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A Guide to Allstar Fuel Cards

Today, an overwhelming majority of businesses with fleets use fuel cards to keep them running. They have grown rapidly in popularity throughout the last decade or so and they are now used by thousands of businesses all over the UK. These businesses use fuel cards to take advantage of the many benefits they offer, such as the competitive pricing of fuel, simplified accounting, and trackability.

With the right fuel card by its side, your business can streamline its day-to-day and eliminate many of the time-consuming administrative hurdles that are faced by your staff when it comes to fleet management.

The Allstar Fuel Card is one of the many fuel card options available to UK businesses like yours that operate a fleet of vehicles. Choosing one, however, can be difficult; we have put together this guide to the Allstar Fuel Card to help you decide whether it is right for your fleet.

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About Allstar

Allstar is one of the UK’s largest fuel card suppliers that has an extensive network of fuel stations all over the country. Founded over 40 years ago as Blue Star Garages, the company has undergone a series of name changes over the years.

You may recognise the Allstar brand under its previous name, Overdrive. Overdrive’s fuel cards were very popular in the 2000s. When the name of Overdrive changed to Allstar, the Overdrive Fuel Card was replaced by the Allstar Classic Fuel Card in addition to the others available under the Allstar brand name.

Today, Allstar boasts an extensive UK network comprised of thousands of sites up and down the country.

About the Allstar Fuel Card

The Allstar Fuel Card has been designed to be used by businesses both small and large. The classic Allstar Fuel Card allows these businesses to maximise their fuel efficiency and make major savings when operating a fleet in the UK.

As with many other fuel card providers, Allstar and the Allstar Fuel Card provides not only access to discounted and competitively priced fuel, but a range of additional benefits too. These include fleet management software, HMRC-friendly invoicing, expense tracking, and fuel efficiency data, amongst other things.

It is for these reasons that the Allstar Fuel Card, and the Allstar brand os a whole, is a popular choice for both small and large businesses nationwide.

What is a Fuel Card?

Fuel cards are payment devices designed for businesses that want a simple, user-friendly way for their drivers to keep their fleet vehicles running. Using their Allstar Fuel Cards, your drivers can fill up their vehicles as normal and then use the card to ‘pay’ for the fuel that they have drawn.

An Allstar Fuel Card, like all other fuel cards, looks similar to other payment cards such as credit cards and store cards. However, fuel cards can only be used to make fuel and fuel-related purchases at designated service stations. The stations at which a card can be used depends on the provider and any non-fuel purchases will usually attract an additional fee.

Typically, a fuel card will feature a signature strip, magnetic strip, and chip for PIN verification like most other payment cards. The fuel card may also feature your company’s name and the name of its designated user or the VRM of the vehicle to which it is linked.

What Changes?

If you opt to use fuel cards within your business, quite a lot will change for the better.

For your drivers, their jobs become easier. With an Allstar Fuel Card, they can fill up their job vehicles without having to worry about having enough cash on them, keeping receipts, and submitting expenses claims if they use their own money to finance fuel purchases.

For business operators (you) fleet management gets a little easier. You will be sent an invoice periodically that bills a single figure plus VAT for all fuel drawn by your drivers. This HMRC-friendly invoice is automated, makes VAT reclaim a breeze, and is 100% accurate down to the very last penny.

The Allstar Fuel Card

The Allstar Fuel Card is available for businesses both small and large operating up and down the UK. A range of benefits comes with the fuel card that enables businesses to keep fleet costs down, track fuel consumption, and assess fuel efficiency.

Where Can the Allstar Fuel Card Be Used?

Allstar has a range of different Allstar Fuel Cards to meet the needs of different businesses. Where you can use them depends on the Allstar Fuel Card in question.

Regardless of which Allstar Fuel Card you have, they all feature:

  • Full administrative control via an online dashboard;
  • 24-hour account management;
  • PIN code protection;
  • HMRC-approved automated invoicing; and
  • Access to a large network of service stations.

Allstar One Fuel Card

The Allstar One Fuel Card boasts the UK’s largest fuel network according to the company. With an Allstar One card, your drivers can access over 7,700 fuel sites that cover 90% of the UK. These sites include major oil brands and supermarket sites, minimising the need for drivers to deviate off their planned route to fill up. Allstar offer per-litre savings on diesel purchased across their Discount Diesel network, too.

