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The very best phones for businesses (2022 guide)

Getting a world-class business mobile deal is one of the best ways to improve communication and productivity with your employees.

With a great deal, your staff can easily stay in touch, and you can manage your sales targets by staying in touch with customers and clients.

But there’s a massive choice on the market—how do you pick the best deal? Well, you can compare the market with iCompario! We save you time and money by scouring the market for the great mobile packages.

And you can also read this guide into the very best mobile phones for businesses.

Employees using phones for businesses as a company perk

What’s the best mobile phone for businesses?

Your best choice is one that suits your business needs! There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting your staff sorted with mobiles.

But this guide caters for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Really, the best phones for business use will:

  • Meet your budget
  • Charge quickly and stay powered through the day
  • Have a super-fast processor to allow work at home or on the go
  • Be 5G ready

Whether you’re a major organisation looking for hundreds of mobiles, or your focus is for phones for small businesses in the UK. We’ll get you sorted!

Okay, enough blathering. Let’s get on with the list.

iPhone SE 2022

Key specs:

  • 4.7″ Retina HD display
  • 5G ready
  • 7 MP front camera
  • 12 MP main camera
  • iOS 15
  • 60-minute charging time

The most affordable iPhone on the market is also packed out with Apple’s iconic technology, including an extended battery life and a new camera system.

It’s super-fast at loading apps, streaming and advanced photography modes keep images looking great.

There’s also an enhanced video mode, so streaming is never a problem and long-distance video calls also won’t be an issue.

The iPhone SE 2022 features a durable, waterproof design. We’re not sure what Apple expects people to do with the product, but it’s useful knowhow should your employee drop the phone on their travels.

Its Touch ID security features also keep important business data safe, plus it can be used with Apple Pay to let employees cover expenses quickly and easily.

So, if you’re a business wanting to hand over iconic iPhones for employees to enjoy, the SE 2022 won’t break the bank. Yet it still packs a lot of productivity boosting features.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Key specs:

  • 5G ready
  • 6.1″ screen
  • 50.0 mp camera
  • The fastest Galaxy fun ever
  • 120-hour charging time

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the “phone that makes everyday epic”, as Samsung puts it.

It’s a dynamic piece of kit with innovative technology that’s designed to bring in a new era of smartphones.

It’s ultra-fast, but offers the very best in performance and visuals. The AI-enhanced camera will, day or night, ensure excellent streaming and video call quality.

Whether employees are on the move or at home, its range of features and 1750nit of brightness make working easy. Whether it’s for a presentation or a set of data, it’s a cinch for the phone to handle the most taxing working needs.

And with a full 24 hours of battery performance, even on 5G, it’s one of the most reliable mobiles out there for performance.

It is pricey, for sure, but by paying for it you’ll have staff kitted out with one of the best mobiles on the market this year. But don’t forget to shop around for the best deals. Compare the market and you can get a Galaxy S22 at a great price!

iCompario tip: Don’t forget your SIM!

Looking for a SIM? We’ve got a great value deal with Vodafone for you. It’s 1GB of data, has unlimited minutes and texts, and it’s from as low as £7 a month.

Google Pixel 5

Key specs:

  • 151g
  • Android 11 OS
  • 6-inch screen size
  • 128G of storage
  • 87-minute charging time

This is Google’s latest model and it’s now the flagship mobile from the world’s favourite search engine.

It’s got a distinctive metal case! And there’s the usual Android interface we all know and love that’s easy to navigate and comes packing with many great apps and features.

If you want a clean and simple Android for your employees, then the Google Pixel 5 is the one for you.

It’s 5G compatible, immediately gifting you access to the new era of data connectivity. That’s all-important in this fast-moving era of 24/7 business.

Why buy Google’s model? Well, it’s affordable and easy-to-use. Your employees will have no issue with this reliable little number—it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

OnePlus 8

Key specs:

  • 90Hz fluid display
  • Stylish sleek design
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 for super-fast performance
  • 5G connection
  • Smart screen adjust for easy reading
  • 50% charge in 22 minutes

The OnePlus 8’s processor means it’s super-fast and 25% quicker than previous models.

With its UFS 3.0 file management system, you can easily transfer photos, files, and videos with speeds 125% faster than previous generations!

OnePlus is really pushing the boat out, as you can see with those stats, in its push to make its latest model and industry-leader.

If you pick this model, you’re all set with a fast, stylish, and powerful smartphone that’s 5G and ready it’s also set for Wi-Fi 6.

