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The Best Diesel Fuel Cards for Businesses in Malaysia

  • Cards accepted at over 900 stations nationwide
  • Discover the best advantages and features
  • Get a deal in 30 seconds and apply online today
Filling up a vehicle with fuel at a diesel pump station

What are diesel fleet cards?

Diesel cards are an alternative payment method that can only be used to purchase fuel or vehicle-related items at a station.

These fleet cards allow managers to track where, how and when cards are being used to gain an accurate picture of the fleet’s fuel costs and secure their transactions.

What companies need diesel cards?

If your company is using diesel, you’ll find these types of cards suitable for their needs. Many kinds of businesses use them, including trucking businesses, sole traders, small businesses and more.

To decide if you need a diesel card, answer these questions:

  • Do you want reports that show your vehicle’s mileage, usage, transactions and more?
  • Would you like to secure your fuel payments?
  • Would you prefer paperless invoices to make filing faster?

If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes, then a card for fuel is a great option for your business. Scroll down to see your options.

Best diesel fuel card in Malaysia

The best card for diesel users in the country is the Shell card. This card helps to speed up paperwork, has an online account system to manage your costs, and has many more unique benefits.

That being said, we get it won’t be the best option for every business, so we’ve broken down the features to look for as well to give you a full guide to the best diesel fleet cards around.

Fuel Card Best Feature Where to Use It
Shell petrol card for diesel vehicles accepted in Mayalsia

Shell card

Great online account management system Over 960 Shell locations in Malaysia, with more than 600 of those being 24-hour stations


What is the Shell diesel fuel card?

Shell petrol card for diesel vehicles accepted in Mayalsia

  • Suitable for cars, vans and HGVs
  • Large network of stations nationwide
  • Buy fuel on credit and pay later

This card is accepted at all Shell stations in Malaysia for fuel purchases. It can be used to buy every sort of fuel, from standard petrol and diesel to the premium fuels such as V-power.

The main appeal of this card is its payment system. You don’t need to hand out cash to drivers or ask for receipts later if they use their own credit card. Instead, drivers use this card, pay and you settle the bill later. You get to buy the fuel on credit and pay at a scheduled date every few weeks or every month.

Purchasing fuel on credit isn’t the only benefit to this card. The online account features are excellent. Once you get your card, you just register and login. Within your account you’ll get to add, remove and edit card details as you require.

You can also check how much drivers are spending, mileage details and get reports on your fuel usage.

4 top benefits of diesel cards in Malaysia

Using one of these cards is a smart move for businesses of all kinds from sole traders to large companies. They can help you cut fuel costs, track spending and manage your business. The top four benefits of these cards are:

  1. Save time on paperwork: cut down on admin time by going paperless. Invoices are delivered to your email and fuel card account on a regular basis. Businesses need no longer panic over lost receipts or waste time filing fuel transactions. It’s all done for you.
  2. Control over spending: drivers can only purchase fuel with these cards, limiting the risk compared to cash and credit cards for unauthorised and theft. Cards can be removed from your account should you spot any suspicious activity.
  3. Widely accepted: drivers and managers worry about using fuel cards as they are only accepted at certain stations. But cards these days such as ones from Shell are widely accepted at stations across the country.
  4. Free app to find stations: some providers now offer a free smartphone app to find nearby stations that accept your fuel card. This can make using the cards easier for drivers.

Best card features to look for

When searching for a fuel card and provider, delving into the small print to see what features you get could mean the difference between saving more money and not. The best features providers can offer are:

  • Buying fuel on credit: buying now and paying later is a great way for a business to operate as this limits cash handling and sets a regular payment schedule.
  • Fuel card reports: everyone can benefit from reports about efficiency and card usage, including fleets and sole traders. These reports breakdown how much fuel you’ve used and how much you’ve spent to give a clearer picture of your fuel costs.
  • Stations open 24 hours: many drivers are often on the go at night at some point. Having 24-hour stations on a network is a requirement for many businesses. If a provider brags about their numbers but doesn’t tell you how many 24/7 stations, they have then it might not be a suitable one for you.

iCompario tip: compare fuel cards

Getting diesel fuel cards has lots of benefits for your business. But you’ll get the most out of your fuel cards when you choose the right one for your business. Do a fuel card comparison with us to find your best fit right now.

Diesel card locations explained

Every fuel card has its own network of stations where it can be used as a way of paying for fuel. Where a card is accepted varies depending on the country, brand and stations available.

Some cards are only accepted at the brand of the card provider, while others are multi-network and can be used at many stations.

To see where you can use your card, check the provider’s app or website to find a nearby station.

Can anyone get a diesel card?

To apply for a diesel fuel card, you have to be self-employed, have a business or organisation. Small businesses, large companies, fleets and other business types can apply.

If you are an employee of a company that wants a card, ask your company to see if they could supply it as a benefit. The company can apply and supply cards for employees this way.

Can you get diesel using credit cards?

Yes. Diesel can be purchased using credit cards; however, you could be charged interest on the transaction. Missing payments on credit cards can also lead to further charges and decrease your credit score.

Fuel cards are a better form of payment, particularly for businesses and sole traders, because you still get to purchase fuel on credit but it’s interest-free.

When you buy fuel with one of these cards, the money doesn’t leave your account until you receive the invoice later on a weekly or monthly basis. You only pay for the fuel you bought.

How to get a diesel fuel card

To get a diesel card, you will need to apply for one. First, compare and see which card is best for your business. From there, choose your card and begin an application form. Fill in your details and submit your application with us.

Our team is on hand if you need any help with your application.

Submit your application form and we’ll send your details to the card provider. They’ll do a credit check. Once your application is approved, the cards will be sent to you.

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