The Best Fleet Cards for Businesses

Fleet managers and businesses can benefit enormously from having fleet cards (also called business fuel cards). They save you money, put you in full control of your fuel expenses and make admin a lot easier.

You can use our free service to compare the Singapore market for the best deals. Or you can read the rest of this guide for further tips on how these brilliant little cards work.

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How to use fleet cards

Using a petrol fleet card is easy. They let your drivers easily refuel at service stations in your provider’s network. All a driver has to do is refuel at a station, then pay with the card! That’s it.

It’s very convenient! The card is only for use with fuel, so your drivers can’t use it to spend on anything else.

You get an online account, in which you can keep track of all fuel spending, set spending limits and you then pay your bill at a fixed date.

The best fleet cards for your business

These little cards are essential for any business as they save a business a lot of time (and money, too). But which one should you pick?

Well, there’s not a huge choice in Singapore when it comes to actual fuel cards. You have credit cards with fuel buying options, but do you really want a credit card for your business?

Instead, one of the best fuel cards available is from a well-established organisation on the international market. And it provides many perks for you and your drivers.

The Shell fleet card

Shell Singapore

With Shell’s fuel card you get an internationally reputable brand. You also get a network of 50 stations to refuel at across Singapore. Other perks include:

  • An online account that lets you track driver spending.
  • Access your account from any device.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly fixed billing.
  • Cutting down on admin.

And you will cut down on admin. With a Shell fleet card, your drivers don’t need to worry about carrying the right change (or keeping track of all their receipts). And that means fleet managers don’t need to rummage through hundreds of receipts to keep track of expenses.

To start your online application for Shell, all you need to do is compare the market! It’s free and you can find great deals fast for your fleet. Hit the button below to get started.

How fleet card comparison works

To compare fleet cards is free to do and easy. Here’s the process:

  1. Enter some of your business details (this helps us to find the right deals for your specific fleet’s needs).
  2. We’ll then compare the Singapore market! This takes less than 60 seconds.
  3. You get recommendations. And at that point, you need to take your pick! After which, you can start your online application with the provider.

To get started, all you have to do is click on the button below to start your free market search.

How fleet card applications works

Once you’ve picked a provider, your next step is to start the application. This’ll involved a few things, such as:

  • Providing your business details.
  • Clearing a credit check.
  • Finalising your contract.
  • Requesting any account perks (depending on the provider).

Once you’ve cleared an application, it can take up to 10 working days for your fleet card to arrive. Once it turns up, you can hand it to your drivers and start saving!

iCompario tip: Telematics provides total control for fleet managers

Businesses can use vehicle tracking systems to take total control of their fleets. With vehicle trackers and dashcams, you can easily keep track of every driver in your fleet to protect your business interests.

Monitor driver performance, get instant alerts for incidents and look to put in cost saving measures to lower fuel consumption. It’s all accessible with the data telematics gives you. Make the step today! Compare the Singapore market to find the right device for your fleet.

The benefits of fleet cards

There are many essential reasons to get these cards for your fleet. The core examples are below, which cover how they save your business money and keep your business organised.

Save on fuel expenses

Business fleet cards can get fantastic deals across Singapore. This depends on your provider, so check the details of a contract before signing to make sure you get the deal you want.

Ultimately, once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to start saving at the pump. And you’ll be saving on fuel expenses anyway thanks to your online account, which makes it easy to keep track of transactions and even set spending limits.

Control your fuel spending

You get monthly or bi-monthly fixed billing with your account, which lets you take full control of your fleet’s fuel expenditure.

It’s very important to have this as part of fleet management, because it lets you plan ahead, budget and keep your finances on track.

Reduce admin time

Your account simplifies your administration needs. You don’t have to worry about handing the right change to drivers, or getting them to keep track of receipts, because everything is managed from your online account.

It saves you a massive amount of time, takes a lot of stress off your admin duties and helps you run your operations a lot better, too. It’s good to be in total control! And that starts with keeping organised.

Make things more convenient

The cards make your life much more convenient and they do the same for your drivers, too. This gives your business peace of mind with daily operations, ensuring everyone has something less to think about.

And that means everyone can focus on the job at hand, which is always a great perk for any fleet operation.

Time to get your fleet card

Now’s the time to search the market to find the right card for your business. It’s easy to do (and free), just follow these three steps:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. We’ll search the market.
  3. You pick your provider.

You can then start your application process to get access to time and money-saving cards for your whole fleet.

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