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With a range of Renault’s best vans available for hire, you can add these vehicles to your fleet at fixed weekly prices.

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The types of Renault van contract hire

Flexible van hire deals

Flexible van hire

Get the versality you need by hiring for as long as you need to. Rental periods match short-term bursts, free from the expense of buying a new van.

Long-term van hire

Long-term van hire

Hire for as long as you need a van. If you’ve got guaranteed work for a long time, this is the perfect match and you’ll always get the job done.

Sale and hire back

Sale and hire back

Have a fleet? With this choice you can get a cash fee while still using your fleet, all by hiring back. Then use that extra budget across your business.

The benefits of hiring a Renault van

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Frequently asked questions

The hiring options are:

- Flexible (short-term).

- Long-term.

- Sale and hire back.

If you need a Renault van for one week, then you can choose the flexible option. If you have guaranteed work for several years, then the long-term rental choice is the best fit for you.

You get complete flexibility on this and it does save you money on having to buy a new van.

Primarily for flexibility and money-saving benefits. Buying a new van is expensive. Once you have it, you’ve got it for many, many years.

In terms of your budget, ask yourself if you really need it for that long. And remember, during that time it’ll depreciate in value, too. Add to that the cost of regular maintenance and repairs. Is it worth it?

It’s a big commitment and not every fleet manager, or business, needs to buy several vans outright.

By hiring Renault vans, you get the contract length you want. Plus, you save a lot of money by paying the weekly instalments.

A category B standard driving licence, which is a legal requirement. Once your drivers have that, they’re allowed to drive pickups with rigid axles and/or vans.

Keep in mind, the vehicle must weight 3.5 tonnes. And you can’t have more than eight passenger seats. Anything heavier means you’ll have to go and get a category C licence.