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Who is iCompario for?
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Who is iCompario for

iCompario is for businesses of any size. We have a heavy emphasis on companies that operate motor fleets because of our expertise in fleet tracking systems and fuel payment cards.

We provide trusted, evidence-based information on business services for the decision-makers within these organizations. These include fleet managers, accountants and finance professionals as well as company owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using iCompario is completely free to you, the end customer. We do not earn commission on individual sales.

We get our budget from the companies that we approach to ask for quotes on your behalf. Our agreements with them are based on the amount of interest we generate in their whole product range, rather than commissions on individual sales. This means we have no bias to recommend one product or service over another.

If you need help with a product or service you found through iCompario, please first look for the provider’s contact details on your invoice. If you can’t find it, contact us and we’ll forward your query to the relevant company’s customer service team.

Please contact us via our partner enquiry form.

Once we have received your details, one of the iCompario team will be in touch to discuss how we can integrate your products with the iCompario business-to-business comparison website.

iCompario began covering business products and services in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia.

We are constantly expanding and adding more countries to our service.

We store your name, contact details and other company data that you give us in our contacts database. This is on secure servers that we keep as safe as possible. We forward your details to providers of fuel cards, telecoms, vehicle tracking and other products and services so they can prepare offers and quotes adapted to your needs.

By completing a query form anywhere on iCompario you are authorising us to use your personal data in this way. For more information on how we use data, please see our privacy policy.

We have an opt-out link at the bottom of every email we send out, and you can follow that to opt out of any further emails. If you want to make sure you are not called by us either, please tell us you want to be removed from our calling list and we will immediately delete your details.