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DCI – Ireland’s biggest business fuel card provider

DCI is Ireland’s leading fuel card company. Its network of over 1,600 fuel stations across the island of Ireland combines Circle K, Texaco, Maxol, Top Oil, Emo and Star with other smaller chains. This means DCI cards are accepted at 80 percent of all fuel stations in Ireland.

On top of diesel, petrol and premium fuels, your drivers can use DCI cards to pay for certain vehicle essentials including AdBlue and vehicle washes. You can restrict purchase of these extras if you want to, even just for individual cards, using the account management customer portal.

A fuel card that is right for every Irish motor fleet

DCI has three leading fuel cards, designed for different types of fleet.

The DCI Pump Saver is a great money-saving all-round fuel card for fleets of any size and type, including mixed fleets. It offers a fixed discount off the pump price for diesel and unleaded, with use of a partner network in Great Britain as well as the DCI fuel station network in Ireland.

The DCI Main Route card is designed for HGV fleets using motorways and main link routes around Ireland. It offers one of Ireland’s lowest diesel prices every week, at a strategic network of fuel stations on all the main trunk routes.

The DCI Diesel Fuel Card is a great choice for fleets that want active price management. It offers some of the most competitive fuel prices around, changing twice weekly to track the wholesale oil market.

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What is special about Irish fuel card supplier DCI?

DCI is the largest fuel card company in Ireland, established 25 years ago. This long-established position in the Irish market has given them time to build up their network of fuel station partners throughout the island of Ireland.

They place a lot of emphasis on their standards of customer service, which they describe as “unrivalled within this industry”. Their customers get dedicated account managers and speciality HGV agents to support them, and they provide their cards with no joining or application fees or required minimum spend. They also provide an award-winning customer portal, which comes as a mobile app or a website, that their customers can use to manage their fuel cards and invoices.

A very patriotic company, DCI say they are “proud to be Irish through and through” and always approach their business with a local focus. They know the needs of Irish customers thoroughly and take pains to get to know each business properly, from the large international operators to the smallest of Irish firms.

DCI card options for long haul transport to Great Britain

For haulage fleets, the network includes specialist HGV sites which remain open 24 hours a day and sell diesel in bulk. If your lorries travel to mainland Britain, you can use DCI’s partner network and buy your fuel at 3,000 additional locations around England, Wales and Scotland.

How do you become a DCI fuel card customer?

Firstly, you should be an Irish company, or at least a company that operates vehicles in Ireland!

To become a DCI customer you have to be a registered business with a valid VAT number, and you also need to provide a trade reference. You only need one business vehicle to start using a DCI card.

Browse the DCI fuel card options below, or scroll down to learn more about the services DCI provides to its customers.

Save bookkeeping and admin time with DCI fuel cards

When your drivers buy fuel with a DCI fuel card, the transaction is recorded electronically. You can immediately see the details in the DCI customer portal. This cuts down your admin time and means your drivers do not have to worry about saving their receipts.

Refunding fuel expenses to drivers when you do your payroll becomes a thing of the past. You can allocate your drivers’ cards to different groups or cost centres to make things easier.

You can download the purchases as a csv file which is compatible with excel and accounting software, making bookkeeping for fuel spending fully automated. You get a consolidated, VAT-compliant invoice weekly or fortnightly, so it becomes a matter of minutes to reclaim your VAT. Your invoice comes electronically, and you can set up a direct debit which means you do not even have to remember to make the payment.

Manage your costs with detailed information about your fuel spending

The DCI portal gives you far more information about your fleet than a credit card statement. You can see how much fuel your business is using and filter purchases by driver, vehicle or location.

The DCI portal gives you enough data to see how your fleet is running, which driver uses most fuel and who may be inefficient. You can even set up alerts to keep you updated on your drivers’ fuel card spend. If a certain driver seems to get through more diesel than the others, is he leaving the engine idling at every stop or is he really more productive than his colleagues? The DCI portal data will help you find out.

A map of fuel stations saves wasted driving time

Whichever card you choose from DCI, you have free use of their live map of Ireland showing all their fuel stations. Available as a mobile app or a satnav download, the map lets your drivers either look for fuel stations around their current location or plan ahead by seeing all the fuel stations along their route. They can filter the stations based on whether they are open 24 hours a day of have special HGV facilities.

Safer than cash

Fuel cards are safer for your drivers. For long distance journeys, and for all heavy-duty vehicles, carrying enough cash to refill tanks is risky. Fuel cards keep company money safe with PIN protection. If a DCI fuel card is ever lost or stolen, you can cancel it in the customer portal and even order a replacement right away.

You can also keep company money protected by setting up alerts in the customer portal to flag suspicious purchases to you in real time, with in-app alerts or emails. These could include unusually large fuel purchases, or one card being used several times in a short space of time. You can add another layer of safety by matching your fuel cards to vehicle registrations, which means they can only be used to buy fuel for that specific vehicle.

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