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EV Charging Station Installation Costs for Businesses

If you’re looking to install workplace EV charging points at your business, there’s more to the process than just ordering them and waiting for the delivery.

You need to plan out your location and think about EV charging station installation costs. And that’s what we’re covering in this guide to charge point installations. Don’t forget to compare the market while you’re here to find the best deal.

An installed EV charging point with an electric car charging

EV charging station installation costs

The cost of installing EV charging stations in Ireland usually begins around the €700- €800 mark. But they can be more expensive—it depends on the provider you choose.

This is typically the same for businesses installing at their workplace, or for the cost to install home EV charging stations.

The installation cost of EV charging stations may seem high, but don’t worry. For progressive businesses with one eye on the future, there’s government support to help you cover charge station costs.

iCompario tip: Take advantage of the SEIA grant initiative

Your business can get financial support with EV charger discounts from SEIA (Sustainable Energy Industries Association). By making an application, your business could save up to €600 on every charge station.

EV charging station installation cost guide: step-by-step

Along with the cost of installing an EV charge point, you’ll need to think about where to place your unit (and various other things).

It’s a bit more complicated than setting up a barbecue in your back garden.

To help your business understand what to do, here’s a five-step breakdown for you to follow. And remember, costs will vary depending on the provider you use.

Step 1: Pick a charging station

This may seem simple, but there’s a lot of charging point choices on the Irish market. How do you know which is the best one for your business? With market research!

Luckily, you can cut to the chase and save yourself time and money using our free comparison tool. Enter a few business details and you’ll get tailored charge point recommendations to match your business needs.

Step 2: Should you have tethered or untethered chargers?

During the planning stage, you’ll also need to pick between tethered or untethered charging stations. These work like this:

  • Tethered: The charger has a tether attached to it, which is more convenient. You don’t have to carry a cable around with you in your vehicle at all times. Downsides? You’ll have to plan the station’s location carefully so the cable can reach your EV.
  • Untethered: The charge point has no tether! This provides a lot more flexibility for your EVs. Downsides? If you lose the cable, then they’re quite expensive to replace.

Which is the best choice? Well, that’s really down to your business preferences. Consider the best option for a workplace installation.

And don’t forget to consult with your employees about home installations. You’ll need to know which type they’d prefer.

Step 3: Choose where to put your charge point

Next up, you need to plan where you’re going to put your charge station. At work, this should be in a good spot that doesn’t get in the way. A company car park is often a good area, but just a suitable spot.

The best practices here to remember are:

  1. Put the charger in a secluded area.
  2. Make sure the driver can get good access to the sockets and plugs.
  3. Make sure the charging cable is long enough.
  4. See if the location has access to Wi-Fi.

That covers off your workplace, but for home installations don’t forget to ask your employees if there are and factors to think about when choosing a spot.

Remember, home units have cheaper electricity tariffs than at business locations. So, it’s in your interest to get these set up for staff.

But if you’ve got any questions, don’t forget you can always get in touch with your EV charger provider for details on the best place to pick.

Step 4: Book an electrician

Once you’re done with all your planning and you’ve picked your charge point, the next port of call is to get the electricians in.

EV charging station installation contractors exist for this exact purpose.

However, you can speak to your EV charger point provider for the specifics on what you need to do. Ultimately, you need to remember:

  1. You can’t install the unit yourself.
  2. The electrician must be qualified.
  3. The electricians must have extra training specific to EV charge point installations.

That may seem a bit excessive, but the reality is you want the stations you’re forking out for to work properly. That’s wherever you put them.

If a station is incorrectly set up, it can damage your EVs and cost you extra money to repair further down the line.

Step 5: It’s time to charge!

Once everything is done and you’re ready to roll… that’s it! You can start charging and your drivers will be getting from A-B in no time.

Don’t forget about the business benefits of going through this effort:

  1. Electric vehicles will save you money in the long-term. They’re cheaper to maintain and most cost-effective to run.
  2. You’re future-proofing your business! Petrol and diesels cars/vans will be falling by the wayside over the next decade.
  3. You make your business look ultra-progressive! It’s a great PR boost and will help you appeal to younger, eco-friendly professionals.

Want to make the most of your electric vehicle? Don’t forget to check out our guide to EV charging best practices to protect your EVs from battery degradation.

iCompario tip: Get a helping hand with EV charge cards

With business EV charge cards, you can cover off range anxiety concerns with a nifty solution. These little cards cover 100s of charge stations across the IOI, letting your drivers plug in to charge at specific locations in your provider’s network. It saves you time, money and gives an extra helping hand.

Compare the market for your charge station

Ready to get started? Want to keep EV charging station installation costs down? Compare the market with us to find the right deal for your business. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter a few business deals.
  2. We’ll search the Irish market.
  3. You get tailored recommendations.

Take your pick from there and you’ll be set up in no time! It’s free to compare and it’ll save you a bunch of time (and plenty of money, too).

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