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Compare petrol cards

What’s a petrol card for business?

What’s a petrol card for business

Petrol card benefits for businesses

Petrol card benefits for businesses

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Frequently asked questions

What you have to do is fill up at a station within your provider’s network. Once you’re topped up with petrol, you can pay with the card to the cashier.

Or at the pump itself, as many have payment options installed at the pump.

There’s a wide range of petrol cards you can choose from. Which one suits you best depends on your business needs.

One example is the Shell petrol card, which lets you fill up at a wide network across Malaysia. You can compare the market to find the right deal to match your requirements.

You can use them at petrol stations within your provider’s network of stations. Different providers are accepted by different brands of petrol sellers, so check with a provider before applying to them.

That really depends on your business needs. You should consider:

- The size of your fleet
- The types of vehicles you have
- Whether you need diesel or petrol

You should also factor in your monthly budget and how far across Malaysia you usually travel. This is why it’s good business practice to compare the market, this way you’ve got the best chance to secure the right deal.