from Radius Telematics, is the cheapest insurance-approved vehicle tracker on this list. There are a couple of different price plans available, including a 12- month plan for £90 upfront and then a £90 charge for the year.

GPS vehicle tracking is for small businesses too! Atom has many of the best features, like a live location map and journey history so you can see where your drivers are at. It doesn’t have all the details of the Kinesis Pro or the techy advances of the S5 VTS, but it is a straightforward self-install tracking device with zero fuss.

The best benefits of insurance approved vehicle trackers

OK, but what do vehicle trackers actually get you? Insurance companies benefit from the added security and data, but so can you!

1. You might get lower insurance premiums

This is especially a big one for fleets, but all businesses should get in touch with insurance providers to see if a tracker would lower your costs.

Vehicle trackers can do more than track your driver’s live location on a map. They can tell you many things about driver behaviour including who is speeding and what trips your drivers have done in the last 30 days.

All of that information is so important because it lets insurance companies know the safety levels of your drivers. Good driving isn’t just its own reward – it can save you cash too.

iCompario tip:

Before you add that vehicle tracker to your trolley, make sure to check your insurance policy details! Sure, all trackers can be handy. But some providers make it clear that they will offer lower quotes for certain trackers.

It really does depend on what trackers you get, how many vehicles you insure, and what kind of business you are. The devil is in the details!

2. Better vehicle recovery rate from theft

Vehicle theft is the nightmare that plagues fleet managers across the UK. In all seriousness, getting your company vehicle stolen can mean major profit loss and many drawbacks for every business type and size.

But what if you could get your vehicle back? Yes, vehicle recovery actually happens in real life and not just in police dramas.

To improve your odds of vehicle recovery, getting a small GPS tracker is your best bet. These are harder to find and remove by thieves.

3. Easily check for unauthorised use

Look, sometimes some drivers will bend the rules. Nobody likes to point fingers, especially when you don’t have any evidence. We get it. No manager wants to think people are taking advantage under their watch. But, sadly, it does happen.

How do you find out who is bending the rules? Trackers let you know each driver’s journey history. If something isn’t adding up, check the history and you’ll soon know if a certain someone is using your vehicle for personal journeys.

Can you get an insurance approved vehicle tracker without a subscription?

Most of the time, no. Subscriptions are common for this service as you’re basically renting the tracking device like you rent access to TV series on Netflix. But some providers may differ depending on your policy, so it’s always best to check with them.

What is the cheapest insurance approved vehicle tracker?

Self-install trackers have a lower upfront cost and often have a lower subscription fee, such as the Atom which has a £7.20 a month subscription fee or £90 a year fee.

Where can I get insurance approved vehicle trackers?

Do you want to get lower insurance premiums? Has your insurance provider asked you to fit tracking devices? Now’s the time to find which one is right for you. Don’t sweat it! Approved trackers have a lot of benefits for your business too.

The vehicle tracking market is pretty flooded. If you want to dive in without drowning in the details, use our quote comparison.

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