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Shell Fuel Cards

In the last decade, fuel cards have gained popularity in Singapore especially among businesses with a mobile workforce. One of the reasons as to why this happened is because fuel cards are proven to be relatively safer than cash and more efficient than credit cards in terms of fuel. They can also provide businesses with many benefits such as fuel cost savings, a detailed report on fuel spent and usage tracking.

With fuel cards, all transactions are recorded, and small businesses can monitor the amount of fuel being used every day with a few clicks. This could help companies to reduce unnecessary spending costs and invest more in savings.

For Singapore based companies, the Shell Fuel Cards are one of several options available for them to operate a fleet of vehicles. It is an advantage to have a variety of options but choosing the most compatible fuel card for the company can be difficult, especially when each of them offers different benefits from one another. That is why we are going to share with you the ins and outs of Shell Fuel Cards and fuel cards in general, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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What is a Shell Fuel Card?

In order to help both small and medium enterprises grow, the Shell Fuel Cards have been designed to maximize their fuel efficiency and savings when operating a fleet in the Singapore and neighbouring regions.

Like many other fuel cards, Shell Fuel Cards provide discounted fuel for every usage, but what sets them apart is that Shell Fuel Cards also provide access to a range of other benefits such as accounts management, expense tracking, and fuel usage information.

For these reasons, many small businesses fancy Shell Fuel Cards, rapidly gaining popularity in the last decade.

History of Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)

In 1922, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, famously known and referred to as “Shell”, launched the first shell retail pump at Orchard Road in Singapore. Shell later officially began refuelling operations in Singapore at the old Kallang Airport. This results in Shell supplying fuel to the iconic Jewel Changi International Airport for over 30 years.

Today, Shell has close to 60 retail stations across the country with a total of 44000 service stations worldwide. The majority of Shell stations in Singapore are open 24/7, giving drivers the convenience of refuelling their tanks at any time which benefits small businesses to increase their productivity.

What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is used as a payment card most commonly for gasoline, diesel, and other fuels at the petrol station. It was designed for businesses that have a fleet of vehicles, whether that fleet consists of one or one hundred vehicles is immaterial—the fuel card works the same either way. Aside from allowing drivers to purchase fuel for the vehicles they use in the course of their employment, fuel cards can also be used for other business-related or otherwise approved use.

Fuel cards are unique due to the convenient and comprehensive reporting that accompanies their use. It looks and works in the same way as a typical credit or debit card with slight differences, it can only be used at designated service stations for fuel-related purchases. Any non-fuel purchases often attract an additional fee depending on the card issuer.

Usually, fuel cards are printed with the company’s name and the registration of the fleet vehicle it is assigned to. There is a signature strip on the backside, a magnetic strip that is used for data capture, and a PIN for authentication purposes.

Are There Any Differences?

To be honest, not really, for drivers at least. They will fill up their fleet vehicle as they would normally and then use their Shell Fuel Card or other fuel card, instead of their payment card, to ‘pay’ for the drawn fuel. There is no need for them to track anything or keep receipts.

As for you, the business operator, there are changes but it gets a whole lot easier. You will be sent an invoice every two months with a single figure plus GST for all fuel drawn by your drivers. Depending on the operator, you may also have access to an online facility where you can track fuel-related data in real-time.

Shell Fuel Cards

Shell Fuel Cards are available for both small and medium enterprises based in Singapore. Most of the benefits are beneficial for companies to help them save more money from unnecessary fuel spent.

By using Shell Fuel Card there are no transaction fees, credit is interest-free (if used), and Shell Drivers’ Club points can be collected on all fuel purchases.
The card also helps protect against fraud with the option of being locked to fuel and lube purchases only and a dedicated account manager is available as and when needed. Fuel cost is calculated on a ‘pay as you go’ basis with an invoice sent periodically; there is no requirement to put up money or tie cash up.

Shell Fuel Card users can use the reroute app on Android and iOS to locate their nearest Shell site. This can also be done on iCompario with the added benefit of being able to utilize other services such as an e-route planner.

Where Can Shell Fuel Cards Be Used?

As a company that has a long history with Singapore, Shell Fuel Cards have extensive coverage throughout Singapore. Drivers will never be too far away from the nearest place they can fill up. How much of this network a driver can use, however, depends on the type of Shell Fuel Card.

Shell’s single-network fuel card provides drivers with access to all Shell stations across Singapore where almost all Shell stations are open 24 hours. These stations cover all major parts of Singapore including highways, residential buildings, and major transit routes. The single-network card is ideal for small businesses in Singapore because it covers a smaller geographical area where there is regular access to Shell forecourts on the routes that their drivers use.

