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Largest fuel network on the island of Ireland

More Irish stations than any other fuel card brand. DCI stands for Diesel Card Ireland, so you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s perfect for companies with Irish business connections. It has the largest fuel network in Ireland, with over 1,600 stations across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Pay the same price for your fuel wherever you are in Ireland. It doesn’t matter if your drivers are in Belfast or Baltimore, they’ll pay the same price for their fuel at any pump if they use a DCI fuel card. This is because DCI offers fixed weekly prices for the fuel your company buys with its fuel card. And DCI makes it easier for your business to plan its fuel spending because the company sends you notifications that confirm what the price of fuel is each week.

Spend less time on administrative tasks. Your business needs to collect a paper receipt when it buys fuel with cash or a company credit card. This becomes a thing of the past with a DCI fuel card because all of your travel expenses are recorded online. Using a DCI fuel card means your admin team doesn’t need to manually log paper receipts for the fuel your drivers buy, freeing up their time to work on other important tasks.

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As Ireland’s premier fuel card provider, it’s no surprise you can fill up your vehicles with a DCI branded card. You can apply for the DCI Diesel Fuel Card through iCompario. It’s ideal for businesses that work across the island of Ireland.

DCI Diesel Fuel Card

DCI diesel fuel card

  • Best prices for fuel in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland 
  • Online account management software that shows all your transactions
  • A secure payment gateway that helps to protect your company from fraud
  • Sends you weekly notifications that tell you what the price of fuel is
  • Provides a regular (weekly or fortnightly) HMRC-compliant invoice

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Where can you use DCI fuel cards?

DCI has the largest network of fuel brands operating throughout the island of Ireland. This means you can use your card all across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, covering both the UK and EU markets. 

The DCI Diesel Fuel Card is available via iCompario and this is how many stations you can use it at:

  • Stations in the network: over 1,600

These 1,600 stations cover some of the biggest fuel networks, such as Top Oil, Texaco, Emo, Maxol, Campus and Amber Oil.

You can use the DCI Fuel Card in major towns and cities across Ireland and you’ll pay the same price for your fuel in each of them, whether you’re in Dublin or Dungannon.

DCI Fuel Card Benefits

  1. Easier to plan your fuel spending: you pay the same weekly price for your fuel, no matter where your drivers are on the island of Ireland 
  2. Simplified account management: reporting software gives you a live feed of every transaction your drivers make, so you can get a bird’s eye view of your fuel spending
  3. Reduces your admin workload: all your travel expenses are recorded electronically, so your admin team don’t need to log paper invoices 
  4. Get the tax rebates you’re entitled to: your card creates an HMRC-compliant invoice for your purchases, so it’s easy to submit accurate accounts to the government 

Gives you peace of mind: fuel cards are a secure payment method, with transactions monitored by a fraud prevention team who highlight suspicious payments.

DCI Fuel Card FAQs

Where can I use my DCI fuel card?

DCI fuel cards can be used throughout the island of Ireland, covering towns, cities and regions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This makes it a great choice for transport businesses that work in both the UK and EU. 

How does a DCI fuel card work?

DCI fuel cards work as a method of cash flow management. This is because your drivers buy the fuel they need and your business then receives an invoice at a later date. 

This invoice is sent either weekly or bi-weekly, contains all the data you need for reclaiming fuel VAT from HMRC, and covers all of the transactions made during your billing period. 

Which is the best fuel card available in the UK?

There are many great fuel cards available to UK businesses and the best one depends on the requirements of your company. 

If you trade throughout Ireland then a DCI fuel card might be the right option for your business. However, if you do business on continental Europe then you may be better off picking a European fuel card. Some businesses choose both, to maximise savings and convenience. 

You can find out what the best fuel card is for your Irish company by using a leading comparison site, like iCompario.

Need help choosing a DCI fuel card?

Have you decided that a DCI fuel card is the right choice for your business? Or would you like to see what the other options are before starting your application?

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You can find out how DCI compares to the other major brands by using our fuel card comparison form.