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Texaco Fastfuel

Ideal for fleets that operate across the Republic of Ireland, needing greater control over their fuel use and expenditure.

Texaco Fastfuel
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Issued by Diesel Card Ireland its weekly price means that no matter where your drivers fill up across a network of 424 fuel stations, you pay the same price. Combining excellent nationwide network coverage with competitive wholesale pricing, the Texaco Fastfuel card is also the only card on the market to offer both diesel and petrol at wholesale rates.

fuel stations

  • Texaco
  • Maxol
  • Great Gas
  • Emo

Key Features

  • Highly competitive rates on Diesel
  • Excellent coverage for cars and van fleets
  • Access the Fastfuel branded fuel card network, 400+ sites across Ireland including Texaco, Maxol, Emo and Great Gas Sites

About Fuelplus Limited

Fuelplus Limited fuel cards are accepted at over 1500 service stations across all of Ireland. They offer three fuel cards Fuel plus, Texaco Fast fuel and Texaco Diesel Card, catering to HGV, LCV and car fleets. With an extensive national network which includes convenient motorways stations and lower cost forecourts, Fuelplus Limited can provide customers with competitive prices on both diesel and petrol.

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1 Only card in Ireland to offer a competitive deal on Unleaded petrol
2 Save money by purchasing diesel and petrol at wholesale pricing
Texaco Fastfuel

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