Why iCompario

We’re real people and industry experts. We know what we are doing when it comes to sourcing the most competitive commercial deals tailored to your business needs.  With specialists having over 30 years of experience, we know how to save money and cut costs through matching customers with the right product. 

What sets us apart?

We can compare from the largest selection of brands and networks

When it comes to choice we are way ahead of the game. This equates directly to convenience and saving money on fleet management. With product offerings giving access to the largest fuel station networks, it means things like minimum route deviations and maximum fuel efficiency become a reality. 

We understand your business life-cycle and growth needs

We are continually developing our offering to bring you the best fleet management solutions and fuel card products from around the globe. 

Partnered with the longest established and most innovative fleet solution and fuel card companies out there

Why compare with us?

Broad-based Comparison Logic 

This enables us to search across a vast network of local fuel card providers to bring you the best deals no matter where you are based. For some businesses, this will simply mean getting access to a single fuel card which best suits their needs. Whereas for others, we can source multi-card offerings to ensure that, wherever the drivers are, they always have competitively priced and tailored fuel cards. 

We keep things simple 

We strive to always show the most competitive products available from the wide range of companies we work with and supply tools to allow easy comparison of fuel cards and fleet management systems. We provide clear information so that you can go on to purchase a product that meets your needs. 

Your Business is Unique

Your business is unique, so we scratch beneath the surface to understand your needs and help our users find the best fuel cards based on your trade or industry. Fuel cards are recommended based on the specific data entered and he more information you provide, the better the match will be.  

Our partners offer the most competitive rates and won’t tie you to a minimum monthly commitment 

We provide access to the most flexible solutions, and take no joining or application fees 

Our Partners process your application and credit approval in-house 

With you every step of the way as your business grows 

Our partner processes give you access to a comprehensive welcome on-boarding process and dedicated account management. This is important as your fuel card and fleet solution requirements will change as your business grows.

Access to the market-leading online account management and route planning tools 

Compare with us and our partners will provide access to the market-leading online account management tool Velocity. This comes as standard with all our fuel cards offerings, making fuel management a simpler process. With unlimited access to Velocity, you can become an expert in efficiency too, with detailed reporting and analysis of your fuel spend 

Access the most secure fuel cards out there 

We all know that Fuel cards are the safest option to make your fuel purchases, ahead of cash and company credit cards. Most of the cards we compare are even safer than a standard fuel card, with a host of additional security features and benefits such as PIN protection and the ability to cancel cards remotely at any time, through access to the Velocity account management tool.