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Best GPS Tracking for Company Vehicles

  • GPS trackers for commercial vehicles of all types
  • Powerful features to improve security and reduce costs
  • View your vehicles’ locations live on a map
Using GPS tracking to track company vehicles

Why you need GPS tracking for business vehicles

GPS tracking devices are a common thing nowadays. There’s no point in wasting time explaining what they are and how they work. We’ve already explained that and the benefits of vehicle tracking before. Plus, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the basics of vehicle tracking.

Thing is, when you run a business, your tracking needs get more complicated. You’ll want more from your GPS tracking devices than just tracking the location of your vehicles. You’ll want advanced vehicle GPS trackers to:

  • Manage your vehicles and drivers better
  • Stay on top on vehicle maintenance
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Secure your vehicles better
  • Boost your business operations

Our guide will tell you how to take advantage of GPS tracking for company vehicles and which are the best vehicle GPS trackers on the market.

If you can’t wait to start tracking your vehicles, skip ahead and compare the market to find your GPS tracker for commercial vehicles.

The best vehicle GPS trackers

No two GPS tracking devices are the same, just as no two businesses are the same. Choosing the best vehicle GPS tracker ultimately comes down to understanding your specific business needs.

Here’s our breakdown of the best GPS tracking for vehicles in Ireland:

1. Kinesis Pro: Best GPS tracking for fleet management

If you manage an entire fleet of vehicles, your needs will be fully met with the Kinesis Pro, no matter how big or small your fleet is and no matter what type of vehicles you use.

This powerful GPS tracking for fleet management includes some powerful features such as:

  • 24/7 visibility over your vehicles with live location
  • Up to 30 days journey history
  • Fault codes and CAN data to stay on top on vehicle maintenance
  • Geofences to keep better track of your vehicles and improve security
  • Fuel card integration to make sure you save as much as possible on fuel
  • Driver behaviour reports to tackle bad driving habits or incentivise drivers
  • Camera integration for large fleets with more complex needs

The list of features doesn’t end there, we could also name temperature monitoring and remote immobilisation among others. It’s easy to understand why the Pro landed to the top of our list.

With Kinesis Pro you get an online management account and an app where you can see insightful reports and dashboards, customise rules or create alerts to never miss an important event.

2. Munster GPS MG715: Best GPS tracking for cars

The best part about the MG715 is it’s very small, magnetic and powered by its internal battery so it can be really well-hidden on the car.

Munster’s MG715 offers features like:

  • Auto-track, which means it uploads a new position of the car every three minutes
  • Geofence so you can set up a perimeter and be alerted when your cars enter or leave this perimeter
  • Speeding alerts for which you can set the speed to any kph you want
  • Route history showing where the car stopped and parked during its journey
  • Magnetic induction alert, meaning you’ll get an alert on your phone if the vehicle GPS tracker is removed

There’s no setting up involved, this GPS tracking device comes already powered up with a SIM card installed.

It doesn’t provide all the advanced features of the Kinesis Pro, but if your business needs are simpler, this vehicle GPS tracking solution has you covered. Keep in mind it tends to be a bit more expensive than other GPS tracking devices.

3. Atom: Best budget GPS tracking for company vehicles

If you’re on a budget or just need to cover your basic business needs without breaking your budget, Atom should be at the top of your list.

It may be cheap, but it’s pretty impressive. Its main features include:

  • Live location shown either in simple map mode or live satellite mode with an accuracy of three metres
  • Location alerts when setting up a perimeter around a specific location
  • Detailed speeding reports for each driver
  • Journey history to see exactly where your vehicles have been and when
  • Driver app to help your drivers easily differentiate between business use and private mileage
  • Easy self-install, no technical knowledge needed

Atom is a subscription-based tracker, so you can cancel it anytime. It has some great features that cover the bases for your company vehicles and it keeps you on budget.

Business benefits of using a GPS tracking device

GPS tracking used on a laptop

GPS tracking for business vehicles is always worth it whether you’re a big or small business.

A GPS tracker for commercial vehicles can help you cut costs, improve security and make insurance claims easier.

Improve security with vehicle GPS trackers

According to the Central Statistics Office, the highest vehicle crime in Ireland is in Dublin. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen anywhere in the country.

Don’t take any chances and improve the protection of your vehicles or the odds of getting them back if stolen by using a GPS tracker for vehicles.

A GPS tracker for commercial vehicles can send alerts if your vehicle leaves or enters a perimeter you set thanks to the geofencing feature. If your vehicle goes missing or something seems fishy, you can quickly alert the authorities.

Plus, share the tracking details with the police and the odds of getting your vehicle back are much higher.

Use GPS tracking devices to save money

There’s more than one way vehicle GPS tracking can save you money.

  • Save money on fuel. And we’ve got quite a few fuel saving tips in our guides. Use a vehicle GPS tracker to see the exact behaviours that cost you fuel and cash in the driver behaviour reports. Speeding, harsh acceleration and braking and poor driving in general drive-up costs.
  • Combine vehicle GPS trackers with fuel cards for business to maximise your fuel consumption.
  • Use GPS tracking for smart route planning to increase productivity and save both time and money.
  • Save on vehicle maintenance and repairs. The best vehicle GPS tracker monitors your vehicle and alerts you when maintenance is needed.

GPS tracker for commercial vehicles to boost your customer service

Send your customers updates so they never have to miss a delivery. Answer any customer questions rapidly. Give your customers better time estimates. You’ll always know where your vehicles are when using a GPs tracking device, so you’ll be able to do all that with no hassle.

Also, you can assign the closest vehicle to a new job much easier. You can give your customers the much-appreciated live updates.

GPS tracking helps with insurance claims

If an accident involving your company vehicle occurs or your vehicle gets nicked, vehicle GPS tracking can come in handy more than you think. It opens the door to more information. The more details you send to your insurance provider, the easier it is to figure out the situation.

If you choose a GPS tracker for vehicles with dash cams included, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of false claims.

Get GPS tracking for fleet management now

Look, businesses need cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions that provide extensive data. It’s tons harder to choose one than just getting a GPS tracker for your personal car. You want to make sure you choose the right system for such an investment.

At iCompario, we can help you choose right. We search the web, find the best offers, compare them against your business needs and get back to you with the best vehicle GPS tracker to meet your business demands.

Read more about vehicle tracking on iCompario

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