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VoIP telephony

Supplied by: Radius Connect Ltd.

  • VoIP Brands include Radius VoIP, 8X8, NFON and Gamma Horizon
  • Free calls between your offices, mobiles and UK landlines
  • Conference calls, call recording and file sharing is easy
  • Full control with a user portal to manage your phone numbers and users

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Providers: Radius VoIP, 8X8, NFON and Gamma Horizon


Single monthly invoice

Consolidated single invoice with itemised costs for all telephony services


VoIP calls cost less than traditional phone calls

Save money using your internet connection for voice and media calls


Business features included

Call recording, video conferencing, file sharing and auto-attendant at no extra cost


Add phone lines as you need them

Use the online management portal to add or remove numbers easily

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