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Ford Transit Van Review: Hire Now with a Free Comparison

Ford Transit vans are the go-to for many fleets across the UK looking for vehicle hire. Buying a van for your business is a big hassle. Renting is a much better option.

In this Ford Transit review, we’ve got all the key details for you on this industry-leader. Plus, you can compare the market (for free) to find the right hiring deal. Let’s get started.

A Ford Transit van

Our Ford Transit van reviews confirms it’s a game changer for fleets

Ford has been making the Transit vans since 1965. You can easily recognise it as the white panel “Man in a Van” model.

The manufacturer is on the sixth generation of Transit. It’s been on sale in the UK since 2014. The vans had a facelift in 2019, then had a mid-cycle model update in 2020. The panel van comes in:

  • Three body lengths (L2, L3 and L4).
  • Two wheelbases (SWB and LWB).
  • Two roof heights (H2 and H3).

Of course, Ford Transit van reviews aren’t complete without covering the key features in the latest model. These are:

  • Ford EcoGuide: Monitors fuel consumption and losses caused by bad driving, so you can tell drivers to knock off any bad habits.
  • Pre-Collision Assist: Uses a radar to detect pedestrians and cyclists, helping to limit the risk of accidents.
  • Extra strength van: The latest generation of Transit is a five-tonne variant that lets you haul around massive payloads with no bother in the slightest.
  • All-wheel drive: Your smart van will react to icy or muddy roads with AWD, giving drivers the confidence to drive safely no matter the weather.

That’s right. If you need a van, Ford Transits are definitely the choice for you. This one has it all—brains and brawn.

Our verdict? The Transit is a fantastic van, as you’d expect from Ford. While some rivals offer more payload room, you really can’t go wrong with this sixth generation of vehicle.

It’s a comfortable and reliable drive, with lots of room in the back for you to complete your deliveries. Add in a bunch of fancy new tech features and you’re placed in full control of your fleet. What’s not to like?!

Ford Transit van dimensions

Here’s a quickfire look at the key specs of this iconic vehicle:

  • Payload total: 2,410kg.
  • Engine: 2.0-litre EcoBlue turbodiesel.
  • Power and torque: 310 horsepower and 410 pound-feed of torque.
  • Gearbox: 10-speed automatic gearbox (for rear-wheel drive Transits).
  • Transmission: 6-speed 6F-35 automatic.
  • Top speed: 68.35 mph.
  • Emissions: CO2 emissions from 157 g/km.

Keep in mind this will be slightly different from one model to the next, depending on the model of van you choose to hire.

How tall is a ford Transit van?

These vans are around the following height:

  • 2.49m/2490mm high for a standard H2 van.
  • 2.78m/2780mm for a long wheelbase H3.

So, yes, it depends on the model of van you choose. Make sure you know your exact business needs so you can hire the right size Transit.

How long is a Ford Transit van?

This depends on the model Transit you get. Here are the key stats:

  • Short wheelbase (SWB): This is 3,300mm long. The SWB option is known as the L2 with a load base length of 2,946mm.
  • LWB L3: Has a load length of 4,217mm, which makes it brilliant if you’ve got extra heavy cargo to lug around.
  • L1H1 and L1H2 models: You’re looking at an overall length of 4,873mm. The width (if you’re wondering) comes in at 2,272mm. These models also have a load space width of 1,775mm.
  • L3 and L4 models: These are the longest Transit you can get, with a vehicle length of some 6,704mm.

There you have it. If you need a long van, Ford Transits cover you off with a wide range to suit different business needs.

The Ford Transit interior

The current generation of Ford Transit vans, after the 2019 facelift the manufacturer gave the models, offers a cab-like and spacious environment. Complete with three seats!

It’s often said the cab area looks like a car’s dash. Which it kind of does. The layout features a similar design to Ford’s cars. With a big eight-inch tablet touchscreen gadget right in the centre of the dash, which your drivers can use with:

  • Ford Sync 3 infotainment software.
  • Voice control options.
  • Apple CarPlay.
  • Android Auto.

The Ford Transit interior’s dashboard is high-quality and includes cupholders (for those all-important brews) and dash-top bins for empty cups.

Its seats have hard-wearing fabrics, with room for three people. It’s comfy enough, but perhaps not quite as luxurious as some other vans on the market. But good enough to make sure your drivers feel at home when getting from A-B.

iCompario tip: Hiring a Ford Transit van keeps your business costs down

Ford van hire is straightforward for any business, no matter the size of your fleet, and will help you budget better. Here’s how it works:

  • Long-term hire: The most popular option for fleets. Rent a van on a longer contract of one-two years, guaranteeing you a top-quality vehicle for all that time. It’ll really help you get the job done.
  • Short-term hire: Need more flexibility? A shorter contract provides it, whether you need a vehicle for a day, week or month. If that’s the case, this is the choice for you.

Remember, rentals are a lot cheaper than buying a van outright. A lot of fleets simply don’t need to fork out for a new van, with prices starting at over the £35,000 mark.

Hiring keeps Transit Ford van costs down, with affordable fixed weekly instalments. To check the UK market, all you have to do is a free comparison of the best deals.

A bit about the E-Transit van

  • Range of 166-196 miles on a full charge
  • No congestion charges
  • 1,616kg maximum payload
  • Rapid charging of up to 80% in 34 minutes

One of the best Transit vans Ford has to offer is its electric vehicle (EV).

It launched the E-Transit in November 2022. It’s Ford’s first electric van, but the manufacturer has had a sharp eye on competitors to deliver one of the best electric vans on the market.

The electric van is comfortable to drive and is one of the longest-range electric vans, offering a maximum of 196 miles off a 100% charge. That’s right up there with the best you can get from current EV technology.

Its 1,616kg payload capacity is impressive, too, but you also get an electric motor with up to 198kWh. In terms of standard power, that’s at 269 horsepower. Really not that bad, right?

However, this EV does cost a lot. Prices start from £48,000. Heck of a lot, right? Enough to put many businesses off immediately.

However, EV van hire is available, with tons of options for your fleet. You could get a classic panel van, double cab-in-van or a single chassis at an affordable weekly fixed price.

Keep in mind EVs are also exempt from Clean Air Zones and ULEZ emissions charges, so in the long-term you’re going to save a bunch of money. Fancy that? Compare the market now.

It’s time to hire a Ford Transit

This iconic van is an ideal pick for any fleet looking to step up its game, or to add to your existing vehicles. All you have do is:

  1. Enter your fleet details.
  2. Search the market.
  3. Pick the best hiring deal.

That’s it! Totally free to do and you’ll get the best Ford transit van hire deals in less than 60 seconds. Hit the button to get started.

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