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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your valuable assets safe and secure? Whether your assets stay in one place or are on the go, you know exactly where they are with asset tracking. Tracking has many benefits for businesses such as:
• What happens if one of your assets is stolen or lost? Using a discreet GPS asset tracking device, you can still see the location of your asset, and with a stolen vehicle recovery service we can help you locate and recover your asset in the event of a theft.
• Asset tracking can help to reduce insurance premiums and cost of making a claim.
• All asset tracking solutions are battery powered, so they can be used and placed anywhere.
• You can monitor your assets remotely from your phone, tablet, or PC. No matter where you are, you can know the location of your asset.

Asset tracking works by adding a small and discreet device to your asset, which you can track on an online system.