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Best Fleet Fuel Management Software

  • Monitor fuel usage and cut costs
  • Track driver mileage and more online
  • Fuel card compatible systems for accurate reports
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Best fuel card compatible system: Velocity

  • Fuel card compatible system
  • Highly detailed reports
  • Compatible with telematics and dash cams

Velocity is a unique system because of its vast fuel card compatibility. Many of the best fuel cards in Ireland are accepted in its system, so you might not even have to switch to another.

Use fuel management system software Velocity to cut costs

Using fuel cards alongside your fleet fuel management software has many benefits. Mostly that you get highly accurate data. The software doesn’t need to calculate or estimate how much fuel you’re using. It’s all there in your fuel card transaction history.

Because of this, Velocity is one of the best for fleets and businesses that want consistent fuel savings. How else can you cut down if you don’t know how much you’re using?

Why should I get fleet fuel management software?

These are the three most important ways your business benefits from using an online fleet management solution:

  1. Automated bookkeeping
  2. Management support
  3. Secure payments

Fuel management system software can save your business time, and make it easier to manage your fleet and protect your assets.

1. Fuel management software for automated bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a slow, but necessary part of any business. Using fleet management software can greatly improve the bookkeeping process making it easier and faster to complete.

The software records all fuel purchases on your online account and sends a single invoice for each billing period to download anytime. The billing period is usually a week or a month. This greatly reduces the amount of paperwork you need to collect and cuts receipts from drivers completely.

Your petrol and diesel payments appear in your online portal within minutes. This gives you a real-time picture of your fuel expenses and removes the risk of human error that comes when you log receipts by hand.

2. Telematics features for management support

The best fleet fuel management software also includes telematics features to help managers keep an eye on their vehicles. Tracking a vehicles live location can have many benefits including:

  • Enables live location updates for customers and managers
  • Software reports to support driver behaviour improvements
  • Fuel economy check-up

What benefits you get from the telematics part of your fuel management system software depends on the one you choose. In general, all of them help you find who your most efficient drivers are and where your business can improve its fleet management.

iCompario tip: get vehicle trackers for better fleet management

Even the very best software can only do so much unless it has the tools to back it up. Vehicle trackers can help you improve the accuracy of your fleet reports, see the live location of all your vehicles and save cash on insurance costs.

Only some trackers work with some types of software, though, so make sure you check your software before you buy any trackers to make sure they’re compatible.

3. Secure fuel management system software for payment tracking

Managing a fleet is difficult when you have to keep asking for receipts and keeping track of any payments. Using a web-based fleet management software makes things a lot safer and easier.

See when your fleet fuel cards are being used at any time from your phone, tablet or computer. Any concerns about stolen or lost cards can be addressed immediately by removing the card from your system. This is safer than giving drivers cash and more efficient than debit cards, as all payments are tracked in the same place.

Keep tight control over your diesel and petrol spending. Plus, you can ensure your drivers aren’t using the cards to buy fuel for personal use. Managers can easily spot unauthorised use, overspending and inefficiency immediately on the fuel management software system.

Best fuel cards for fuel management system software

If you’re going to use a fuel management system, it’s well worth getting a good fuel card to go with it. These are the top fuel cards in Ireland you can use alongside management software. Read on to see which fuel card you should get.

Fuel Card Best Benefit Where to Use It
DCI One fuel card for Ireland


No monthly minimum fuel spend requirement – avoid fees! 1,352+ stations
 Texaco Fastfuel fuel card to use at Texaco, Maxol, and more in Ireland for pertrol and diesel

Texaco Fastfuel

Only Ireland fuel card available for fixed weekly prices for petrol and diesel 400+ stations
 DCI pump saver fleet fuel card for management and fuel discounts

DCI Pump Saver

Guaranteed discounts on pump prices 1,352+ stations in Ireland

3,000 stations in the UK

 DCI One REV charge card for EV and plug in vehicles in Ireland


Pay for EV charging, petrol and diesel on one card 1,000+ charge points

1,352+ stations

What is fuel management system software?

Fleet fuel management software is a management tool used to track a fleet’s fuel efficiency and consumption. The best software available uses telematics to track vehicles and send accurate data to users on their account, phone and computer.

With the right features on the system, the software can be used to track fuel consumption accurately by using telematics and fuel cards.

Do I need fuel management system software?

For fleets, fuel management software is needed to track fuel consumption. Without it, managers are left unaware as to their best drivers and any efficiency issues.

Most fleets need some system, though the detail of its reports and tracking devices may vary depending on the business size, budget and requirements.

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