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Van hire special offers

If you know van rental is for you the following van hire special offers are designed to help you get the best deal on the van to power your trade forward.

Peugeot Partner Professional L1

Peugeot van hire
  • £85.00** Weekly rental (ex VAT)
  • Car-derived van
  • No advance rental payment (subject to status)
  • Includes servicing, maintenance, repair, replacement and tyres


Mercedes-Benz van hire
  • £98.00** Weekly rental (ex VAT)
  • Short wheelbase van
  • No advance rental payment (subject to status)
  • Includes servicing, maintenance, repair, replacement and tyres

Sprinter L2 H2 315 CDI PROGRESSIVE

Mercedes-Benz van hire
  • £125.00** Weekly rental (ex VAT)
  • Long wheelbase van
  • No advance rental payment (subject to status)
  • Includes servicing, maintenance, repair, replacement and tyres

**Pricing based on a 24 month rental period, 10,000 miles per annum. Excess mileage £0.14 per mile.

Which van hire option is most suitable for your business?

Van hire’s great strength is the flexibility it offers your business, evident by the options available to you. Here are the main three choices of van rental:

Flexible van hire

Flexible van hire

This is a service that gives your business the versatility to hire vans when you need them. It allows you to take on short van rentals for quick contracts without the expensive outlay of buying one, as well as access different vehicles should you need to on a short-term basis.

Long term van hire

Long term van hire

When you have guaranteed work for an extended period but still want the benefits of hiring, long term van hire means you can rely on a vehicle for that timeframe. It's also cheaper than flexible van hire, while still getting the key benefits such as not paying for upkeep and maintenance.

Sale and hire back van hire

Sale and hire back

If you already own a fleet but want the advantages of hiring, this van rental option helps you do that. You get a cash fee while still getting to use your fleet by hiring it back. You can then use the money elsewhere in the business, and the hire company looks after and maintains the fleet for you.

What are the benefits of van hire over purchasing?

What are the benefits of van hire over purchasing?

If your business is flexible and constantly adapting, your vehicle solution should be the same. Van hire delivers that, allowing you to use vans when you need them and not be lumbered with an expensive asset should your contracts suddenly change.

It also offers peace of mind. You know that you won’t be forking out for any of the extra costs of maintaining your van or repairs if something goes wrong with it.

Why use iCompario for your business van hire?

Why use iCompario for your business van hire?

We search a vast range of van rental offers to find the deal best suited to your needs. We’ll do the hard work for you, scanning a selection of solutions to find the options which fit your requirements.

How iCompario works

Complete the 30-second form

You let us know what you want from your van rental by answering a handful of straightforward questions.

We filter the most competitive offers

We'll take what we learn from your answers and analyse how that matches with our database, checking any van hire special offers.

Get your van and start driving

Once we’ve found the perfect van hire for you we will send it your way, and you can then head off to drive.

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Frequently asked questions

Whatever van you need, there will be a way for you to hire it. This will include standard small, medium and large vans, as well as specialist vehicles such as tipper and catering vehicles. You’ll also be able to hire vans based on your brand preferences or if you want an electric van, so if you’re specifically after say a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit, there will be a van rental for you.

If you can legally drive a van, then you can legally hire one. A standard driving licence allows you to drive rigid-axle drive vans or pickups that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes, with no more than eight passenger seats.

This means you can be as young as 17 to hire a van, but you will find it difficult to find a provider who would lend to you at that age. Some van hire companies may refuse to hire to anyone who isn’t at least 21, and many charge extra for those under 25. Others will also ask for you to have had your licence for longer the younger you are.

You need to be 18 to apply for a category C licence for larger vehicles, and again companies may penalise you for your age and not hire to you. This is company dependant, and it may be that having a specific larger vehicle licence could count in your favour.

Van hire is as flexible as your needs, so you can hire a van for anything from a day up to five years. The length of time you are offered van hire usually depends on the company but should that term end, it’s usually a quick process to extend your hire period if you need to.

A standard driving licence, called category B, means you are eligible to drive vans or pick-ups with a rigid axle if they weigh no more than 3.5 tonnes and have a maximum of eight passenger seats. Any bigger than this and you will need to apply for a category C license.

The exception is if you passed your test before 1st January 1997, in which case your licence probably includes eligibility to drive larger vehicles. The weight of electric vehicles is a bit bigger for a category B licence as well, up to 4.25 tonnes, on account of how heavy EV batteries are.

It’s also worth pointing out that certain hire companies will require you to have been a valid licence holder for a set period, usually a year. This can be longer if you are under 25, and they may also not lend vehicles to licence holders with several points.

Hiring is a much more flexible option compared to leasing. Hiring usually allows you to change the hire length easily, allowing you to adapt your van hire around your business requirements, and the hire company will also cover all upkeep and maintenance costs.

Leasing commits you to a set period for how long you have the vehicle, so should you need to end it early you, will still need to meet the conditions of hire, i.e. pay in full. The leasee also assumes all vehicle costs, so if something goes wrong with the van, your business will need to factor in this cost.

*Offer based on a car-derived van at 10,000 miles per annum, excess mileage £0.14 per mile