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A Guide To DCI Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are a game-changer for businesses both big and small. Having grown in popularity over the last decade or two, they are now used by thousands of businesses throughout the UK who use the simple credit card-like pieces of plastic to take advantage of several benefits, including lower fuel costs, easy tracking of fuel expenses, and transparency surrounding their fleet and its fuel efficiency.

With the right fuel card, businesses can make their day-to-day a lot more streamlined and remove many of the administrative obstacles that suck up valuable time when it comes to the management of a fleet. Fuel cards are far more than just a different type of payment method; they are priceless when deployed properly.

The DCI Fuel Card is one of several options for businesses operating in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with a fleet of their own vehicles. With fuel cards, however, businesses are often spoilt for choice; choosing one can be difficult and it is important that you get it right.

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the DCI Fuel Card, explain the ins and outs, and provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.

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About DCI (Diesel Card Ireland Limited)

Established in 1995, Diesel Card Ireland Limited (DCI) has the largest fuel card network in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The company provides leading telematics technology and related service and its DCI Fuel Card provides access to a large network of service stations nationwide.

Providing fuel card services for over two decades with their proprietary DCI Fuel Card, the company claims to provide competitive rates and a flexible range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. As we will see later, DCI Fuel Card members get access to a range of account, fleet management, and route planning tools.

About the DCI Fuel Card

The DCI Fuel Card is purposefully designed to help small and large businesses operating in Ireland get the most from their fleet with maximised fuel efficiency and real cash savings.

As with many other leading fuel cards, the DCI Fuel Card provides not only discounted or fixed price fuel, but access to a huge range of other benefits that help grow your bottom line. These benefits include account management technology, a more streamlined administrative process, and fuel usage tracking.

It is for these reasons that the DCI Fuel Card remains a popular choice amongst businesses throughout Ireland.

What is a Fuel Card?

DCI Fuel Cards (or any fuel card for that matter) are the safest option for your company’s drivers to make their fuel purchases. It comes far ahead of cash and company credit cards thanks to security features, fraud prevention, and the ability to track fuel economy, expenditure, and driver activity as they go.

A fuel card is a payment device that is designed for commercial fleets immaterial of their size. Fuel cards let drivers purchase fuel for the vehicles they use in the course of their day-to-day employment and other business-related activities; it is entirely down to your own internal policy when your drivers can use their fuel card.

The typical fuel card looks much like a credit or debit card—there is a signature strip and magnetic strip on the reverse, it is operated using a PIN number, and the vehicle or driver to which it is assigned is printed on the front.

What Changes? 

Nothing changes for your drivers. Using a DCI Fuel Card, they can fill up their fleet vehicles as normal and then use it to ‘pay’ for what they have drawn. There is no need for them to track anything or keep any receipts; this is all handled by Velocity, the free, powerful fleet management software used with the DCI Fuel Card.

For you, quite a lot changes. You will no longer need to spend hours upon hours of valuable time working on your fleet’s admin because everything is tracked and recorded in real-time and can be accessed via Velocity whenever you choose. VAT-friendly invoices are sent periodically that have a single figure on them for the amount your drivers have spent in fuel, that’s it.

The DCI Fuel Card

DCI provides its own proprietary card, the DCI Fuel Card, for Republic of & Northern Ireland customers.

The company partners with Texaco and their Fastfuel card* for users who operate a fleet throughout the whole of the UK. DCI Fuel Card users can access UK Fuels’ sites when operating on mainland Britain, however, fleets that regularly operate here may find the Texaco card more suitable.

At a glance, the DCI Fuel Card:

  • Provides access to over 1,450 sites across Ireland;

  • Offers fixed weekly pricing at competitive rates;

  • Access to forecourt brands including Texaco and Topaz;

  • Online account management via Velocity; and

  • Industry-leading security and fraud prevention features.

DCI Fuel Card users have access to a network of more than 1,450 sites across Ireland, the largest of any Ireland-based provider. This means that DCI Fuel Card users have reliable links to a service station no matter where they are, helping to approve overall fleet efficiency and make life easier for fleet drivers.

The DCI Fuel Card offers a fixed commercial pricing structure that changes each week, too, and customers have the option of being notified via email or SMS when prices change. Customers also receive consolidated VAT-approved invoices to aid fuel administration and expense claiming. This also eliminates the need for your fleet drivers to keep hold of receipts.

As we mentioned earlier, fuel cards, including DCI Fuel Cards, are the most secure option for the purchase of fleet fuel. The DCI Fuel Card comes with security features such as PIN protection (just like with a debit or credit card) and the Velocity account management tool that identifies and flags suspicious purchases.

