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Diesel Fuel Credit Cards Business Guide

If you’re looking for diesel fuel credit cards for your business, this guide will take you through your options.

You can read on to find the best choice, learn about fuel cards (an alternative to credit card payments like business fuel cards) or you can compare the market to find a deal.

A diesel nozzle held next to a fuel card at a gas station

What are diesel fuel credit cards?

With a diesel card you can use your credit card to pay for diesel, all you have to do is fill up at a station and then pay with your card.

Some providers offer perks when you use that card to buy diesel, but on the whole it’s the same as buying any other product or service with a credit card.

What’s the best credit card for diesel?

Every provider offers different rates, so your best bet is to look at credit cards such as American Express and VISA. The best credit card for diesel fuel discounts really depends on your business needs! Each provider offers something different.

So, if you want discount diesel fuel cards you’ll have to pick carefully.

However, if you really want to save then credit cards aren’t the best route for your business. Instead, you should look to pick a fuel card (these are specifically aimed at fuel payments). Because these do include a lot of discounts and other perks!

What’s a fuel card?

It’s a bit like a credit card, but instead it’s just for fuel payments. So you can hand these out to your drivers and they can refuel and pay with the card.

They can’t use the card for anything else.

So, it gives your business more control. And it also ensures your drivers aren’t having to struggle with lots of loose change and receipts. It’s very convenient and, in the long-term, will save you time and money.

It basically functions as a diesel fleet card, because you can buy many for all your drivers to cover off all your fuel expenses.

The best diesel fuel card in Singapore

Shell fuel card Singapore

What the best fuel cards for diesel? Well, the Shell fuel card is an excellent choice for any business or fleet manager as it’s usable across 50 stations in Singapore.

You get an online account with the card to keep track of all your fuel transactions. And here are some of the other perks:

  • Cut down on admin with fixed billing.
  • Checking all transactions from a device of your choice.
  • Secure PIN protected cards.
  • Manage your expenses from one account.

Compare the market to find the best deal. It’s free to do and will help you get the best provider for your business so you can start your online application.

Are fuel cards credit cards?

No, there’s a difference. With a credit card your drivers could buy anything they want. With a fuel card, pretty much the only thing they can buy is fuel and they pay after refuelling.

However, with some providers they may be able to buy extras from stations. Such as products for their vehicles. But that depends on each provider.

But in their basic form, a fuel card will cover fuel expenses. And that’s it! But you may also be able to expect other perks like:

  • Discount fuel prices.
  • Better security to prevent fuel fraud.
  • Card management tools in an online portal.
  • Tracking of filling patterns between drivers.
  • Fleet efficiency reporting.
  • Some cards offer points/rewards scheme.

Whereas with credit cards your drivers can use them for fuel expenses, but also with whatever else they want to buy. So, it’s more flexibility for them. But if you just want to cover fuel costs, then fuel cards are your best choice.

Buy fuel with interest free credit

The downside of credit cards is they charge your business interest on payments. This can quickly drive costs up higher than they should be.

Fuel cards let businesses purchase fuel on an interest-free basis. You only pay for what you buy! You pay later when you receive the invoice in your account.

Compario tip: Use telematics to get total control of your fleet

Fuel cards are a great perk, but with vehicle tracking systems and other telematics you can master your entire fleet.

Use vehicle trackers and cameras to keep an eye on your fleet and protect your business interests. You can monitor driver performance and look to put in cost saving measures to lower fuel consumption.

All through the data telematics provides you! Compare the market to find the right device and the best deals.

The business benefits of diesel fuel cards

Using a diesel card is a smart move for businesses and commercial fleets. Here are some of the main perks you can expect:

  • Get fuel discounts: You can get fantastic deals throughout Singapore.
  • Control your fuel spending: With weekly or monthly fixed billing, you can manage your fuel expenses with ease.
  • Reduce admin time: From one online account, you can take full control of your entire fleet, set spending limits and generate reports.
  • Make life easier: Your drivers will love the fuel cards as they simplify refuelling.

The convenience is also a huge plus for your business and drivers. This is because fuel cards simplify everything, giving you peace of mind and letting you get on with the job knowing it’s all sorted.

How to get a diesel fuel card

Diesel fuel credit cards may be the right choice for you. Or you can go got a diesel fuel card. Compare the market to find the right deal for your business.

You can complete a free comparison with us to find the right match for your business. Just:

  1. Fill in some business details.
  2. We search the market.
  3. Pick from our recommendations.

You can then start your online application! After a credit check is completed by your provider, your new fuel cards will be delivered right to your door.

Get started now! All you need to do is hit the compare button.

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