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EDC Fuel Card
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Hauling your way across Europe? The European Diesel Fuel Card is a great choice for all HGVs and coach companies. The EDC card comes with many features to make paying for fuel and travel expenses simple. Use your fixed price EDC card at over 9,000 stations across Europe, including key border sites.

Issued by: EDC

Key Features

  • Made for HGVs: use your EDC card to pay for Eurovignette and toll roads
  • A big European network: use your EDC fuel card at over 9,000 stations
  • No minimum fuel spend: whether you’re a sole trader or fleet, the EDC card can work for you.

About European Diesel Card Limited (EDC)

The European Diesel Card Limited gives access to over 9000 refuelling stations across 21 European countries. Covering key sites and border crossings, the edc fuel card offers strong network coverage along with highly competitive fuel prices with no minimum fuel spend. Fixed weekly diesel pricing system means you’ll always know what you’ll pay in advance. All edc customers receive a VAT approved weekly invoice. The complimentary online fuel account management system, Velocity plus an e-route online mapping tool can save you even more in time and money.

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2 Comprehensive toll solution
EDC Fuel Card

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