Vehicle Hire Guides | What is long-term van hire?

What is long-term van hire?

Does your business want to hire a van for a longer time frame? Long-term van hire is just the solution you need to expand without the drawbacks of purchasing. Hiring a van long-term guarantees you a vehicle when you need it, can be cheaper than other hiring options, and can have additional benefits.

While you can hire a van for personal use, we compare van hire options for businesses. Need help finding the right vehicle for your business? We can help.

Fri, 8 April 2022

What van types can I hire?

The type of vans you can hire depends on the provider, but you can find everything from small electric vans to large diesel panel vans. There are many different types of vans and specific models available to suit every business need.

Need help finding the right type for your business? Here are just a few of the most popular long term-van hire options:

Panel vans

Long term panel van hire

If you’re a trades business, panel vans will be a familiar sight. If you suddenly have more tradespeople or tools to carry, hiring an extra panel van can make getting the job done easier. Some of the most popular panel vans in the market for long-term van hire include the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Vauxhall Vivaro Panel, and the Ford Transit.

Courier vans

Long term courier van hire

Need to transport parcels? You’ll want to hire a courier van. These can come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you need to deliver. If you have a lighter payload, a small panel van will be a great fit for you. If you have a heavier payload or need more space, a box van is what you need.

Electric vans

Long term electric van hire

Want to future proof your business? Electric vans have come a long way. Many vans, such as the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter can carry around the same amount as their diesel counterparts. Going from diesel to electric can be a big change, but luckily there are plenty of charging points to go around these days.

Electric vans might be in a category all their own, but there are plenty of models and types to choose from for long-term hire. Read our guide to long range electric vans to find out more.

Refrigerated vans

refrigerated long term van hire

Refrigerated vans are best for businesses that need to move cold products. We’re not just talking about ice cream, folks. Some medicines need to be kept cold too. Vans can have a refrigerated section in the back from +5 to –18 Celsius.

What are the benefits of long-term van hire?

Renting a van in the long-term offers many benefits for your business regardless of which van type you choose.

1. Reclaim on VAT

The amount you can reclaim depends on your long-term contract, but you can usually reclaim anywhere from 50% to 100% of your VAT charges. If you need to expand your fleet, but wanted to avoid added charges, long-term van hire can be a good solution. You can only reclaim 100% of VAT if your vehicle is business-use only like taxis or driving school cars. You will have to provide paperwork, but keeping those receipts is worth it for a nice tax break.

2. Improve your cash flow with monthly payments

Long-term van hire is a bit like a subscription. Instead of a big one-off purchase, you’re making monthly instalments for access and use of the vehicle. Monthly payments give you more control over your costs and makes comparing providers easy. It’s easy enough to compare the price tag, but some long-term contracts come with added benefits.

3. Maintain your maintenance

One of the best parts of long-term hire is providers who handle all the admin for you and offer potential discounts. Not every provider is the same, but in many cases, you call the provider to schedule your MOT or to repair the van, and it will be handled. The provider may have a partner location that handles the vehicle maintenance which can give you a discount. Some providers even offer breakdown cover, insurance, or fuel cards alongside their hiring contracts.

4. Don’t worry about value

The value of vehicles never stays the same. It always goes down overtime, so you can’t count on them as a stable asset for your business. With hiring, you don’t have to worry about the vehicles value. Dealing with that is on the provider, not you. You can focus your energy on bringing value to your customers, not keeping value in your vehicles.

Long term van hire

What is the difference between short term and long-term hire.

Short term hire is the most popular choice, but what is it? Short term hire contracts usually only last a few weeks, while long-term hire agreements can last over a year.

Your short-term hiring agreement can last a weekend, a day, a few hours, etc. This can be useful in some circumstances if you need to fill a quick demand or need for your business. If you need to move offices or complete an unexpected weekend job, short term hire will be the answer you’re looking for.

Can you get a long-term van hire with bad credit?

Possibly. Providers will often complete a credit check. If you fail, you won’t be able to hire a vehicle from them. Some providers offer a form of long-term vehicle hire even if your business has a poor credit record.

But you may want to consider flexible hire or short term hire instead to better suit your budget and circumstances. Long-term van hire has many benefits, but you are often locked into a contract for quite some time.

How to hire a van

Ready to find your best match? Finding the right van at the right price isn’t easy. That’s why we trawl the market for you and compare long-term van hire providers to find a good match for you.

All you have to do is use our free quote tool to discover which van best fits your business needs.

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