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Best Fuel Card for Small Businesses in Malaysia

  • Buy fuel now and pay later
  • Track your spending and manage your budget
  • Compare deals now and get quotes in 30 seconds
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The best fuel cards for small businesses

Fuel cards are one of the best ways to save money for small businesses. They can save you money directly on fuel and help you with managing your spending. Scroll down to see the best fuel card for small businesses, the best features and how to get them now.

Fuel Card Best Feature Where to Use It

Shell Card

Buy fuel now on credit, pay later at a scheduled date 960+ Shell petrol stations in Malaysia

Shell fuel card Malaysia for small businesses

Shell petrol card Malaysia

  1. Excellent station network across the country
  2. Easy-to-use fleet fuel cards and small business management tools
  3. Free app to check for nearby Shell stations

Fuel cards are meant to make things easier. The Shell fuel card does just that and much more. Of all fuel cards in the country, this one offers a good network size with good management tools to support small business needs.

Getting invoices directly to your inbox is just one of the great features of this card that makes it so convenient to use. There’s no worrying about lost receipts with this card.

Is the Shell card right for your small business? Here are three reasons why this is the best fuel card for a small business in Malaysia.

1. Excellent station network across the country

One of the main worries of getting a fuel card is changing your routes. After all, cards are only accepted at certain stations. But Shell has some of the most and best stations in Malaysia with over 950 across the country. No need to adjust any routes!

2. Easy-to-use fleet fuel cards small business management tools

Managing a small business is difficult enough without having to chase down receipts. But with the Shell fuel card can easily find all your transactions, invoices and receipts in the online account.

3. Free app to check for nearby Shell stations

These fleet fuel cards for small businesses come with an easy-to-use free app. See nearby stations on your smartphone any time to help drivers on the road and business owners plan out routes.

Where can I use my Shell card?

The Shell fuel card is accepted at 960 stations across Malaysia. If it’s a Shell petrol station, they’ll accept the card as payment. To see your nearby stations, look on your fuel card provider’s website or smartphone app.

Benefits of the best fuel cards for a small business

Small businesses can get huge benefits by using fuel cards. Any way to cut down on spending and time wasting is worth looking into. After delving into the details, we’ve found the top advantages of getting fuel cards for a small business are:

1. Set purchase limits

Managing a small business is difficult! Worried about drivers spending too much on fuel or your cards being taken? Cut fuel theft at the source by setting custom purchase limits. Never go over budget.

2. Boosts management by using fleet fuel cards for small businesses

How much fuel is each driver buying? Who are the most efficient drivers in your fleet? These questions are ones every manager has but can struggle to get straight answers for without a fuel card.

Check exactly how much fuel each driver is buying on your online management system. Sort by spending, filter by driver and more to get a breakdown of exactly what’s happening on the road.

Fuel card management systems work well with many telematics devices to get a full picture of your small business fleet.

3. Easily find nearby stations

Searching for nearby stations on your regular routes takes time. Get a fuel card and you know your options. Check your fuel card provider’s app or website and know exactly where your best stations are.

4. Buy fuel now and pay later

Buying fuel on credit is a great way to handle buying fuel, especially for small businesses. Gone are the days when you have to give drivers cash in hand or ask them to use their personal debit or credit cards. Fuel cards are a safer, faster way of buying fuel.

Buying now and paying later also helps small businesses manage their accounts. It’s easy to lose track of spending when you have to track multiple drivers or receipts. Having a regularly scheduled payment date ensures you have a limited number of invoices to file.

Fleet fuel cards small business features to get

There are many types of small businesses. Ones that have three or more vehicles to manage may bump into extra road blockers along the way. Some fuel cards are better than others when you need to keep a fleet in check. Here are the best features to look for.

Advanced security settings

Every small business has different needs. Having custom security settings lets you adjust based on what you need. Custom purchase limits are ideal, but every fuel card worth getting should include a quick and easy card removal tool.

Removing a card from your system quickly is the best way to avoid theft. Fuel cards can be replaced and added or removed as needed. Handling cash or drivers using their own debit cards has a higher risk of loss.

Quality fleet fuel cards for small business reports

The best fleet fuel cards for small businesses include high quality fuel reports. This can include data on mileage, fuel spending and more. Getting this kind of information is critical to improving fleet performance.

Using fuel cards to do this is a cost-effective method and can be compatible with vehicle trackers for further detail if required.

How to use fuel cards for small businesses

Switching to fuel cards from cash or debit cards is easy once you get started. To use your new fuel cards, follow these easy steps:

  1. Search for your nearby stations on your fuel card providers app or website
  2. Drive to your nearest station with your fuel card
  3. Refill your vehicle as needed with your chosen type of fuel
  4. Go into the station and present your card for payment
  5. Enter your fuel card PIN

That’s it! For drivers, nothing really changes, but the benefits for a small business are huge. There’s little disruption and plenty of advantages, so compare now and see what the best fuel card for your small business is.

How to get fuel cards for your small business

Many of the fuel cards on offer have a bunch of different features and benefits. But not every fuel card will suit every business type. We filter through the small print to help you find your best options.

Compare now and see your top results. Select your fuel card, get all the details you need, then complete an application form with us. We’ll send your fuel card application to your chosen provider for them to approve.

After your application gets approved, you receive your fuel cards directly to your address. All you need to do is click the button below and start comparing now to get your quotes.

Is paying with a fuel card better for small businesses?

Yes. Fuel cards offer businesses invoices online and free management tools to support them. Using cash or credit cards has many downsides, including waiting for receipts from drivers.

What is the best fuel card for a small business in Malaysia?

The Shell card is the best fuel card for small businesses in Malaysia. It’s accepted at 960 stations nationwide, offers competitive prices and many features to help small businesses cut fuel costs.

Do fuel cards help small businesses save money?

Yes. Fuel cards can offer help improve budget management and save time on paperwork.