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Fuel cards for farmers—save time and money

On any farm you’ll be using a big range of vehicles to deliver produce and collect livestock. That’s a lot of fuel to think about.

And with money saving fuel cards you can make your life a lot easier! Work smarter with our guide to the best options. Plus, you can compare the market at any time for the best deals.

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What’s a fuel card?

Pretty simple! If you’re a farmer, you can use a fuel card at a service or supermarket station to pay for your fuel.

All you have to do is swipe it at the till… and that’s it! Each provider has a different range of places you can get diesel or petrol, so you’ll have to pick carefully before signing up to the one that suits your needs.

Ultimately, you pay at a fixed date you arrange with the provider you pick. Choose your payment schedule, usually weekly or biweekly, and you’ll get digital invoices from your fuel card provider. You pay when you get the invoice.

And you’ll get an online account where you can manage everything. Simple as that really. It cuts down on a ton of receipt management helps you reclaim taxes easily from Revenue.

Want to know more? Check out our beginner’s guide to fuel cards. Or are you ready to get cracking and find the card for you?! Then, read on.

The best fuel cards for farmers

So, which fuel card should you choose? That depends on what you need! For example, how many vehicles you have and what your nearest service stations are.

To help you make your choice, here’s a list of the best fuel cards in Ireland so you can make a pick and get setup in no time.

Texaco Fastfuel card

Texaco Fastfuel fuel card for farmers

  • Fill up at Texaco, Maxol, Great Gas and Emo
  • Covers a network of 1,352 service stations
  • Coverage for cars and vans
  • Excellent rates

Texaco Fastfuel is a great option for farmers—in this network, you’re covered with 1,352 service stations. That might not seem like a lot, but there’s a great perk to go with it.

And in Northern Ireland, you’re sorted with a further 381.

You pay the same price at every station on the network. No changes, just always the same to fill up. And that’s a really great part of the package.

You also get excellent rates with that and a weekly fixed wholesale rate for the fuel you buy. These weekly rates help you plan out your budget and can even get you lower prices on fuel.

If you need a card with more flexibility for filling up, then maybe go another option. Otherwise, Texaco’s card is fantastic for its value and keeping costs down.

DCI Pump Saver fuel card

DCI Pump Saver fuel card for farmers

  • Great fuel money saver
  • Ideal for fleet managers
  • Accepted at over 1,352 Irish fuel stations
  • Also accepted at over 3,000 UK stations

If you need a fuel card that’ll work across Ireland and the UK, then the DCI Pump Saver is the right one for you.

But the main draw here? Well, there are 1,352 stations to fill up at across Ireland. You get e-route tech into the bargain, so you’ll always know where your nearest station is.

Plus, there’s 381 in Northern Ireland for further coverage.

And the fuel pricing is just great, with ultra-competitive rates you pay for with fixed, weekly billing. That makes this on an enormously beneficial fuel card that’ll make sure you can fill up pretty much anywhere.

You can use the card at Circle K, Top, Texaco, Emo, Maxo, Campus and Amber Oil stations. Sounds like a great option? That’s because it is! Get saving with this one and reap the rewards.

DCI One fuel card

DCI One fuel card for farmers

  • 1,352 refuelling points in Ireland
  • Hyper-competitive rates
  • No minimum monthly spend
  • Largest network of Irish HGV sites

The DCI One (sometimes called the DCI Diesel One) sorts you out with some 1,352 refuelling stations across Ireland.

Where it stands out among the others here is with its status as the biggest network of Irish HGV stations, too. You may have an HGV if you’re a farmer… or not. It’s useful to know either way as it’ll cover you off.

But the main benefit here are the hyper-competitive prices and access to 381 stations across Northern Ireland.

There’s no minimum monthly spend on fuel, either, so you can spend as little as you like without fear of facing any charges for not meeting a provider’s minimum speed.

DCI One REV fuel card

DCI One REV electric fuel card for farmers

  • All-in-one fuel card
  • Covers over 1,000 EV charge points
  • Covers over 1,352 service stations

As fuel cards for farmers go, the DCI One REV is an interesting option. You’ve covered with over 1,352 traditional service stations across this network:

  • Maxol, Texaco, Amber, Circle K, Star, EMO and Top

Good batch, right? However, you’re also sorted at over 1,000 EV charge points. That’s an electric vehicle.

Sure, most of your farming vehicles won’t need this. But if you have an EV for your daily driving then it’s an added bonus to consider with the card. You can use it to charge at:

  • ESB, NewMotion, IONITY and Fastned

All the prices are transparent and at excellent rates. You also get emails and app notifications thrown into the bargain, which update you about any changes to fuel prices. And that’s a pretty crucial perk at the moment with costs soaring.

The benefits of fuel cards for farmers

Why do you need a fuel card? Well, they save you time and money for a start. Read our full guide to the benefits of fuel cards to find out more in detail.

Or read on below, where we cover the key reasons to focus in on.

Easily reclaim your VAT

Instead of rifling through dozens of receipts, with your online account you can keep track of your fuel spending.

Then easily submit a VAT reclaim form to Revenue Commissioner. That way, it’s easier than ever to claim your money back.


One card. All your fuel spending taken care of. With a fuel card, you’re sorted for spending at service stations in your network.

Just pay with your card… and that’s it! Nothing else. No lugging around lots of spare change, just everything handled on the fuel card.

Cut down on admin

With your online account, you’ll easily be able to keep track of your fuel spending. That way you know exactly how much you’ve spent and how much will be coming out of your bank account.

That cuts down on loads of receipts you’d have to keep track of.

Plus, that makes it a ton easier to reclaim VAT from Revenue. So, you’ll money back into your account again faster than you can fill up at the station.

Save time and money

Finally, have a check of our guide on how to save time and money with fuel cards. It’ll help you understand just how much fuel cards can simplify your life on a farm. Including:

  • Saving time on refuelling
  • Manage your vehicles more effectively
  • Managing your fuel expenses

Really, it’ll just help you work smarter and give you peace of mind. They come highly recommend and are the norm these days for most businesses.

Time to get your fuel card!

A fuel card will make one thing much easier in your life. Running a farm is tough work, but with a fuel card in your wallet you’ll be sorted when it comes to filling up machinery and vehicles.

And to get one, all you need to do is enter a few details into our free form.

After that, we’ll check our Irish database. Then you’ll get a list of the best fuel cards for your farm. Take your pick from the list… and you’re good to go!

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