Allstar One is the most basic Allstar Fuel Card and meets the needs of a wide range of businesses. Whether your fleet operates all over the UK or within a specific locality, its range of fuel stations means it is great for all.

Allstar Plus Fuel Card

The Allstar Plus Fuel Card is Allstar’s “all in one” business credit and fuel card. As a fuel card and business credit card rolled into one, it makes the best of both worlds by being a single account, payment method, and invoice solution. It provides all the benefits of an Allstar One Fuel Card too—access to the full network plus discounts on fuel.

Allstar Plus is a great solution for businesses where fleet drivers may incur other expenses such as on-the-job equipment (i.e. materials), personal meals, and overnight accommodation. It allows them to make all purchases via one card which is convenient for not only them, but your accounts too. Allstar Plus allows fleet managers to set permissions and limits at a per-card level. This allows spending to be controlled and prevents unauthorised use.

Allstar Supermarket

Allstar’s supermarket fuel card, Allstar Supermarket, provides fleet drivers with access to all major supermarket forecourts. The major benefit with a supermarket fuel card is that supermarkets offer the lowest pump prices available. This is because supermarkets buy their fuel in bulk and pass the savings on to customers instead of pocketing a larger profit margin. Additionally, the Allstar Supermarket Fuel Card offers access to the Allstar network of 1,500 Discount Diesel sites.

If your fleet operates exclusively in more local and rural areas then the Allstar Supermarket card is the ideal Allstar Fuel Card. Towns, cities, and other rural areas are better served by supermarket forecourts than big brand forecourts which means your drivers are almost always guaranteed to be close to one.

Allstar Fuel Card General Benefits

There are many general benefits associated with the use of not only an Allstar Fuel Card, but most fuel cards from other providers. As we mentioned earlier, fuel cards have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years for the many benefits they provide; these benefits are not necessarily limited to a single provider.

1. Your business will save lots of money

Businesses that utilise fuel cards will typically save a fair chunk of money on fuel. This is because fuel card providers offer favourable rates to their customers. These usually comprise of fixed weekly pricing, discounts per litre, and other bonuses. What’s available depends on your fuel card provider, however, most offer something. Although the savings may seem small, they soon add up.

With the Allstar Fuel Card that can be used at supermarkets, fleet drivers will be able to take advantage of some of the lowest pump prices available anywhere in the UK. This is because supermarkets are notorious for offering low pricing as an incentive to entice customers into their shops where they’ll spend more money.

2. Your business will save time on admin tasks

Nobody likes admin and, unfortunately, fleet admin can be a major time sink, this is especially true for businesses with larger fleets. Since time directly translates into money when staff hours are accounted for, it is in your interest to streamline your fleet admin and make it easier to manage, and one way to do this is through the use of fleet cards within your business.

When your drivers use their fuel cards instead of cash or other traditional methods, this eliminates the need for yourself and your admin staff to spend hours processing receipts, calculating expenses, and cross-referencing figures to ensure accuracy.

When your drivers use Allstar Fuel Cards, you will be sent a periodic invoice that provides you with a single figure for the cost of your company’s drawn fuel plus VAT. This single, accurate figure can then be used for accounting purposes without the need for the processing of any receipts or checking of calculations. Your drivers also do not need to keep hold of any receipts or submit claims for incurred expenses.

This greatly reduces the administrative workload that comes with traditional fleet management.

3. Your business will benefit from simple tracking

Allstar Fuel Cards come with an online fleet management tool that lets you monitor your fleet in real-time.

Information such as fuel expenditure, fuel usage, fuel efficiency, driver mileage, routes, and activity, and card data can be accessed with a few clicks of a mouse. This information provides valuable insight into your company’s fleet and allows for better planning and decision making at the management level.

Picking the Right Business Fuel Card

Although all fuel cards are fundamentally the same and serve the same purpose, there are differences in the finer details. Variances between different cards include the likes of pricing, fees, benefits, and fuel station access. As such, there is no single fuel card that can be called ‘the best’; what’s right for your business is not necessarily the best for another business.

Therefore, it is important to compare the many different fuel card options available so that you get the best deal.

Compare the Allstar Fuel Card

Why not compare the Allstar Fuel Card alongside a huge range of other ones and see which one will provide you with the best value? Fuel cards from a range of providers are available for comparison through the iCompario website.
iCompario is operated by fuel card experts with over 30 years’ industry experience. By using their clever tool, you can quickly find the best fuel card for your needs.