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7 Ways Fleet Maintenance Telematics Helps Your Business

Maintenance telematics software lets you track and manage your vehicles to get the best performance possible. For companies who have many vehicles, a fleet maintenance telematics system is preferred so you can monitor all of the vehicles on one platform.

Fleet maintenance telematics helps to keep your vehicles on the road, by giving you the information you need to make informed decisions. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

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How fleet maintenance telematics works

Many companies follow a regular maintenance schedule, but is that the best way of maintaining your fleet? Telematics works by installing a device into your fleet vehicles to get information about the condition of the vehicle. These devices use a SIM card and GPS so you can monitor your fleet remotely.

Telematics devices keep an eye on all the important factors, so fleet managers can make informed choices when maintaining the vehicles. Fleet maintenance telematics can do everything from tracking how much fuel you’re using to sending you alerts when vehicle maintenance is needed to prevent future issues. There are few amazing tools that can compete with all the features telematics offer, especially to improve your fleet management.

How fleet telematics improves your management

Telematics might sound good, but how well does it work in practice for fleets? Fleet maintenance telematics can help businesses big and small in many ways.

Find and solve problems quickly

Many fleet managers will send in vehicles for a regular check-up, only to be shocked by the bill as more problems arrive than expected. Telematics helps you avoid those big shocks by tracking the state of your vehicle. It will identify any failures and issues.

This works by adding sensors to your vehicle that can track data like the temperature of the engine and the car battery voltage. The system then alerts you if any repairs are needed. This is the fastest way to find any issues with your vehicles.

You don’t have to wait for your next appointment to find out if something is wrong. Telematics gives you the chance to be proactive, get maintenance when you need it, and prevent bigger problems.

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Boost your driver’s skills

How do you know how your drivers are behaving on the road? Are they following speeding limits or driving recklessly? Fleet maintenance telematics helps you every step of the way of your driving journey, not just the step before the technician. Good driving behaviour helps to keep your fleet in good shape and helps to prevent accidents.

Your fleet telematics system can alert you if your drivers are going over the speed limit. You can also check on your telematics portal to see how long your drivers have been on the road and where they are.

Reduce your fuel costs

Telematics devices let you track the fuel usage of each vehicle in your fleet, helping you find areas to cut down. But that’s not all the data it gives you. Log on to your telematics system and you’ll soon find idling and speed alerts. Speeding can spend more fuel than necessary, so cutting this down can reduce your fuel costs and emissions too.

Having a vehicle in idle for longer than needed also spends fuel. Every little bit helps! The big savings can come from the system’s maintenance alerts, which can help to lower your costs overtime as you make maintenance when needed and prevent bigger repair costs.

Give your admin a boost

Most fleets schedule maintenance appointments based on the vehicle’s milage and what you read on the odometer. We know how much of a hassle it can be to monitor every vehicle like this, especially when you have to fill out the paperwork or track a big fleet’s schedule.

Fleet maintenance telematics helps you save time, by linking up to your odometer and tracking milage. Everything is in one place and online. Plus, the system will send you reminders when it’s time for your maintenance appointments. Your telematics system can also be combined with fuel cards for extra admin time savings.

Improve your payroll management

How long have your drivers been on the road and how far along have they gotten? Your telematics system lets you know these details and connects each vehicle to a driver, so you can accurately and easily calculate your payroll.

How well your drivers have been performing on the road is accessible on the same platform, so you can find your best drivers and reward them.

Prepare your strategy

Combine your telematics system with your fleet management to make an efficient strategy. You’ll receive diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) when something is wrong with one of your vehicles, letting you plan ahead and stay on top of your budget. These codes will stay on record, so managers can track issues with the fleet. You might find a trend where you least expect it.

Improve your routes

Are your drivers using the most fuel-efficient routes? Fleet maintenance telematics often comes with a feature called ‘route mapping’. The mapping tool can calculate the fastest ways to get from your start to end point using real-time data to keep you moving in the right direction. The mapping tool will keep an eye on traffic updates and more, so you can follow the most efficient route.

How to get maintenance telematics

Getting a telematics system is a simple matter, as long as you can find a provider and system that matches your needs and budget. The cost of your telematics system depends on:

  • What provider you choose
  • The features you need
  • Number of vehicles in your fleet

Many providers offer a monthly subscription plan to help you stay on top of your schedule and budget. You’ll also have to consider the cost of installing the devices. But the upfront cost is worth it when you consider the time and money you’ll be saving in the long run.

Comparing fleet maintenance telematics is the best way to get a suitable price for your business. Shopping around will mean finding the features that best fit your fleet and the best provider. We compare for you, so you can focus on what matters.

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