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Renault Master Review: Versatile Large Van With Easy Cargo Loading

For fleets, Renault van hire is a fantastic way to add top-quality vehicles to your operation. All at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new van.

The Renault Master van is a great option. It’s spacious, got great handling and it’s fuel efficient (keeping those fuel expenses low). Find out all about it in this review! Plus, compare the market for free if you want to cut to the chase.

Renault Master van model

Renault Master review: Efficient, versatile large van with easy cargo loading area

  • Up to 2,151kg payload
  • Easy loading space
  • Comfortable and secure drive
  • Packed with safety features

Renault Master vans have been around since 1980. The third generation launched in 2010, with a 2019 facelift updating these large vehicles to modern specs.

These vehicles are instantly identifiable, with a big bulky design guaranteed to ensure you get a lot of cargo space. In fact, depending on the model you pick, there’s up to 2,151kg of payload capacity here. If you need to haul some huge packages, this large van is a top contender for your fleet.

But Renault hasn’t skimped on the features here.

This Renault Master review wouldn’t be complete without a look at its tech offerings. It has a full multimedia experience in the cabin:

  • Touchscreen Media Nav with smartphone office
  • Renault CONNECT for all your services in one place fully accessible from the van
  • Rear-view assist camera for vital viewpoints
  • Side wind assist to stabilise the van
  • Lane departure warnings for further driving stability
  • Active emergency braking with collision detection systems
  • Blind spot warning alerts for drivers

The loading area is also fantastic for any fleet. Renault has designed it to make loading and unloading as easy as possible:

  • 270° rear doors that hold open with magnets
  • Rear running board and handles for ease of access
  • LED load space lighting
  • Anchorage points for extra cargo security
  • Alarm and reinforced locks for theft protection

For the Renault Master insides, its interior has a dashboard a bit like a car’s. But there’s plenty of space, three seats, and it’s famous for providing drivers with loads of comfort.

It’s fair to say we rate this van a great deal. It may not be the latest model on the UK market, but what it does offer is durability, performance and plenty of space for your cargo.

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iCompario tip: Renault Master contract hire keeps your fleet costs down

Want to get the full benefits of a new van… without the total cost? Then Renault Master hire is the best choice for your fleet. There are two core contract types:

  • Short-term hire: For flexible deals over a day, week or a month. This gets you a van for a short while, after which you return it having completed your jobs.
  • Long-term hire: Need a van for a year or two? This is the deal for you. Guaranteed top-quality Renault vans for a set contract.

Renault Master van hire also keeps costs down because you don’t have to worry about vehicle depreciation. Rented the van for two years? No bother, just return it to your provider and that’s the end of your contract.

Hit the button below for a free UK market search. You’ll find the best van hire deal for your fleet in seconds.

Are Renault Master vans any good?

Yes, it’s a very good van. It provides terrific value for money with a consistent, reliable and safe van that’ll ensure you get the job done.

It’s a large van, so it’s ideal for businesses with major payloads to deliver. Businesses that manage smaller cargo can look elsewhere, like the Renault Trafic van, but for the big deliveries then this is definitely a great choice for your fleet.

Downsides that have been spotted include it being a bumpy ride at times, plus it’s one of the older vans on the market. There are newer models from other manufacturers available.

Ultimately, the Master is still a winner.

It’s huge and reliable, providing fleets with all the cargo space they need to complete big jobs. Its comfy cabin and safety features also make it a durable van for your fleet.

Are Renault Master vans reliable?

Yes, the Master has delivered excellent reliability results since its first generation in 1980. Since then, the record has been pretty much untouchable!

The 2019 facelift to the third generation helped improve its durability further. And there’s no denying it’s a van your fleet can rely on. There’s a 40+ year track record of success to prove that.

Renault Master dimensions and specs overview

The Renault Master van dimensions depend on the type of model you choose of this van. But we summarise some of the specs below for you to check out:

  • LWB: Between 5,075mm and 6,875mm
  • Length, height and width: 6,198 x 2,475 x 2,070
  • Van weight: Gross vehicle weight of 3,500kg (about 3.5 tonnes)
  • Engine: 2.3L diesel engine

Remember, these specs will vary from one model of the Master to the next. Make sure you check each variant carefully before hiring to get the van you need for your fleet.

How many miles can a Renault Master do?

This Renault van can manage around 39.2 miles per gallon (MPG). Although that depends on lots of factors, such as weather conditions and driver performance.

In terms of a full lifetime distance of a Master, that also depends on how well you look after the van. But you can expect at least 100,000 miles for the Renault.

Renault Master tyre pressure guideline

The right tyre pressures you need will depend on a number of things. For example, what tyre models you’re using.

Whether it’s Bridgestone, Michelin or Firestone, you should check with your manufacturer (or the handbook you’ll get with your van) to find the right tyre pressures.

It’s important to stick to these pressures. Not just for safety reasons but also because lower or higher than the correct amount can damage your tyres and van performance. Keep in mind, this is the same for any vehicle hire deal you choose.

Time to hire your Renault Master

Want to get Renault’s large van into your fleet ASAP? All you have to do is get a free market search underway:

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  2. We search the UK market.
  3. Pick the best deal.

That simple! Once you’ve decided, you’ll be put through to your provider to deal the deal. Get started, for free, by clicking the button below.

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