Use Tube WiFi to Keep Your Business Connected

London is famous for its extensive underground transport network. But at 220 feet below the ground, it’s challenging to stay connected. Luckily, Transport for London (TfL) decided to partner with major telecoms providers and help keep the city and businesses connected.

Businesses nowadays rely greatly on their telecoms solutions. The decision to get WiFi on the London underground helps to meet the communication demands when you’re on the move in London. This guide will explain what WiFi London underground is and how to get WiFi on the tube.

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London tube-Wi-Fi

Can you get WiFi on the tube?

Yes! Well, technically not on the train itself, but you can get tube WiFi in ticket halls and walkways, and on platforms.

Partnering with Virgin Media, TfL was able to bring online more than 97% of all tube stations, including Elizabeth line stations under central London. At the moment, WiFi is available at more than 260 tube stations across the London underground network. Plus, Victoria Coach Station is also covered.

The only stations without Wifi London underground coverage are the Heathrow T5, Kensington Olympia and Willesden Junction stations.

That means you can take your business with you when travelling underground. And we all know you can’t move around London without having to use the tube. It’s good news for those travelling to London for business, too.

In this day and age, when the market is highly competitive, it can make a difference to be able to continue working even when you’re travelling round London by tube.

How to get WiFi on the tube

All Virgin Media, EE, O2 or Three customers can use the Wi-Fi service for free as part of their plan.

If you’re not a customer of either one of those providers, you can get a WiFi pass to use WiFi on the London underground. Or you can compare business mobile phone tariffs and get onboard with a provider that offers WiFi tube as well.

It works like that – EE, O2 and Three customers can connect to their own networks from their device settings:

  • EE WiFi-Auto (for EE)
  • WiFi Extra (for O2)
  • Three_WIFI (for Three)

If you’re a Virgin Media customer, activate Virgin Media WiFi and your device should automatically pick up the WiFi signal whenever you’re in a WiFi enabled tube station.

Keep in mind there’s no coverage in tunnels, between the station. But your phone should connect to the signal at the next WiFi enabled platform.

For more tube WiFi connection instructions, check out the station WiFi information on the Tfl website.

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WiFi on London underground tips for businesses

tube WiFi to keep businesses connected

We all know how to connect to a WiFi network. But there are some tips you might want to take into account when it comes to tube WiFi.

  1. You may be required to register for your service before connecting to WiFi on the London underground. But once you’re registered, you can access tube WiFi seamlessly.
  2. It usually takes around five seconds to get your device connected. There’s a security feature that doesn’t allow instantaneous connection. Keep in mind it may take even longer to connect if you’re trying to get online at a peak time when hundreds of other people are also trying to connect.
  3. Connect to tube WiFi in the tube station ticket hall or platform. Don’t try to connect on the train as you travel from station to station, as it will only drain your battery.

Available tube WiFi networks

If you’re a Virgin Media, O2, Three or EE customer, it’s pretty easy. You register, you open WiFi in your device setting and the following networks will show up:

  • Virgin Media WiFi – available for all Virgin Media, Three, O2 customers and all customers with a Virgin Media WiFi pass
  • EE WiFi-Auto – available for all EE, BT Mobile and BT One Phone customers
  • Wifi Extra – available for O2 customers only
  • Three_WIFI – available for Three customers only
  • Virgin Media – available for Virgin Media customers only

How much does WiFi on the London underground cost?

For customers registered with the providers mentioned above, there’s no extra charge to use the tube WiFi.

Other London underground customers can purchase a WiFi pass to get online. These can be purchased either online or via the WiFi Portal when you are underground.

The following options are available:

  • 1 day – £2.00
  • 1 week – £5.00
  • 1 month – £15.00

Take your business on the London underground

Being able to access WiFi on the London underground is good news for London businesses or for people travelling for business to London.
It helps you stay in touch with colleagues and customers, reply to emails promptly and even solve small issues.

It completes your business telecoms solution in a fast-moving environment, allowing you to continue working while travelling round the city on the tube.

Make sure you have the best telecoms solutions to suit your business needs precisely. If you’re still looking for the right solution or looking to switch telecoms provider, fill in our quick form and we’ll help you find the best one.

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