The Benefits of a Shell Fuel Card

There are many benefits obtained when using a Shell Fuel Card, or any fuel card for that matter, all of them exist to help keep your fleet running smoothly.

Fuel cards are one of the best, most convenient alternatives to conventional fuel payment methods. Unfortunately, it’s hard to understand something that you cannot see without looking at figures and numbers. So, let’s look at some of the most widely applicable benefits of using a Shell Fuel Card, or indeed any fuel card; these are not Shell-specific.

1. Cut down any unnecessary costs

Depending on which card you choose and how large your fleet is, fuel cards usually offer decent savings on fuel costs that can help reduce unnecessary costs. It may seem quite marginal especially when the fleet is small, but in the long term, they will add up and you could find your company saving thousands.

As for Shell Fuel Card, for example, it offers fixed pricing at Shell’s forecourts. Other fuel cards may have other pricing terms such as a fixed weekly price model or wholesale discounts for larger fleets that use lots of fuel.

2. Reduce workloads on admin tasks

Admin tasks never finish, there is always work and work to do. Despite being in 2020, administrative tasks are extremely time-consuming and often require keen attention to detail and dedicated time focusing on specific tasks.

But rest assured, by using Shell Fuel Card in your business, your staff can save a lot of time on admin and accounting tasks altogether. None of your staff had to spend hours manually managing and monitoring fleets, retrieve information, and dive through a pile of receipts to calculate a single line final figure.

When you use a Shell Fuel Card, you will be sent a periodic invoice—usually every two months—that gives you a single figure for the cost of your company’s drawn fuel plus GST. This single, reliable figure can then be used for accounting purposes without you having to double-check it or cross-reference with receipts.

This is a great cause to reduce the burden of the admin that comes with the manual tracking, calculating, and collating of figures. Not to mention, your drivers will love fuel cards, too, because they will not need to keep hold of receipts or track how much fuel they are using which will usually lead to miscommunication. All this trouble is handled by the fuel card provider.

3. Simple tracking benefit

To keep companies on track, many providers include real time data tracking and fuel card management system as a benefit for using their fuel card. Shell isn’t left behind by this as you can use Shell Fleet Hub—Shell’s fuel card management system—that comes as a perk with the Shell Fuel Card, it was designed to provide an advanced online solution for account management and data tracking in real time.

Detailed information such as fuel spending, fuel usage, fuel efficiency, driver routes, and driver mileage can be accessed with a few mouse clicks in a matter of seconds. This information provides you with valuable insight into your company’s fuel efficiency and finances, allowing for better planning and more informed decision making.

The Best Business Fuel Card

It’s true that all fuel cards basically offer the same thing, but they are quite different in the finer details. No two different providers can offer the same benefit to their customers. This includes price, discounts, promotions and points.

There is no be-all and end-all fuel card that is perfect for every business due to the fact that each company has differing needs. Thus, the only way to pick the best fuel card is to find the one that fits your company’s needs. It is also important to compare the many different fuel card options so that you get the best deal for your company.

How to Apply For A Shell Fuel Card

Once an enquiry is received, this is passed onto our fuel card provider partners who will then contact you. They will check the details you have given and confirm information such as your vehicle types, number of vehicles, driving routes and brand preference if any. When your requirements have been verified and the correct card or card combination offered and accepted, then an application can be completed over the telephone, or if you prefer e-mailed to you and filled in at your leisure. After your application is approved, your cards will be with you between 10 and 14 days.

How To Use A Shell Fuel Card

Simple, you can follow these steps:

  • Arrive at any Shell fuel station with a vehicle
  • Present your Shell Fuel Card along with your points card
  • You will be asked if you want to record mileage (optional for businesses that record mileage)
  • The Shell Fuel Card will then be swiped for payment
  • Once payment has been authorised you will be asked to sign for transaction
  • You will be given your card with receipts back
  • Fuel up your vehicle with the required amount of fuel and you can be on your way!

Shell Fuel Card Summary

At the end of the day, Shell Fuel Card provides drivers with access to a decent network of Shell-operated and partner fuelling stations, including hundreds of specialist stations, that offer competitive pricing. Account managers also get access to the Shell Fleet Hub, a powerful online solution providing comprehensive monitoring and control to help reduce the burden of the company.

Since Shell also has a huge number of petrol stations in the neighbouring country, none of your drivers will have an issue when they had to cross the border on a daily basis.

Compare the Shell Fuel Card

Take a moment out there to use Shell Fuel Card alongside a huge range of other ones and see which one will provide you with the best value. You can use iCompario website to compare Shell Fuel Cards with other fuel cards from several other providers so you can get a better deal.

iCompario is a professional organization that is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. Thanks to their effort in crafting a highly capable tool, you can easily choose and compare the Shell Fuel Card alongside a range of many other fuel cards from other providers.