Plus, this is one of the fastest charging new phones on the market.

Wants your employees to be charged in less than 30 mins? The OnePlus 8’s Warp Charge 30T will get you from 1-50% in just 22 minutes.

Its 4300 mAh battery should also power you along for a solid day’s use, too, depending on what you need of it.

It’s a great little all-rounder that’s a bit cheaper than more famous brands on the market. And it stands out as a result, with its OxygenOS running at fast speeds to keep your team working when they’re on the go or at home.

The benefits of mobile phones for businesses

The benefits of mobile phones in business are many and varied.

They’re a vital piece of kit these days, not just for bosses. Your staff will benefit massively from them as well. Here’s why the right mobile phones for business can make a big difference in your daily tasks.

Getting contract phones for businesses

Contracts are often the best way to get mobiles for your employees, with long-term packages including many great features.

These are often basics like unlimited minutes, texts, and calls. But they can be a bit more exciting!

For example, like with the iPhone 12 Pro you can get the snap-on magnetic wallet to make paying for items a cinch. Or you can add the AirTag to keep track of your keys, backpack, luggage and other important items.

So, be on the lookout for accessories and other deals that contract phones for business allow you to benefit from. They really can make life a lot easier.

Improve customer service

How you go about business is all-important. You need to make sure your employees can be contacted by colleagues, customers, and clients.

With mobile phones, they’re readily available at peak trading times.

It’s important to make your employees easily contactable. Businesses with great communication tend to be the most successful, so it’s another example why mobiles open up your business to new opportunities.

24/7 communication opportunities

With mobile phones available for your employees, they can easily keep in touch with the office, customers, clients, and suppliers.

One of the biggest work blockers is staff you can’t contact, but if you’ve got your workforce decked out with mobile phones… that’s no longer a problem!

Increase flexibility

With mobile phones, you’re pretty much always accessible.

Your employees can take them on the go and can be contacted whenever necessary. It just makes managing daily working life a lot easier.

You can set meeting times, take calls wherever they are, and make sure they’re always in the know on important happenings.

Increase productivity

With business mobile phones, you can limit the range of apps your staff have when they’re at work.

Yes, that means you can put an end to use of timewasting apps like social media platforms. Taking control of the phones your staff uses means you get to ensure the best possible productivity.

Simplify remote working

You can use either a VoIP (internet phones for your office), or mobile phones to help with your remote team communication.

But with mobiles, it removes the need for lots of equipment and wires cluttering up a busy office desk.

It’s just a smartphone. They’re small and nifty, letting your employees access them in seconds. Perfect for staying in touch.

They’re great for business trips

They’re especially useful for the likes of business trips.

Different countries have different roaming charges and networks, which can be confusing for employees trying to make sure they can keep using their mobiles abroad.

Simplify all of that with a mobile specifically for business trips, so your employees can go about the trip without any worries about huge bills at the end of it all.

It’s a fantastic perk!

Finally, offering mobiles to your employees is just a great perk. They’ll be chuffed about it and appreciate the gesture.

The disadvantages of mobiles phones for businesses

Yes, there are a few issues you should keep an eye on. Here are the key cons of providing phones to your employees.

The cost: Mobiles will cost you budget! They can be pricy, so make sure you can budget for them. And always compare the market before signing a deal!

Damage and losses: Mobile phones are great, but they’re also easy to lose. Especially on the likes of business trips.

Security issues: There’s the possibility sensitive business data could be compromised by phishing emails, malware, or employees just leaving their phones lying around. Make sure you train them about possible security issues to limit the risks.

Extra strain on your IT team: Your IT team will need to make sure everyone’s’ phones work with business specific software. That can add to their workload, stretching their resources.

Many of these issues can be easily managed by employee training and factoring in annual budget.

As the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives! Mobiles are essential for businesses and you want to stay as competitive as possible.

iCompario tip: Keep tabs on your data

Don’t forget, it’s super important to keep an eye on your monthly data usage. This way you can see if you’re getting your money’s worth. Plus, if you need any extra data! Paying for the right amount of data means you’re definitely getting total value from the package.

Get the best phones for business deal

Now you’ve checked out our list, why not get your workforce decked out with a fancy new business phone?

We’ll find you the best business deals for mobile phones, including:

  • Mobile handsets
  • Mobile contracts
  • SIM only contracts
  • VoIP
  • Business broadband

All you have to do is tell us what you need. We’ll then filter the best offers and get you your perfect deal. Simple as that!

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