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Best Shell card options for businesses in Singapore

  • FREE fuel card comparison of the best providers
  • Fleet management and cost solutions to help manage bills
  • Get fuel card deals in 30 seconds

Shell fuel card held in hand

Get fuel discounts with your Shell card in Singapore

We use fuel practically every day. Cutting this cost down is a huge bonus for businesses and the self-employed. Shell cards can help you find fuel at competitive prices and discover new ways to cut down on your usage.

Shell fuel card for Singapore held by driver at petrol station

Shell card Singapore

Shell fuel card Singapore

How to use Shell fuel cards

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Why choose a Shell corporate card?

Businesses should get a Shell corporate card to access a wealth of benefits. The advantages of Shell cards are their useful online account system, which you can use to easily track your spending.

What benefits you get depends on your chosen fuel card and provider. Here’s why you should get a Shell card.

Shell discount cards unlock competitive prices

To get the best fuel prices at Shell, use a fuel card. These cards have no transaction fees, minimum monthly spend, or credit interest rates. Get good prices on fuel without any of the hassle of credit cards or the overwhelming number of receipts from cash.

What other Shell fuel card benefits do I get?

  • Pay as you go. No need to worry about paying credit interest
  • Free smartphone app to find nearby stations for your card on the go
  • Handy route planner to discover new, efficient routes
  • Secure PIN protection and optional account limits

How to apply for a Shell fuel card

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Why use iCompario for your fuel card?

Choosing the best Shell fuel card for your company is a tough choice. Using our quick fuel card compare tool, you can easily find out which cards fit your business needs. We compare Singapore card providers to find the best ones for you.

How iCompario works

30 second form

Tell us about your business, we'll compare fuel card providers to find you the right one.

Find the right fuel card

We compare your needs with the fuel cards available. Get quotes on the best matches for you.

Start saving on fuel

We will make sure your business gets the right card for your fuel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying with Shell cards is easy. Follow these steps to pay for fuel:

1. Check on an app or online map to see what stations near you accept your card

2. Go to your station with your fuel card

3. Refill your vehicle as usual, then go to pay

4. Use your Shell business card to pay instead of a credit card or cash

5. Get your fuel invoice straight to your inbox at a scheduled date, then pay the bill

Once you know how to pay for Shell fleet cards, you’ll never go back to cash or credit cards!

We get asked a lot, “Many places accept a Shell corporate fuel card. Where can I use it?” The Shell card for Singapore is accepted at over 50 stations across Singapore.

What you will pay depends on the Shell corporate fuel card provider and the fuel prices they offer. Some of the costs and fees to consider are:

1. Late payment charges

2. Minimum monthly spending fees

3. Sub charges for toll fees

Before applying for your card, double check with your chosen Shell card provider to see if they have any fees you need to know about. Don’t like the answer? Compare fuel cards and see what deals you can get.

Some credit cards in Singapore can offer cashback on petrol. However, many have a minimum cash spend every month.

Credit cards aren’t a reliable or secure solution for businesses with multiple drivers. Most fleets and businesses looking to lower their fuel costs greatly benefit from the budget management and spending trackers fuel cards include.