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Best Fuel Cards for Truckers in Malaysia

  • Save on fuel costs and admin time
  • FREE management tools with your fuel card
  • Get fuel card deals in 30 seconds
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What are the best fuel cards for truckers?

Trucking companies can use fuel cards to control fuel costs, get a secure payment method and improve fuel efficiency. The best fuel card for truckers is the Shell card.

Fuel Card Best Feature Where to Use It

Shell Card

Fleet fuel efficiency management tools 960+ Shell petrol stations in Malaysia


Learn more about the best fuel cards for truckers below and the best features to get. Or compare to get the best deals for your business now.

Shell fuel cards for truckers

Shell fuel card Malaysia

  • 24-hour stations on an HGV-friendly network
  • Free online account management tools
  • Buy fuel on credit and pay later

The Shell network in Malaysia is a great one to use for all truckers. Around half are open 24 hours a day, so routes can be planned to use this network only without the need for a side route refill.

The convenience of it is definitely a big reason to get it, but the features that are included with your fuel card are worth taking a peek at too.

Management features

Built in with no extra costs, the online account system you get with your trucking card is a nice added extra. Log on to see how much fuel you’ve used. You can filter by card to select further details on each one in your fleet, including fuel efficiency and stations where it was used.

Seeing where your cards were last used is a great way to ensure payment security and driver adherence. This can work alongside your vehicle trackers and dash cams as an extra security step. Cards can also be quickly removed from your account if you see anything suspicious.

Are Shell fuel cards for trucking companies good?

Yes. Shell cards are a good option for trucking companies, including self-employed HGV drivers, because of their truck-friendly network and management tools. Compare and see what deals you could get for your business.

How does a fuel card work for trucking?

Fuel cards can be used like credit cards to pay after refilling at a fuel station. Use your card to pay, but the cash doesn’t leave your account until you get the invoice later. This is usually on a scheduled basis every month or two weeks.

Benefits of fuel cards for trucking companies

What benefits you get varies on the card you have. Each provider has a different network, fuel prices available and offers up for grabs. These are some of the benefits you’re likely to see whatever card you choose.

1. Paying with a trucking fuel card is more secure

Unlike cash or credit cards, you can only use fuel cards to buy fuel at the station. This makes paying with a fuel card more secure for trucking companies as you don’t need to give drives cash or ask for receipts later.

2. You get the invoice directly to your inbox

Managers don’t need to chase up receipts or have a mountain of admin to file. All invoices are available from your fuel card account at any time to download and most providers send a copy to your email as well.

Since you only get an invoice every few weeks, it cuts down your paper load by a huge amount. Filing has never been easier!

3. Fuel cards for truckers can track mileage

Many sole traders and small trucking companies track mileage by using estimates. These can be calculated from your average journey length and receipts of fuel payments. However, this method can underestimate your total mileage.

While using telematics vehicle trackers is a highly accurate way to do this instead, fuel cards can also be used to calculate your mileage and see how much fuel you’re using. Log on to your account and check the mileage, efficiency and total spending of each card. What you see might surprise you!

Fuel cards for truckers with bad credit

It’s not impossible to get a fuel card if you have bad credit history or none at all for that matter. It does limit your options, though. Most fuel card providers require a credit check before they approve your application to get fuel cards. You can always contact us and our team will guide you through your options.

Do fuel cards for trucking companies charge a fee?

What fuel card charges you may have to pay depends on the fuel card. Most have an annual fee and a lost card replacement fee.

Is it worth getting a fuel card for truckers?

Yes. Fuel cards are the best way for trucking companies to secure their payments, reduce time spent on paperwork and budget manage all in one go. Whether you’re a solo driver or a manager of a small fleet, fuel cards can offer big benefits.

How to get fuel cards for truckers

The best fuel card for truckers is the Shell card. To see if it’s right for you, compare and see what offers you could get. From there, select your chosen fuel card and begin your application.

Once your application has been sent to us, we’ll send your details to the fuel card provider. After they’ve approved it, the fuel cards will be sent to your address. From there, it’s as easy as going to your nearest station to start paying with your card.

Compare to find which fuel card for truckers suits your business best.

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