On the topic of Velocity, it is a fleet management tool used by the very best fuel card providers (not just DCI) that provides a complete and comprehensive overview of your fuel cards, vehicles, and costs in a user-friendly online dashboard.

Using a DCI Fuel Card with velocity, you can access comprehensive reports that give you complete monitoring and control over fuel spend, transaction reports, invoices, and driver activity.

*Click here to learn more about the Texaco Fastfuel card.

Where Can the DCI Fuel Card Be Used?

The DCI Fuel Card provides its users with access to more than 340 service stations across Northern Ireland and a further 1,145 sites in the Republic of Ireland. This, according to Diesel Card Ireland, comprises the largest network of service stations available to fleets operating in the Republic and the North.

A network of this size means that fleet managers and drivers require minimal effort and route deviation when it comes to locating a suitable service station, and the network includes access to stations up and down Ireland’s motorway infrastructure.

The DCI Fuel Card also provides drivers with access to UK Fuels’ service stations and sites when operating on mainland Britain.

DCI Fuel Card General Benefits

We have touched on some of the benefits of using a DCI Fuel Card (or virtually any other fuel card) throughout this guide. There is little doubt that a fuel card is by far the best and most convenient payment method for fleet operators, and here are three good reasons why.

1. Your business will save lots of money

The extent of your fuel savings will depend on a few things, such as:

  • The size of your fleet;

  • The amount of fuel your fleet uses; and

  • Your fuel card provider.

Pound for pound, you will save more money with a larger fleet. That is simply because a larger fleet uses more fuel and has more of an opportunity to take advantage of fuel savings.

What matters more, though, is your fuel card provider. Each different provider handles pricing slightly differently. Some offer fixed pricing whereas some offer a rate reduced by £X.XX per Y amount sold. On the other hand, some will offer neither of these and go for something completely different.

Typically, however, a fuel card will translate to money saved on fuel costs. Whilst the savings may sometimes seem quite low and pointless, these soon add up over time. Couple direct cost savings with the potential to save money on improved fuel efficiency, something that is easier to do when you have access to a fleet management tool like Velocity, and you will soon see the savings stack up!

2. Your business will save time on admin tasks

By far, one of the biggest benefits associated with the DCI Fuel Card is the potential to save time on administrative tasks. Admin is one of the biggest time consumers for businesses, small businesses especially, and this time translates to money.

When your drivers are using fuel cards, including a DCI Fuel Card, you will save a lot of time on admin and other related tasks. No longer will your staff need to manually monitor your fleet, calculate fuel usage and expenditure, input data, check receipts, work out VAT claims, guestimate information, and trawl through reams and reams of paperwork.

With a DCI Fuel Card, you are sent a single invoice periodically. On this invoice is one figure, the cost of fuel drawn by your fleet’s drivers plus VAT. With this figure, accounting can be completed in next-to-no-time and nothing needs to be double or triple-checked, cross-referenced, or sent through different people for approval.

This massively reduces the administrative burden that comes with fleet management.

3. Your business will be protected against fraudulent and/or improper use

Fuel cards typically come with lots of security features. These can include:

  • Fuel cards being locked to specific service stations;

  • Fuel cards being tied to a specific driver or vehicle;

  • Fuel card purchases being locked to fuel and fuel-related purchases;

  • Fuel cards being locked to use during specific times; and

  • Spending limits.

All these help protect your business against fraudulent and/or improper use. They ensure that your drivers are only making purchases where they should, when they should, and for a specified purpose.

Where your drivers use cash or a non-fuel card (e.g. a company credit card) you have none of these protections. What’s to say a driver hasn’t purchased something for themselves that they are then trying to put through fraudulently on company expenses?

A fuel card provides complete protection against any and all levels of fraudulent activity.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

Although most fuel cards do the same things, there can be some slight differences in the finer details. Pricing, fees, benefits, telematics technology, and fuel station access are just a few of the variables that can differ between providers.

There is no one, single ‘perfect’ fuel card that is the best for all businesses; the right fuel card for one business may not be the right fuel card for another. As such, it is important that you compare those that are available to ensure you get only the best for your business.

Compare the DCI Fuel Card

Why not compare the DCI Fuel Card alongside a huge range of other ones and see which one will provide you with the best value? The DCI Fuel Card, and fuel cards from several other providers, is available for comparison through the iCompario website. 

iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly compare the DCI Fuel Card alongside a range of cards from other providers.