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The Best Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

  • Fuel cards for small businesses cut costs
  • Simplify your admin and save time
  • Get a deal in less than 60 seconds
A driver paying for his refuelling stop with a fuel card

What are fuel cards for small businesses?

Business fuel cards are a way for you to manage all your fuel expenses. From one card, you and your drivers can make payments. You simply refuel at a petrol station in your network, then use the card to make a payment.

You can only use the card for fuel costs, although you can buy a few other vehicle-related items as well such as AdBlue

Every time your drivers use them, a transaction is logged into your account. And you’re billed for a one-off, fixed payment on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

To get your small business set up with fuel cards, all you need to do is compare the market, pick your deal and then start the application process.

The best fuel card for small businesses

There’s a range of fuel credit cards on the Singapore market, but the fuel card we recommend is from an internationally renowned business.

Shell’s option is one of the best on the market, guaranteed to save you money and make managing your fuel expenses much easier.

Shell’s fuel card

Shell Singapore

With the Shell fuel card in your business you can use the card at 50 stations across Singapore. Its main advantages include:

  • Secure PIN protection on your card.
  • Cut down on your accounting monthly or bi-monthly billing.
  • Check your fuel spending on any device.
  • Manage all your expenses from one account.

With your online account, you can keep track of all your transactions from one location. Set spending limits and monitor fuel spending across your whole business.

So, is it the best fuel card for small businesses? It’s certainly one of the best! Shell fuel cards are used by businesses internationally, across all of Europe, Asia and other continents. So, it’s great match for your business in Singapore as Shell is a reputable organisation and its cards provide you with convenience and money-saving perks.

It’s an efficient way to keep track of your budget. Compare the market to get the best deal.

iCompario tip: Get telematics to further your fleet’s fuel efficiency

You can also take advantage of business telematics systems on your fleet to cut down on fuel wastage.

With vehicle trackers, cameras and other devices attached to your fleet you can monitor driver performance. With all the data you get, you can then refine your driver strategies to help cut down on fuel loss.

Telematics is also an excellent theft deterrent and puts you in total control of your fleet. It’s a wise investment and one ensuring your can make the most of your budget. Compare the market to find the right system for your business.

The small business benefits of fuel cards

Fuel cards will save your small business time and money. But there are other perks, too, you should keep in mind. Here they are.

Fuel cards save your business money

There are many ways to cut costs when you’re a small business. And fuel cards are another option for you.

Take control of your fleet’s budget all from one account. You can manage your spending, set transaction limits and get reports to see which drivers spend the most.

By understanding everything about your fuel expenses, you can look to cut down costs and run more efficiently as a business.

Cut down on your paperwork

With a fuel card, you don’t have to worry as much about your admin duties. From your online account you can manage everything.

All your spending history and which driver is spending what, so you don’t need to get endless receipts from your drivers and then count up all the expenditure.

Plus, it’s convenient for your drivers. They don’t have to worry about managing money to pay for refuelling. All they have to do is swipe the fuel card and it’s taken care of.

Save time

Fuel cards for small business just save you and your drivers a lot of time.

The convenience of these little cards is impressive, as it cuts out the need for all that loose change and need to manage receipts. It’s one card for all fuel payments and that provides a lot of time-saving possibilities.

Extra security

Fuel cards can be PIN protected, so if a card is lost you won’t lose money from accounts. This security feature keeps your small business safe!

But for extra peace of mind you can send spending limits on each driver’s fuel card, ensuring you’re not going to lose money if a card is stolen or lost.

Cards can also be removed from your account at any time. Go to your online account and here you can add or remove them as needed. If you see any suspicious activity, remove the card and the problem is sorted.

Get a free fuel cards for small business comparison

If you want to set your business up with the best fuel card for small business, then a great start is to compare the market. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. We search the market.
  3. You get deal recommendations.

You then pick your provider and you can start the application process. Save time and money! All you have to do is click the button.

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