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What is a Fuel Card?

Employees can use fuel cards to refill their company vehicle without spending their own money. Sole traders and businesses can use these cards for even more benefits. But how do they work?

If you’re ready to get your card, compare and see what your best options are. Or read on to get a quick and easy guide to how to use a fuel card, what they are and when it’s worth getting one.

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What are fuel cards?

Fuel cards are a way of paying for fuel for work vehicles. They can only be used for vehicle-related purchases, such as petrol, diesel, AdBlue and toll charges.

What makes them different to cash?

Fuel cards are different from cash because they’re more secure for businesses, make paperwork easier and are faster to use.

When you use one of these cards, the driver needs to enter a PIN code much like a debit or credit card. The card can only be used for vehicle-related purchases and you can even set purchase limits with some cards to secure your account further.

The cards give businesses an invoice every month, instead of receipts after every single fuel purchase. Whether you’re a sole trader or a big fleet manager, that’s a lot less paperwork to manage!

What are the different types of fuel cards?

Fuel cards come in all shapes and sizes. What makes a card different is where it’s accepted, what you can buy with it, what features it offers and what vehicles it’s suited for.

How to use a fuel card to pay

Instead of using personal cash or a credit card, employees and self-employed drivers can use their fuel card to pay for fuel at the station. The company is then billed for the fuel directly at a later date.

To use a company card for fuel as a driver, follow these steps:

  1. Check to see where your card can be used. You can find this information on your account or fuel card provider’s website or app.
  2. Go to the nearest station in your card’s network.
  3. Refill your work vehicle with your choice of fuel.
  4. Go to the station and pay with your fuel card.
  5. Enter your PIN.
  6. Receive your invoice to your email and card account at a later date. You only pay for the fuel you bought when the invoice arrives in your account.

What can I buy with it?

All fuel cards can be used to buy petrol and diesel. Some may let you buy other vehicle-related goods such as motor oil and car washes, but it varies.

Where can I use my fuel card?

Fuel cards are accepted as a payment method only within their station network. Some cards may be accepted by many brands, while others can only be used at one. Where you can use your card will depend on what network it is a part of.

When you apply for a card, your provider should give you details on where the card can be used. Before you buy, check and see if another network would suit your business better.

Is it worth getting a fuel card?

It can be. Fuel cards can give you more insight into how much fuel you’re using, control driver spending and spend less time on paperwork.

Using these cards gives companies a much better idea about when and where fuel is bought for each vehicle in the fleet. This can be part of an in-depth fleet management system to support efforts at lowering costs.

For sole traders, getting a card is a convenient way of paying for fuel that gives you a consistent day when the money for fuel will leave your account.

Having an invoice every month instead of regular paper receipts makes it a lot easier to keep track of spending too with minimal effort needed, letting sole traders focus on the work that really matters.

iCompario tip: what are the benefits of fuel cards for businesses in Malaysia?

The advantages do vary depending on which one you pick. But there are universal benefits you’re likely to see no matter what, such as paperless invoicing, mileage tracking and secure payments. Make sure to read up on your top results when you compare fuel cards to see exactly what benefits your business could get!

Can a regular individual get a fuel card?

If you own a business or organisation or are self-employed then you are eligible for a card. Companies can apply for fuel cards for their employees.

How long does it take to get a fuel card?

How long the application process takes varies. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You request a card after selecting from your top results from the iCompario comparison site.
  2. You fill in an application form.
  3. We send your details to your chosen card provider.
  4. The provider completes a credit check.
  5. Once approved, your cards are sent to you. You should receive them in around three to five working days.
  6. You make an online account to reap the most rewards from your new cards. The online registration process is easy and quick to complete.

You can speed up your application by filling out your application form comprehensively and double-checking any of your details before submitting the paperwork.

Do fuel cards require a credit check?

Yes. Most of these cards require a credit check as you are buying fuel on credit and paying at a later date. New companies or those with a poor credit history may find the process of getting a card a bit longer. For further guidance, get in touch for support from our expert fuel card team.

What card should I get?

There are many cards available for businesses nationwide. Some of them are better for fleets, while others work best for sole traders. Some of the factors to keep in mind when comparing cards are:

  • Network size
  • Fuel prices
  • Online account features
  • Security features
  • What you can buy with it

Types of fuel cards in Malaysia

Our table below gives a quick overview of the best fuel card available in Malaysia and the features available.

Fuel Card Suitable For Network Size

Shell Card

Sole traders

Petrol fleets

Mixed fleets

Trucking companies

Over 960 Shell stations in Mayalsia

Find your best fuel card with iCompario

iCompario is a fuel card expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Compare and browse our recommendations of the best cards for your business, then hit apply today. Or request a call back to speak to one of our experts about finding the right card for your business.

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