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The Best Fuel Cards for Truckers

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What are fuel cards for truckers?

Business fuel cards are like credit cards, except just for fuel. Truckers can use them to pay for refuelling at service stations in their provider’s network. You refill your truck, then pay with the card. Simple as that!

That’s extremely convenient, of course, as you don’t have to worry about loose change or managing your receipts.

And you get an online account with your fuel card. In that, you can monitor all of your transactions and see how much money is being spent on fuel expenses.

What’s the best fuel card for truckers?

In Singapore, the best fuel card available is Shell’s. It provides truckers like you with everything you need to make refuelling easier.

Shell’s fuel card for truckers

Shell fuel card Singapore

With a Shell fuel card in Singapore, you can pay for fuel at 50 stations across the whole of the country. With your card you also get:

  • Accurate fleet tracking with your online account.
  • Admin services like monthly/bi-monthly billing.
  • Fuel spending checks from any device.

All you need to do is compare the market and you can start your online application. Shell is an international brand and its fuel cards are used by thousands of drivers worldwide.

Compare the market for free to find the best fuel card for truckers and start saving your fleet time and money.

iCompario tip: Telematics gets you total control of your trucks

Fuel cards are great for trucking fleets, but the next step is to get telematics systems such as vehicle trackers. With these installed on your trucks, you’ll get instant updates on your vehicles’ and where they are.

It can save you money on insurance, fuel and truck repairs in the long-term. They also provide extra protection in the event of truck theft. Want to find the right deal to protect your fleet? Compare the market.

The benefits of fuel cards for truckers

There are many reasons to get a fuel card for your trucker fleet. Here’s the lowdown on why they’ll make your working life much easier.

Take full control of fuel spending

From one online account, you’ll know exactly what your fleet of drivers is spending on fuel. This can save you a lot of money in the long-term as you maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

You can set spending limits and monitor all transactions as they happen, meaning you’ll always be in the know with each and every transaction.

And that means budgeting for your weekly, or monthly, fuel expenses is much easier. Because your provider charges you on a fixed date each month.


Fuel cards are just very convenient for businesses and drivers. You don’t have to worry about drivers managing their loose change and receipts, everything is handled on one fuel card.

In the long run, it cuts down on a lot of excessive admin. And that lets you all focus on the job at hand.

Increase your security

With a fuel card, you get PIN protection. That means if a card is lost or stolen, there’s little chance it’ll be used to make fraudulent fuel spends outside of your business.

Plus, with spending limits possible on your account you can make double sure you won’t lose any money to fraudsters.

Compare deals on fuel cards for truckers

Are you ready to find the right fuel card deal for your trucks? You’re in the right place! All you have to do is compare the market:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. We’ll search the Singapore market.
  3. You pick the best deal.

You can then contact the provider so you can apply online. Simple as that! And it’s the way to save your fleet a lot of time and money through fuel cards for truckers.

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