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Company fuel cards in Ireland guide

You can take control of your fuel expenses by using fuel cards in Ireland, which your drivers can use to pay for petrol or diesel.

They’re ultra-convenient, cut down on admin and will save you a bunch of money. Read this guide to find out how! Plus, compare the market to find the best deal for your business.

A driver using a fuel card at a service station

What’s a company fuel card?

It’s a way for your business to simplify fuel expenses. When you choose a provider, you can give your drivers cards and they use them to pay for fuel when they fill up.

It works like a credit card, but it can only be used at service stations in your network.

You pay on a fixed date to the provider. And with an online account, you can keep track of all your drivers and how much they’re spending.

Basically, it’s a fantastic way to simplify your fuel expenses, work smarter and save yourself money into the bargain.

There’s a handy beginner’s guide to fuel cards if you’d like to find out more about them! But if you’re ready to crack on, here’s a selection for you to pick from.

The best company fuel cards in Ireland

Here are the best available fuel cards in Ireland. Take your pick carefully and don’t forget to use our comparison tool. That way you can find the best deal for your company.

Texaco Fastfuel card

Texaco Fastfuel company fuel card

  • Fill up at Texaco, Maxol, Great Gas and Emo
  • Covers a network of 1,352 service stations
  • Also includes 381 Northern Ireland stations
  • Coverage for cars and vans
  • Excellent rates at the pump

The Texaco Fastfuel card is brilliant for a number of reasons. It’s the only card in Ireland that’ll keep fuel costs exactly the same at every station you fill up at.

Also, it’s the only Irish fuel card that offers diesel and petrol prices at wholesale rates.

On the downside, the coverage is quite limited. There are 1,352 stations you can fill up at. That may not seem too bad, but compared to some other providers it’s not the best. And a further 381 in Northern Ireland.

However, those fantastic rates are a brilliant option for companies looking to keep costs down. If you’ve got a fleet of cars and/or vans, it makes it a very cost-effective choice.

DCI Pump Saver fuel card

DCI Pump Saver company fuel card

  • Great fuel money saver
  • Ideal for fleet managers
  • Covers a network of 1,352 service stations
  • Also includes 381 Northern Ireland stations

The DCI Pump Saver offers some brilliant prices, it’s ideal if you’re on a budget.

Across Ireland you can also fill up at 1,352 service stations. That’s some seriously comprehensive coverage right there! And that’s why it’s ideal for fleet managers, as there are another 381 if you cross the border into Northern Ireland.

Better yet, you get competitive prices at the pump and access to the stations Circle K, Top, Texaco, Emo, Maxo, Campus and Amber. All the best-known brands!

With your Velocity online account management, you can easily keep track of fuel spending and monitor your drivers’ usage. All from one portal! Again, it’s a brilliant way to work smarter.

You’re also covered at some 3,000 stations across England, Scotland and Wales. It’s a helpful perk, should you head over to the UK for business purposes.

DCI One fuel card

DCI One company fuel card

  • Covers a network of 1,352 service stations
  • Also includes 381 Northern Ireland stations
  • Hyper-competitive rates
  • No minimum monthly spend
  • Largest network of Irish HGV sites

The DCI One offers a huge network of stations to pick from. There are over 1,352 available meaning you’re pretty spoiled for choice.

Add into the bargain excellent rates at the pump. Plus, there’s no minimum monthly spend on the card. So, not set limits for your drivers to meet. They can spend as little, or as much, as they need to.

Another bonus here is this card offers the biggest network in Ireland for HGV sites. That’s some 515 in total. Not bad if you’ve got a fleet of trucks to manage.

The cherry on top here is you also get covered for 381 stations in Northern Ireland. If your drivers are heading over the border than you’re properly covered with a great deal here.

Ireland’s EV company fuel card

This one stands out a little. If you’ve got electric vehicles in your fleet, or your run EV company cars, then you’re covered with this one.

DCI One REV fuel card

DCI One REV company fuel card

  • All-in-one fuel card
  • Covers over 552 EV charge points
  • Covers a network of 1,352 service stations
  • Also includes 381 Northern Ireland stations

The DCI One REV has you covered at over 552 EV charge points in Ireland at:

  • ESB, NewMotion, IONITY and Fastned

Add into that some 1,352 stations for diesel and petrol at these stops:

  • Maxol, Texaco, Amber, Circle K, Star, EMO, Top and more

And there’s a further 381 in Northern Ireland where you can fill up.

Basically, if you’ve got a mixed fleet of traditional vehicles and EVs… this is a no-brainer. You need the card for your company, it’ll keep costs low and simplify your drivers’ needs.

Take control of company fuel card tax

Remember, with a company fuel card you can easily reclaim VAT from Revenue Commissioner.

From your online account, you can quickly get together all the data on your fleet’s spending. Get a report together, send that off and you’re done! Simple

This saves on a ton of time, otherwise you’d have to be keeping track of receipts—potentially dozens of them.

For more tips on how to save time and money on fuel cards, click on that link! You’ll find some useful extra details.

How to use a company fuel card

Fuel cards are really easy to use. No advanced tutorials or professional development are needed, just one card, a service station and a cashier. It goes like this:

  1. Your driver stops at a service station in the fuel card provider’s network
  2. They fill up on fuel
  3. They’ll then hand the cashier the fuel card
  4. Verify their PIN…
  5. And it’s all paid for!

With every payment, you get a digital record straight to your online account.

You can set up a company fuel card policy to help drivers understand the process. Cover the basics of your policy in your company handbook:

  • What the fuel card does
  • How to use it
  • Any other key details

That way, your drivers will be sure to use the card. There’d be nothing worse for them to forget and pay for fuel with their normal card, then come to you asking for a refund.

The benefits of company fuel cards

You can check out our full guide to the benefits of a company fuel card. But we summarise the key points below. So, here they are!


One card. Everything you need to cover all your company’s fuel expenses. It really is that simple, your drivers just need to pay at the till and you can record all the data.

No more reams of receipts. No more adding up what’s owed by everyone. Just a way of working smarter that gives everyone peace of mind.

More security

Most fuel cards are PIN protected and you can set spending limits across them. So, no driver can go over an agreed limit.

That’s very handy if you’re worried about a fuel card getting lost or stolen. With a limit, no one can spend waste your budget for themselves.

Save money on fuel

With a fuel card, you can often save money on pump prices. That’s really important right now with world events ramping up fuel costs.

We’d say it’s essential for businesses to use the cards to cut down on excessive costs.

Get your company fuel card today!

It’s easy to get your business sorted with the perfect fuel card. All you need to do is use our free online comparison tool. It works like this:

  1. Enter a few company details
  2. We search our Irish database
  3. Choose the right fuel card for you!

That’s it. Simple as that! By finding the best deals in Ireland, you’ll save time and money. It’s a great way to find peace of mind in a busy business world.

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Business fuel cards in Ireland guide

Business fuel cards in Ireland guide

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